How to cleanse my energy

Hello Everyone

Today I gave some readings and solved a mystery with a help of Archangel Gabriel

But the problem is after the ritual my whole body has aches and I am yawning all the time.

I Opened shamanic drum noise but I am not sure If that has any help.

What to do ??


Easiest way I know is to smudge and call in the directions. Sage, copal, mugwort, cedar, pine, even rosemary is good for cleansing spaces and self.

Or take a shower or bath and use the water and intention to cleanse your auric and ethric fields.


What about dragons blood bundled up does that help

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I havent tried dragons blood that way. Im sure it would work really well.

I have a few blends of both herbs and incense that I use. What i pick generally depends on my mood for that day and what smells really nice to me at the time. Lately its been a lot of copal, and sage combined.
It makes sense with the dynamics of my home lmao.

And I dont think it really matters if its bundled or not. I essentially use what is a mini cauldron (silver smelting thing a ma Bob) with my incense in it and a little ornamental fan to swish the smoke around the room.

Im super “scientific” with how i judge weather the cleasing is working. What does the smoke look like. 1. is it a big fluffy puffy kind of smoke or 2. does it look really condensed and smashed together. If its 1 then the area is good, if its 2 keep cleansing that area until it looks like 1.

Also add Epsom salt to your bath and lavender and tea tree oil. Both cleansing

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Thank yoi

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Your most welcome :hugs:

It sounds like some energy ended up stuck somewhere. I would recommend grounding and cleansing.

If you are new to the concepts there are a few ways detailed here along with a multitude of other resources for various topics.

Experienced Magicians Debunk "Selling Your Soul" - #2 by Lady_Eva


You can cleanse by learning to ground which cleanses out dirty stagnant energy or you can connect to one of the 4 elements and use it as a means of cleansing, cleanse through fire, water, earth, or air.


528Hz frequency tuning fork on self. Or cold shower for few minutes , no hot water turn on. Or Sea Salt bath. Hug a tree and direct energy to earth. Or singing bowl.

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Do an LBRP and a middle pillar ritual

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Does burning sage work ?

Not by itself

I think everyone should get the 528hz tuning fork of love frequency. You can rebalance self and for repair cells as well as cleanse food and liquid drinks. Easy way to get in balance of mind/body. I do chi kung /tai chi practices and using these tuning fork do make a big difference. I can feel the energy changes. It’s not just cuz people say it works and yrs of research on that frequency. I personally test it out and using my energy training as evaluation. It will help with immune system too.

And u can use it for yrs and yrs just like singing bowl.

You need intention when using sage.