For a start

Orobas. He’s pretty patient and tell you like it is. He don’t horse around. Well, he can but i found him pleasant like Caim. Honestly, I like demons that love to talk about themselves. They’re good one’s to butter up with an offering/flattery IMHO.

You can find all of her details in the link in my reply :slight_smile: She was created by me, so no she is not in a book :slight_smile: Actually I’ll just link it again for you so you don’t have to scroll up.

Once again I’d be real careful with any spirit that will spend that much time with you, especially until you can better discern their intentions. We like to talk about how nice demons and angels are around here, but that is not true for everyone in every case, and if you can’t tell what you summoned there is no guarantee you got the demon you were after and not something else that just wants to use you for food.

Just advocating safety, it’s pretty important to learn how to banish anything you summon and how to deal with spirits pretending to be something they aren’t or who will walk all over you, it doesn’t happen all that often but it does happen, and we see a lot of people on here that don’t know what to do when it does.

She gave permission to be looked at? Some are pretty private & personal. Now days… the spirit/demon/angel etc has to come to me if it is interested. I just don’t try to. There are spirits that just come BAM by thinking about them even fleeting. And then i start sneezing…

If you would read the thread at all, you would know she was created to be looked at lmao. She’s been used by more forum members than I can count and viewed many times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Servitors are only private if you create them that way.

Familiars are different story however. Most of them are meant to be private imop.

Any spirit that offers a short cut to things like senses and otherwise too good to be true scenarios, usually has an agenda that may not align with yours imop.

i summoned a djinn once and he was a prince … it was a bloody night till he left …so yeah i’m calculating every single step.

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I actually just now remembered the thread looking at it but it was one i only glanced upon. I assumed something other than a servitor. My bad.

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i was thinking about servators creating, but it was really hard work for me creating a sigil, or a pattern or image or what ever it takes to create one … i didn’t believe in that cuz … u know ! i’m not ready to know if my work has been done right or i’m only hallucinating.

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No it’s a servitor that I created, then was later empowered by a demon after creation, who later granted her a soul when someone thought it was funny business to attempt to hijack her purpose.

Not everyone who trolls the forums is goods peeps. :woman_shrugging: Wasn’t difficult to solve but annoying none the less.

I need to create a mouse scaring one. They’re in the walls.

someone here scanned me earlier and told me that i have 4 or 5 colored auras at same time … so i’m like an energy train full of nuclear energy.

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Eh. It’s actually normally to have many colors in your aura, as there are many layers to it. The caveat is most people can only perceive a few layers. You can actually train yourself to see more layers than average same as you can open your other senses.

i’m confident that there’s servators can be created i have like 3 books details how to create one every single detail on how to create a magical servator for anything but i didn’t like that idea … cuz it only has one goal to achieve then it’ll be useless and i didn’t like to make something useless and to consume my power to make something for one time only.
you know what i mean ?

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Yes, because when I first created them for others, I would wait a week before I’d send them to their owners because I wasn’t confident in my abilities, despite having created them for my children and seeing almost immediate changes/results.

I’ve also read several books, every tutorial on the forum and many internet resources, but I create them a little different than most people. The method’s given generally don’t vary that much but I have aphantasia and cannot make pictures with my mind, or even generate after images. So I used my own method, starting with my first servitor, which has similar aspects but is still somewhat different.

you’ll be surprised by how much books i have to get details about spirits,
80GB Hard disk full of books Arabic and grimoire etc…
so reading all that was a miss for me …
all of that and still looking for an easy spirit to work with.
i’ve worked with the jinn … they are like dark forces and like to make trolls and play around like children … and only harm the magician and the people around him.
so i’m changing my mind on using jinn’s to other’s like demons or much than that.
cuz jinn is usually leave marks on the body they enter or maybe paralyze the host.
that’s why i’m thinking of demons or angels … i have an idea about angels that they are arrogant and it’ll never change i worked with someone working with them … so demons might be more … lets say polite ?

I work with the djinn and have never had issues- for over two years now, but I believe the folly is often in taking a more religious approach, giving them offerings so they want to stick around and generally not maintaining who the operator of the operation is :slight_smile:

All spirits can cause problems if you leave the door open for it, rather than setting clear boundaries .

We’ve had people get harassed by angels and abused by demons and that’s not even getting into imposters and parasitic types of spirits, or the pantheons most people consider more dangerous and likely to fuck someone up for not approaching appropriately.

working with the jinn in arabic books is different …
like Birhateyah or Galgalot …
both are pact’s for the 7 elder kings of the jinn but galgalot is for the 7 kings of angel elders …
so the door must be open for them and they are controlling the atmosphere here in the middle east … you’d see for your self if you were in Egypt or morocco or Sudan.
every way to call on them is complicated … using oils and incenses and talisman like Saturn square but more advanced …

Like I said I work with djinn and djinn kings and don’t use those methods and think they are at least partially at fault for the issues that people have had. Not entirely, just partially. Not every spirit is for every person too. :woman_shrugging: Some people just don’t jive with certain energy types and there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s a lot of reasons things can go wrong with any spirit imop. The operator and what methods they are use are some of them, but not all of them.

I started with Corwin Hargrove’s methods and developed my own from there. It also uses angels and djinn kings and elders. :slight_smile:

I’ve called many djinns from other books with my method, I take their names from the source, what they may be good at aiding with and discard the rest and use the way that works safely and efficiently for me :slight_smile:

I don’t however make pacts normally. I’ve made one to date. In the end the gods it was with broke their end of the agreement, so I cancelled it. Sometimes spirits will do things like this to see if we will do what we said anyways and they can get a free meal. Not from me, but that’s me, so I summoned them up, let them know I noticed and that it was null void going forward. That was actually rather recently and had nothing to do with djinn. :slight_smile: There are probably other reasons they may break a pact, but none good enough for me to keep my end of the deal, when they go against what they willingly agreed to.

I’ve got to get to bed, I need to be up in five hours. Goodnight/good luck.

May I please have the link for the other servitor you shared? Luna, I’m already using, thank you very much!

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Here you go :slight_smile: She’s geared a little differently than Luna, so while Luna is great for everyone, not everyone is interested in what this servitor has to offer.

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Wow thank you!!! I love her and perfect timing too! Exactly what I need in this phase of my magic journey! Bless you @anon97554939 for sharing her!

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