How do we work with the ancestors

I am definitely a beginner to magic. I invoked lucifer recently and was blown away by the results and effects of real magic. And as crazy as that experience was, it somehow confirmed to me that I am in no way crazy at all. But in an insane world, my intelligence may pay off in ways that would never make sense to most people.
But after that experience I will now forever be aware of the spiritual realms. And I feel an incredibly powerful desire to connect with my ancestors. Who can help me learn more about this. How can I actually connect with my ancestors

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I struggled with this for a while. A lot of people say just leave offerings to them, pray to them and things like that and I didn’t feel like it worked for me. If you could project, you could probably find some of them but I haven’t tried that as of yet.

I do have something that might work for you however, depending on what type of ancestors you would like to connect with. This servitor was empowered by tribal gods, and will lead you to any tribal ancestors, gods, guides or deities from this lifetime or any other lifetime. You don’t need to have knowledge of having tribal ancestry and if none exists in this life time, she will take you to the ones from another that are still willing to work with you. She can guide you on how to approach them, whether or not offerings should be given and help you get started as well as serve as a gateway spirit to help you connect to them, until you have developed a relationship.

If you think about how most of us have more than one lifetimes, and that the further you go back in history the more likely you are to have tribal blood, I think it makes sense that she can find something that will work for almost everyone. Some of the beings she’s connected other with have been rather primitives, but that makes sense to me too, given those members didn’t have any current life tribal ancestry that they were aware of.


Well, when I wanted to contact my Jewish ancestors I made a shrine for them. I set it up with things I thought they’d like (really just Jewish symbolism since I didn’t know much about them lol) and left out offerings of candles and water. After that I just invited them into meditation. It might take more than that but when they feel you’re ready for them they will come forward if invited.


Meditation, unlocking the memories of those before you encoded in your genes by traveling inwards.

You can also try studying family tree to find your roots and perhaps names. That helps.