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Tonight I spoke with Azazel, lately, his responses to anything I ask have been rather vague, not in a bad way but more so in an “It’s your problem, now igure it out.” manner - the true teacher in him shining once more, so I did as I said I would: Daily practice and meditation to get my mind back into shape.

I called him tonight for some insight on our next move, but he simply responded with, “Begin the next phase.” I originally thought he was pointing to some aspect of our work I may have overlooked.

Eventually, I think he got tired of waiting and showed me my own tree - a pathworking I designed for energetic training and was also packed with entities who had an association with Draconian magic, Agrat Bat Mahlat, she was this “Next phase.” or at least that’s what I have written out, but it all felt rather sudden since we had only been working together for about two months now. Maybe that’s a long time for some, but it just feels short in my opinion.

Granted in our two months’ time I’ve grown quite a bit from where I started, and for that I am grateful, and looking back he may have been ‘weaning’ me off of his energy in a way, so I’d be more accepting of my new teacher.

Can’t say I’m at all ready for the new leap, but I feel like with a new year on the horizon it’s best to break in with a new relationship and lessons to learn.

“You’ve grown, but have you learned from the failures of your past? Have you found the solution to break your shackles and truly free yourself?”

Truth is I’m still learning. Every day, and the more I learn the more I start to understand these cryptic ass questions. This certainly won’t be the last I see of Azael or post, I’d like for him to become a defining part of my spiritual path and in the future might forge a pact to ensure he remains by my side, as both ally and teacher.

Summary of work with Azazel.

Prince Azazel is a complex entity with an unpredictable nature. He teaches in sometimes brutal or sadistic, and unorthodox ways. In my experience, I pride myself on being somewhat intelligent, so he used that to make me work not only with him but against myself. As he sparked internalized warfare and often sought to remove my practical thinking and replace it with a more cunning and out of the box manner.

He showed me the flaws in my design and forced me to face them: Inadequacy, Fear of change, Lack of drive, and a Fear of becoming like a person I love and hate the most, and provided methods and advice to overcome them.

He taught me to not allow myself to be a scapegoat in my own reality, and that if I were to truly claim power then I had to demand it in everything I did. Now that isn’t to say go around and be a dick to everyone you meet or some braindead “Alpha male” It means to move with confidence and calculation, in all your actions. To be of your word and nothing less, hold yourself to a higher standard before expecting the same of others.

The universe won’t change and bend to your will if you yourself refuse to do the same for yourself. Dropping toxic and useless habits, removing negative ideals even if it means throwing them at you nonstop until you’ve had enough and stand your ground.

Not everything about him was positive, he can at times be a bully or even flat out cruel at times, but that’s also when you stand your ground and show him you’re about action too, not just words.

He attacked me twice in one night, and each time I stood my ground, earning a simple “Good.” from him before being allowed to rest again.

He cares…in his own way, if you prove that you’re actually trying your best to grow he has no problem looking after you, but when you slack off - like I often did at first, he has no issue kicking your ass until you get back into shape or get the message - whichever comes first, he’ll enjoy it either way.

To conclude, I would recommend working with Azazel if you’re actually serious about growing as both person and practitioner. He’s an amazing teacher but enjoys shaking up your life in order to get you to grow and adapt to new styles or to move beyond your comfort zones. He’s also an asshole, be very wary of that, but he’s also really smart and cunning, often dangling the answer right in front of you while watching you pull your hair out in frustration. He’s good for igniting that inner flame, always leaving you wanting more, but also so quick to remind you to live your life and breath for a moment.

it was definitely a rewarding experience, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

I’m terrible at recording all my experiences, and I feel like with Azazel I left out far more than I should have - a lot of this working was very personal, and with it coming to a close, I feel like that storm I kept mentioning wasn’t him at all, but Agrat instead, as I’m aware the four angels of sacred prostitution have a reputation of turning worlds upsidedown.

Though I don’t dread it one bit, I’ve actually been looking forward to working with her. I don’t see enough love for Agrat flowing around, so I look forward to studying under her for a bit, and I’ll try harder to post every experience with her - along with normal workings.

I don’t have any big plans for communication yet, I’ll probably reach out the day before or on new years to start us off, but until then I’ll use my remaining time to do some more research on her - I may get bold and just her approach and ask myself.

So much change and It only gets better from here.

What else is new?

I got a fuck ton of new Crystals, and I can’t wait to start including them in my practice. I’ve rarely used them, so I look forward to the upcoming experiments.

That’s all I’ve really got at the moment, as usual, I’m tired but the progress train is still moving [ Insert train SFX ]


Once again V.K. has provided me with an exceptional means of communication, using their sigil of Aggereth I received a sudden rush of warmth against my face - more accurately around my lips and lower midsection. I charged the sigil with blood as I tend to do with all of mine, to better the connection. Her chants, especially the eleven syllable one, seem to work really well - I’ll most likely use that over any enn unless I develop one or am offered a method from Agrat herself.

No workings have been done yet, but from a bit of research the recurring theme with Agrat seems to be changing perception or “Illusions.” many also claim for her to have a more approachable and even-tempered disposition, but I’ll have to see for myself.

Also after some review, I feel like she’s up next to help fortify the changes Azazel has helped me make while bringing unique lessons of her own. We might be venturing deeper into the spiritual aspects of myself and my work - which could always use a tune-up, but I’m not exactly sure how we approach it.

The only thing I didn’t find - or overlooked, in any article was offerings and what she likes.

So I’ll probably do a small evocation session tonight and not only introduce myself formally, but ask what she would enjoy as payment or ‘thanks’ for her aid.

That’s all I have for now on Agrat, I’ll keep digging and updating with anything useful or fun that I come across.

I was exhausted and lost for about two months.

In a way I guess I’d become reliant on Azazel and his energy and his guidance because the second he stepped back I felt myself falling apart, trying to mimic his energy and attitude rather than stand on my own like he’d taught me to.

I honestly felt pathetic and I now feel pathetic having looked back on my actions.

But I once again found solace in the words of the Book of Azazel in a passage that always seems to fill me with energy and give me that push to stop holding back:

“Immortality is in your hands, do not forsake yourself to ways of commonality, you are more than that, you hold yourself back because you fear that which you may become.”

This always strikes a chord with me. I’ve been told that I fear change on multiple occasions and I’ve yet to find a way past it, I know that change is meant to be uncomfortable but I can’t understand why I continue to get in my own way. For comfort? Simplicity? I’m not fine with minimal manifestations, I’m not fine with a sluggish growth rate, that hunger for more than just material gain keeps gnawing at me, and yet I refuse to indulge in it.

I hate being at constant war with myself, this is a path I chose to walk because I was curious, and now that I’m learning more a part of me wants to stop and do the bare minimum now that I know what works, but I know that won’t open doors.

I’ll of course keep fighting and pushing forward. I know that’s what I want, and what my teacher would advise if I were truly serious about my own growth.

Well, serious and tiresome post aside. Life has been a pain lately, I’ve been completely derailed from my original plan due to my own selfish desire to keep close to an entity, like some lost puppy. I forgot all that work we’d done, disregarded all of his lessons, and in the end, I absolutely fucked myself over - Guess that’s why they warn you about demons ba dum tss Seeing it first-hand was interesting, I had actually gotten addicted to Azazel’s energy in a way, which now amplifies the importance of grounding and cleansing after all of your workings - especially Invocation in my case.

It’s honestly on me for being so reckless in the first place.

He still took care of me despite all of that, advising me occasionally and often yelling at me to get off my ass if I wanted a change so bad or else to stop wasting his time and mine.

Either way, I suppose looking back he placed me in “Rehab” for a reason, wanting me to ground myself and get settled back into life without his energy - having invoked and evoked him for 14 days total - a lot for me, especially with the same entity. So it’s safe to assume I’ve placed myself back into rehab, I’ll just be honing and fine-tuning myself once more rather than pathworking, I need a rebalance as I can tell there’s been growth, but no proper channels for the energy to flow if that makes sense?

I don’t know, but I do know I’m in dire need of a refresh. Which at the point of writing this I’m probably already working on.

I’m gonna kick back and focus on my own inner workings again before looking to make any new developments, I’m starting by weeding out the bad habits and traits, for now, Agrat has been put on pause until I feel ready to proceed again with our workings.

Glad to see I’m still learning something, and that I haven’t been talking to myself for about two months that’s always good.

Edit: One month later Holy shit I’ve just been a sad fuck for thirty days then. +1 optimism.

I’ve been practicing more natural methods of cleansing and reigning myself with my “normal” flow of energy.

Utilizing crystals during meditation and I’ve started sleeping with Selenite and Amethyst under my pillow to help with any underlying issues, I also use a Selenite “wand” I suppose you can call it to cleanse myself and help clear the air after any workings I do, though those have been very few and far between. I have been playing around with and studying the practical and magical uses for crystals – I’ve always had an interest, just never truly built upon it. They do in a way speak to you and learn from your own energy which is really cool.

I picked out an Amethyst cluster the other day, just in passing, but while standing near it I could feel like a lure of sorts? Like a pull towards it, so I figured it was one for me. A lot of people have stated that Crystals pick you out versus the other way around, I think it works both ways and like most people/living things it’s a matter of energy compatibility – Vibrations and all that fun shit.

Working with them has been really interesting so far, and just having them out really clears the air. I’ll probably find a way to include them in my practice.

I feel a lot better than before, and looking back I can see the decline from my working with Azazel, to him taking a step back and if this were I test then I failed miserably.

I also found all my writing cringy and just…disappointing, like me whining about it was gonna bring him back and help me. The one thing I’ve always been instructed while working with him was to reclaim myself, but when left alone to do just that I fumbled and forgot everything I’d learned.

I think taking a step back and getting myself in order once again really helped clear that up, and now learning from that mistake is allowing me to refocus and hone back in on what it is I desire.

I noticed a shift back to how I was when working with him more recently, and it felt good to have that confidence and strength back again, versus allowing myself to wallow in self-pity because my teacher left. I don’t ever want to feel like that again, and I won’t allow it, I’m better than that.

“Immortality is in your hands, do not forsake yourself to ways of commonality, you are more than that, you hold yourself back because you fear that which you may become if you call the world into alignment with your true nature, fulfill your duties and your obligations in this world but know that these are passing illusions. To be replaced in only moments, moments after you have chosen to live as king, know that you are a king living amongst beggars.” – The Book of Azazel, Grimoire of the Damned.

Might be a bit butchered, but it is as it says either way.

This is something that constantly flows through my mind and when I first read and heard this, it stirred something within me, it always seems to arouse that hunger for more, so I’ll allow that to drive me for as long as I need until I’ve obtained all that it is I desire, not only in this world but the next.

One thing I’ve noted is that while working on this path I often feel alone, but that certainly not the case, many of the allies I’ve made are constantly in motion alongside me and they won’t desire anything for me more than myself, so if I’m in motion 25/8 they’re right there with me pushing until we meet that destination.

I know I’m not god-tier experienced – yet, but I feel like that’s something a lot of new practitioners should know, just because you can’t see the work doesn’t mean it isn’t taking place. Keep your word, strive for more, and they’ll deliver.

Unless of course, you’re an ignorant asshole with nothing of true value to offer them, then ya might be fucked, bucko.

Well, imma jump off my soapbox, no more “get off your ass” rants from me, seeing as I just started taking my own advice. I can say that I’ve been feeling much better, and the flow of energy around me isn’t so clustered or stagnant, I feel focused once more and in a better headspace now that I’ve taken the steps back to observe and acknowledge my mistakes.

That’s all I really have to offer as an update of sorts, nothing new as of yet, I suppose I can share that I’ve been feeling a presence around me lately – yes I’ve banished, cleansed, and all that fun stuff but it remains.

I’ve been experiencing the ever-so elusive phantom drips, the other day at work it felt like someone dumped a bucket of water down my back for a moment, and they’ve been growing in intensity, like drips, and splashes, to the full-on super soaker. I don’t believe it’s an energy leakage, but I’ll approach it as such and deal with it accordingly.

Then that’ll leave the warm sensations and occasional touches to the imagination. My mind says Succubus, but I haven’t made that leap yet, it could also be Lilith or Nammah again, seeing as I’ve evaded them both for like four months now, they’d make terrible debt collectors.

Maybe it’s nothing, I probably got Valentine’s day blues. I’ll take notes on the matter and if anything new or strange occurs then I’ll update, if not then I was just going crazy again.


Not so much of an update, but just me sharing a thought/experience.

Lately, I’ve been sleeping with clear quartz underneath my pillow, and I can say that there’s been a drastic improvement not only in sleep quality but dreams as well. They’re more vivid and pleasant than before, I feel like I release a lot of stress from the day when using them. I’d like to try combining it with Howlite or even Selenite to see if there’s an amplified effect, due to Clear Quartz’s energizing nature with other crystals.

I’ve read that Amythest can help with things of psychic nature, so I’ll try meditating with it for skill/chakra development or sleeping with it as well to see if the effects work better on an open mind, so to speak.

I’ve got a good collection myself, so I think finding different combinations and effects could prove useful, so I’ll share anything I learn here in case anyone else is thinking about or utilizes crystals themselves.

No update on my mystery spirit yet. Yesterday was fairly quiet, and I’m not going to actively seek out or initiate conflict where there seems to be none. My house is nice and quiet, no one seems bothered or showing any signs of a negative force ailing them, which is music to my ears.

Like I mentioned before it doesn’t seem hostile or negative, but the sudden appearance makes me wary. I’ll let things play out for a bit, but I may perform an evocation and see who or what it is, and what it wants from me. Maybe it’s an entity just passing through or observing, and if that is the case I plan on making my boundaries very clear.

Still no cause for alarm, so I’ll make my moves accordingly.

Also random thought, but lately I’ve been really interested in my origins, both spiritual and biological. The ideas never truly bothered me to begin with, but now it’s just been going around in my head nonstop.

I’m tempted to utilize the forum servitor Stormy to see if I can find anything, and of course, I’ll utilize living relatives and the oh so trustworthy ancestry websites. Just something I’ll be thinking about over the next few days before making any major developments, like I said this is my downtime and I’m still holding myself in “Recovery” to make sure I’m 110% before diving back onto my path.

That’s really all I’ve got. Crystals, Spirits, and Ancestry. Sounds like the recipe for a good time.

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Good luck with all of that. If your concerned about being connected with your ancestors without interference- a few members have pmd me that they called upon Luna first. Stormy should deliver you to whoever you request, even if you’re very specific but that won’t prevent you from attracting other things out there that have nothing to do with Stormy or the ancestors. She should chase away anything that tries to come through at the same time, but she doesn’t linger to ensure that you banish and cleanse afterwards or any of that, so I guess that’s why Luna’s been considered a good pairing option.

I found the crystals affecting your dreams part interesting. I’ve often thought we don’t here enough about practical applications of using crystals :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely look into using her as well, the extra protection certainly wouldn’t hurt, and I’m not looking to host any tag-along spirits so thank you for the advice it’s greatly appreciated!

I noticed that as well when I started working with them. I’ve been using them a lot lately, so whenever I learn or try something new I’ll be sure to share it with you all.

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I’ve been sleeping and meditating with Amethyst lately, and in comparison to Clear Quartz, the crystal itself is rather…complex? In nature.

I’ve read that it was known to cause stress when slept with unlike Clear Quartz, which relives, this isn’t true to a full extent— at least in my experience with it, the crystal itself seems to pinpoint areas of stress in your life and reflects them back at you, when slept with I found myself to have more vivid dreams circulating around work and financially stability, which are my biggest areas of concern at the moment.

I feel a shift on the rise, but I’m not wary, I welcome it despite not knowing the nature of the change it’ll bring.

Recently I’ve been more perceptive than usual, seeing energy more frequently wether it’s in the air around my home or in people/objects.

It’s made me feel more in tune with myself and my own slice of reality, meditating with it draws me into a deeper state and once again just heightens that sense of awareness, you really feel the life and energy around you.

It’s and intensive crystal, I don’t recommend sleeping with it as it’s left me rather restless in comparison to how I slept with Clear Quartz, but as stated my dreams are more vivid and controlled to a degree, so if you’re proficient in dream walking, lucid dreaming, AP and the like this may help you a lot.

One thing I’ve noted was a slight jump in precognitive dreams, small events in my life where they’ve lined up exactly as dreamed out — but that could be sheer coincidence.

Other than that it’s certainly a powerful crystal and very useful for psychic development, I’ll be aiming to hone my clairsentience as a practice exercise, I’m going to try pairing it with Clear Quartz to see if the effects are magnified or honed for a better sense of direction.

These are only minor notes I’ve made on Amethyst, I’ll continue working with it until I feel I’ve discovered all her secrets and uses.

Edit: It almost seems psychological in a way, I realized that after reading through the post, it seems to work on addressing the issues within in order to still your mind before adding on or augmenting anything. It works similarly — in my opinion, to demons/spirits, heightening what already exist and building upon it.

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My senses are really active today. It’s not so much overwhelming, but it is a lot to take in so suddenly, my energy feels like it’s on the rise or reacting to something – almost a magnetic pull of sorts.

I’ve also been thinking about King Belial all morning, with no prior build-up or intention, his name has just been ringing around my head nonstop. I decided to do a bit of introspection on why exactly I could be calling out to him or vice versa, and the only real answer I came up with was a desire for more, that same hunger I felt when working with Azazel. Financially I suppose I’m dissatisfied with my current flow of income but aren’t we all at some point?

I’ve been looking to move up or create my own independent stream – I’ve always despised working for other people like most do, and I want to tear myself from that bind as soon as possible.

It’s weird to write about because I just sound crazier than usual, but I just feel empty? Not like down or drained, but extremely hungry in a way, like a desire to tear into everything in my kitchen. I’m antsy, and literally cannot calm my body. It’s a terrifying feeling, but also oddly alluring? I feel like an animal.

I’m honestly not sure what brought this on, but I’ll act on it and see exactly what he wants from me, I’ve already begun preparing for an evocation and hopefully, I can get some satisfying answers.

First things first. An hour passed and I literally went to start my evocation after sending my post…so fun.

During the setup, I didn’t feel like I was in control like I was being pulled around and guided towards different crystals, laying them out in a specific order above his charged sigil.

I burned some Sandalwood for him, and almost immediately set myself into a trance-like state, swaying back and forth while all of that energy began burning off and flowing towards my amethyst cluster. I only took a few minutes before I called out to him, chanting his enn and beckoning him forth.

He came almost immediately, the air in the room was heavy as his powerful energy began radiating, but he refused to appear so easily, I continued to call before a voice called out.

“Why do you call me in such a state? Show me your true nature.” At the time I was still dazed, but those words made something in me just snap, I fell forward and started growling, it was low but eventually grew in intensity until I was full-on growling and baring my teeth at him – not the first time I’ve done this, but every time it happens someone references “True nature” I think it may reference my soul in a way, but I’m unsure, certainly worth looking into.

He smiled at that and almost immediately I returned to my trance, I was set in a dark throne room, lit faintly by what I assume were torches and Belial sat on his throne, appearing to me like a dark horned figure. We weren’t alone, I could feel eyes on us as I sat before him and he spoke asking me why I called and what for, to which I gave rather blunt and honest responses. – No point in lying to him, right?

It was weird; initially, I feared him because I’ve never had the best exchanges with masculine figures in my life, so both he and Azazel were big challenges for me, but surprisingly they were calm and really easy to talk to.

I told him what I wanted, but still, he asked me what I desired as if surface-level answers weren’t enough, and at that point I started to spill, telling him “Everything.” before going off on a long list of what I wanted, things I’ve never even focused on came forward and every single item made him smile, applauding me once I finished.

“And what are you willing to gain all of this?” That dangerous question, which I foolishly answered, “Anything.” but I didn’t regret it, it all felt genuine and like a true response not just from me, but my higher-self as well.

He then asked what I would give him in exchange and I told him Loyalty, this seemed to surprise him, yet please him at the same time as it wasn’t declined or ridiculed, I promised that when all went according to the plan that he’d have an eternal ally in me.

Side note: I very rarely offer anything of interpersonal value to spirits, but in this instance, it felt like the thing to do and looking back now I don’t have any regrets or bad feelings about such an offer. Now I’ll probably avoid any such offers in the future, but for this one what I now believe to be a pact between me and Belial, it feels fair and like a bond worth having.

“Very well.” Were his parting words, and when I came to it honestly only felt like half an hour, but when I saw that I’d been gone for over an hour it all seemed to sink in that really spoke with King Belial. I cleansed the space and myself – fool me once and went as always recommended to make a sandwich.

I don’t remember all of the conversation, but it was very vivid, small details return the more I think on it but I’ve decided to leave it all to rest and to allow him to work and guide me as he sees fit.

All of that excess energy dissipated after I called him, now I’m calm and back to feeling leveled out as I type this up.

His energy is strong, alluring, and certainly distinguished. He truly felt like a king, or a more dominant figure so whenever he spoke I was sure to listen intently, I’ll continue my work as usual and remain open to any and all opportunities sent my way.

I didn’t plan on working with anyone, as I have my own plans but I feel like ignoring his initial call would’ve only resulted in more frequent and intense ones, so it’s better to deal with it now than later with him forcefully removing any and all distractions so I can finally call him.

Now entering: The King Belial Arc. yaaaay, in all seriousness I’m looking forward to working with him. Wish me luck.

Stones used in my evocation:

Citrine: Encourages Growth, Abundance, and Transmutation of energy. It’s a soothing stone, always warm and full of energy especially if charged sufficiently – I typically use a few hours of sunlight, but not too much sense some crystals tend to fade if overexposed. I feel like it was grabbed to aid in my desire to manifest wealth and growth for myself.

Amethyst: Aids in Psychic skills and development, and more but the focal point of this was to serve as an anchor of sorts for me to push the energy into and it helped to place me into a deeper trance when calling King Belial, as well as hearing and seeing him.

Clear Quartz: A natural energizer and amplifier for the other crystals, Wards off, and shields from negativity, this one was definitely a support crystal for myself and the others to keep our line clear and uninterrupted while I worked.

Black Obsidian: Worked alongside the Clear Quartz to help ground me, and ward off negative energies that most Infernal entities are known to attract at times – especially during an evocation I wanted the connection clear and untouched by outside forces.

And lastly

Xiuyan Jade: Remained in my hands while I sat in a trance state, mainly utilized to increase manifestation and to draw me into a deeper meditative state. I want to work with this crystal in particular for sigil work and manifesting more in my life, maybe in tandem with Citrine, but that’s for another day.

Looking back this was all set up really nice, and had the proper energy, especially for such a sudden ritual. After all of that I definitely need a nap, sorry if this is such a drawn-out entry, I tried to keep it nice and short, but we see how that went.

I’ve nothing more to add, I’m still working on the aforementioned projects, and I’m still studying Amethyst for the moment so we’ll see how all of that goes in the future.

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I began researching my family as originally planned. I started locally, and I managed to uncover a good portion of my mother’s side with a bit of digging. Unfortunately, I never had the best relationship with my father, so his side remains a mystery to me – other than immediate family and my half-siblings.

Luckily I have family members that are more in contact with one another, so I managed to get some information out of them to build upon.

I uncovered a good deal of information today, mainly points of origin here in the states, which is always nice, but I suppose I’m looking for something a bit deeper than that which will require more research on my end.

I’ll still be working with Stormy and Luna on this endeavor, just to have another outlet for information and in a field where I can work without too much limitation.

Still, I’m glad to have learned so much today.

Update on Amethyst studies.

The effects of restlessness remain, I’m beginning to think it’s a result of the mind being stimulated and more active than passive due to the flow of energy from the crystal.

I have been becoming more aware of my dream states though, so it could be guiding me into Lucid Dreaming, which is something I’ve always struggled with. During meditation I found it easier to get into a trance state than before, falling into it almost effortlessly.

I charge the crystal every morning with the intent of aiding me in my spiritual/psychic development and I think it’s starting to really pay off, the only real price is that feeling of being restless after waking, I’ll try and counter-balance that with Clear Quartz or even Selenite to see if it can somewhat lessen the impact on my waking self.

It’s definitely a crystal worth checking out if you struggle with meditation or anything of spiritual nature, I also feel like for the stress aspects once you acknowledge them in the waking life they no longer recur in your dreams as all stress that was work-related on my end seemed to gradually fade the more I began looking for ways to solve the issue.

If you feel restless to the point where it is bothersome I’d recommend a break from Amethyst and to try sleeping with Clear Quartz, using that crystal has given me some of the best sleep of my life and had me more energized for the day.

Today was productive, I learned a lot and everything seems to be falling into place.

Also an update on my may-be-succubus, I was lying in bed last night when this sweet smell just kind of flowed on from the side of my bed, now to note, I did burn some Sandalwood earlier, but this scent was more distinct, flowery, and sweet not earthy and smooth. I didn’t feel any hostile energies or anything of negative nature, but it certainly surprised me.

I’m still debating on how to approach the situation, but as I said before if it isn’t harming anyone or causing a disturbance then it’s no cause for me to become aggressive myself.

I have protection up and banish more frequently now, but it always seems to remain.

Nothing major though, so I’ll keep it at arm’s length until I know the best course of action.

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I don’t celebrate small victories enough, some days I just feel like I’m going through the motions of living, despite all that I do/have done.

Around this time maybe a year or two ago now - I can’t remember when I’ll have to check my journals, but it was when I first began my work with Lilith, I still don’t understand why she came to me, but I’m glad she did. She was the first spirit I’ve ever really taken the time and initiative to bond with, I had my first glass of wine with her as thanks once I turned 21 like I’d promised months before.

She’s always been a motherly figure for me, and I’m grateful for her guiding me through such a dark time in my life.

Now look at me, working with Azazel - a demon I was initially very wary of, now I call him my teacher. Manifesting whatever it is I need or want with the skills I’ve learned, now plunging into work with King Belial to continue building a better future for myself.

And my meeting with King Paimon, a big motivator for getting me off my ass and making the necessary moves, he’s still a big influence on me even today.

I just feel good looking back on myself, and I get excited knowing that I’m not even done yet or at my peak of potential/power - easy there Cell, but in all seriousness, it feels good looking back and seeing the progress I’ve made even if I’m not at the level of some here that I admire, I’ll get there one day.

I was just feeling nostalgic and a bit lost today, and I don’t know what made me reflect but I’m glad I did, seeing how far I’ve come and how far I can go excites me, I think I’ll get back to the basics while I work just to refine and refresh myself.

Just thought I’d note this here in case I ever start doubting myself or feeling stagnant.

It’s otherwise just more rambling on my end, the usual.

Celebrate the small victories.



I’ve been a busy man these last few weeks, scheming and planning with Belial and Azazel, returning to my basic exercises, and working more closely on some short-term goals. A big training arc for myself, and I’ve accomplished quite a bit in such a short amount of time once my focus was realigned and I’m grateful for that because I’ve truly forgotten how strong I am in these last few months, so it was good to sit down and get my mind right.


Going into work with him was a coin toss, on one hand, I enjoy hearing about people’s work with him and respect his work and on the other, it’s all a matter of how much I’m willing to lose in order to gain when working with him – anything I’ve lost has been of little importance, so that panic was misplaced, I asked him to help guide me in financial matters, building up my empire in this world while I and Azazel work on the next.

So far we’ve managed to increase my normal income – quite significantly if I might add. No, I didn’t win the lottery or inherit a million from some estranged dead relative, but let’s just say my take-home wage from my job took a major leap since working with him. I’m more calculating when it comes to spending – also aiding in my financial growth, I’ve also been attracting more money than usual – in small doses, but money is money. He acts almost like an advisor when it comes to these things, telling me how much time to put in, when to hold off, or when to pursue more.

A funny thing I experienced was receiving two checks in the mail, both extremely small amounts, and almost felt like a running gag with him, teasing the idea of more gain. Maybe his way of telling me to stop being greedy – I like his humor, occasionally dry but rather fitting at the moment.

He’s improved a lot since we began working together. The changes haven’t just been financial, but also within my spiritual and personal life. I continue taking on their aspects and traits, but I’ve only allowed myself to take what fits me, like Belial’s confidence and Azazel’s Cunning. I’ll continue on with them, while continually striving for more, the next big leap is for a promotion so we can really get things moving how we’d like.

Draconian Magic

Recently I’ve purchased several books for research and practice, but the most influential among them has been Asenath Mason’s Draconian Ritual Book.

I’ve been studying the material every day since purchasing – So about three weeks now, I’ve only been working on the basics so far, which for me is just reading and then meditating on the material, I’ve been using the sigils and a provided word of power for raising energy. I’ve done the invocation of Lucifer three nights in a row now, and I get the feeling that it’s time to move on to the next.

Since working with the material I’ve found an increase in my own energy, but also a development of my senses. I’ve always been able to see energy, but not as vivid as I can now, and sensing spirits feels a lot like having an actual person in the room. I feel the ability to touch them slowly growing stronger, but I’m honing in on the other two first and then I’ll move onwards – pacing myself.

The ideology of the book lines up with a lot of my own views and also teaches me ew perspectives, so I’m learning a lot more in regards to the application of the currents energy, but of the many entities tied into it, along with the divine principals aligned with it.

It’s a path that really tests you, but I take it one step at a time so I don’t lose my mind or self in the practice. Also, my rituals and spells outside of it have been a bit more potent than they used to, so applying the energy and information learned certainly helps out a lot.

I probably won’t update too much on that practice though, as it feels more intimate and personal but if I discover or experience anything I’m comfortable with sharing then I’ll make notes of it.

All in all, I’ve settled on a practice that I really like and plan on sticking with outside of Goetic/Infernal works.


Now, this is an on/off thing for me, I’ve been studying Goetic Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove on my downtime, studying the demons – and the techniques he includes in his works, the abstinence ideology is interesting and fun to experiment with, I’d like to mix this with draconian practices to see if there’s much difference in the result.

I’ve been able to tap into the path a lot easier lately – visualization game on god-mode recently. The first demon I worked with was, of course, Bael – what psycho goes out of order?

I got thrown into an interesting vision, I was in a desert, an oasis of sorts, and off in the distance there was this crowd of people gathered around this statue, it was a gold bull on some sort of pedestal and they were all dancing and singing praises to it, genuine love and admiration filled the air but the vision was soon overtaken by a rush of sand, and when it died down I was alone or at least I thought so. I turned around and saw this old man sitting on the back of a bull, he didn’t say anything but just made the “hush” motion before disappearing as well. I feel I should add that he had a flaming ‘crown’ above his head similar to King Paimon had in my first visual with him.

Good material, I’ve got a few more of his books, but I’ll keep my focus on the Draconian Path and the Goetic Pathworking when I feel called to it.

I’ve been really busy lately and I love it. I’m maintaining a healthy balance and especially better spiritual hygiene – The forum servitor Luna is a great help as well, using her along with the LBRP and some sage cleansings every month has kept my lines clear of unwanted attention, so I’d definitely recommend checking her out if you’re in need of extra hands…hooves.

Project List

  • Exploring the Draconian Current

  • Crystal studies

  • Work with Belial and Azazel

  • Goetic Pathworking – If time permits

  • Sigil/Servitor Work - Chaos never sleeps.

That’s my worklist at the moment, no new projects outside of that knock on wood It’ll keep me busy and on my toes for the time being until someone or something smacks me upside the head in like two months.

ALSO, I fell back on the ancestry work, but funny enough I feel like it led me here since that’s where I ended up after letting my next project find its way to me. Hopefully, after this, I can uncover a bit more and if not I’ll keep pushing forward until they find me.

A few weeks of scattered thoughts, experiences, and work for the journal, I’d say I’ll try and update daily but I think I’m beyond saving when it comes to that, I write everything in a physical journal so I guess that helps, right? Yeah.

Well, that’s all I got.


“Only when you’ve grown satisfied with your physical treasures can you truly aspire for grander in the spiritual.”

Something Belial told me that I thought I’d share.


Tonight I performed day 1 of 7 for my self-initiation into the current.

For starters many of the rituals are powerful and seem to work effectively for me – which is a good sign. I’ve been keeping with my daily meditation so trance-states and energy work comes a lot easier now.

Tonight’s working was oddly quiet, there would be moments when my voice would sound as if it were coming from behind or beside me, can’t really explain that.

At the end of the working, I was shown many different visions of these massive entities destroying manmade structures, raging in the seas, and overlooking the earth from space – showing how much smaller humanity was/is in comparison to themselves.

In a closing bit of work, I kept getting the same sensation of something slithering up my back – along with my spine to be specific. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the Kundalini energies I’ll be working with or the entities themselves showing their presence within me.

Either way that’s one day down, and six to go. I’ll try and keep a note of anything interesting.

Gonna finish off the night with some more meditations, I’ll share more about these later on today – seeing as it’s midnight at the time of my posting.

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Day 2 was last night’s work. The day in addition to the meditation must have been a bit too much for me since I went to rest immediately after – I’ve been needing a lot more rest as of late, guessing from pushing myself too hard. I had a day off today, so I’m taking the time to just relax and rest up.

Last night I did working with the dragon of earth, not too much to share on that front - I need to refine my visualization skills, maybe pushing for morning and night meditations as well.

I meditated on the element of earth, finding it to be in my personal opinion a base for power, strong and durable, self-sufficient, the earth holds many secrets and treasures just like the human body - capable of amazing feats when properly nurtured both physically and spiritually. To build an empire you must have a sound and powerful structure - yourself, you have to be without weakness and flaw, or else it could come crashing down. My take on it anyway.

I’m still learning myself, so I can’t really state these things matter-of-factly.

Tonight is day 3.

I’ve been feeling my emotions again. Ever since I started working with the draconian current I feel like they’ve been all over the place or amplified, so I feel everything a bit more intensely than normal, but in that same breath, I’ve been able to control them much better as well. Simple breathing techniques bring me back down versus me allowing them to rule and control the outcomes of my day.

Watching my breathing, Feeling my emotions, Keeping my mind clear and open.

All of these things have slowly become a primary focus in my daily life.

Work with Belial has been going well, opportunities to make more money have been popping up more frequently, or money has just been finding its way to me - the amount varies, but I’ve learned that any amount at this point is acceptable since it only increases the current hold I have.

I offered him a glass of whiskey last night, just as thanks for all we’ve accomplished so far - which is a major improvement, not only financially but on my mentality as well.

That’s all I have, for now, I’m exhausted and having some trouble formatting/wording this properly without being too scattered.

Things to Improve

  • Visualization

  • Self-Care

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I’m being drawn towards Leviathan, not completely sure if it’s due to the current -likely, but his image and name have been running wild in both my dreams, meditation, and waking-life.

Gonna research and meditate on it a bit before pursuing him.

Long Overdue Update

It has been a long while, and I have gotten no better at online journaling – so here’s a digital dump of the last few weeks of Draconian working.

I tried an “alternative” meditation method - meaning I utilized a substance to aid in deeper focus, and I found it rather helpful, not something I’ll rely on constantly as I 1.) don’t want to form a habit or use it as a crutch. 2.) It’s really fucking distracting :rofl:

But regardless I managed to do my workings rather successfully and lucidly spoke with Lilith, I also was able to fully view my “Dragon body.” A large deep blue serpentine creature with piercing yellow eyes - who had a rather nasty habit of drooling an acidic substance, I can still see the eyes even in my waking life on my physical body.

Work with Haagenti has begun to show results, as I found a lot of my old habits faded and my more timid attitude began to fade as I became more level-headed and confident in myself - though work with Belial may also have factored into this, so praises to both of my teachers.

My energy flows fluidly now, and when I want to assume my dragon form for meditation I can feel it condensing into the form itself which I think is pretty damn cool.

Downsides are with a newfound confidence I need to be mindful of my temper and how I react/treat others so it doesn’t grow into cockiness. I can see a “We do this my way or not at all.” temperament growing and I wanna be able to control that or at least keep it to a moderate level - I snapped off on King Belial once because I felt like he was questioning my commitments, though he was right to do so AND I did ask him to advise me while we work together, so he was just doing as I requested.

The month of March was a big month of growth for me personally, and I’ve definitely changed in many ways.

Advice for future me: Take time to breathe, you’re in control.

I’ve not yet approached Leviathan, but I feel like he’s still calling - more openly now than before, so I think I’ll knuckle down and see what’s what.

At the moment I’m practicing some of the techniques Asenath provides in the ritual book, but other than that I’ve no major projects on the board, just seeing where the current takes me next, so not much to report as I’ve just been meditating and doing more personal workings on myself, hopefully, I’ll have something new and exciting in the coming weeks.

Also, I’m really gonna aim to get better at posting here, I like the community and learn so much here and I’d like to contribute/participate more, so here’s to hoping.

Also also, I finished my seven workings, BUT I wanna try to do them all again because the first time felt like I wasn’t truly experiencing the work but rather going through the motions, so I’ll probably begin day one again tonight, that way I’ll have both a newfound perspective as a proper initiate and It’ll give me more reason to post here daily.

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I’m typing this literally moments after it happened so I apologize if I’m a bit scattered, I was minding my own business - as you do at the night hours, and listening to music. And all of a sudden I get this pressure? or Feeling of sorts that Leviathan was calling to me again, so I grab a notebook and allow him to move through me to see if he has a message - since I’m not set up for a proper evocation session at the moment and sure enough my hand starts flying across the paper and my mind goes blank as I’m watching the ink spill out out the paper with his message, a sigil that I’m not all too sure belongs to him, but I don’t recognize it? and much like with my Azazel experience he left me with a neat little sketch which was completed in around 4 minutes flat? I had music playing so I just followed the song’s duration but it may have been longer.

I can’t say whether or not the sigil is directly his or simple custom-like many I receive, but the message definitely hit home for me and watching him sketch was just a chilling experience because he literally formed the image from random line scratches.

I need a drink.

And these may be the longest days ever, but as always I’ll endure. Lemme know your thoughts or if you recognize the sigil. I literally just did a cleansing so it isn’t some random, but like always I’ll perform the LBRP to be sure, but this felt just like my Azazel experience.

Just thought I’d share before I go into research mode and push myself further into insanity!

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