How Do You Make A Pact?

How does one make a blood pact to Lucifer to sell your soul?

Summon Lucifer, say “I want to sell you my soul,” sign the pact in blood.

Later, come on this forum or another wondering why you have this nagging dread you’re going to spend eternity in hell, and got nothing whatsoever for it, except maybe bad luck or scary dreams. :+1:



Couldn’t a person put in the pact that if he didn’t hold up his end of the bargain that the pact is null and void?

Lmao :rofl: feels like a recent event recap?

@4you39 this is a potentially dangerous waste of time and here is why a “null and void” clause wouldnt work out.

  1. You are approaching an entite you perceive to have enough power to shift your life around with the signing of a contract as a loanshark (soul for “the good life”)
  2. Having this idea of loansharking souls do you thing a being you perceive to have this kind of reality warping power would settle for nonpayment after delivery or likely go all Al-Capone and figure out with circle of dante’s inferno to drop you in while you scurry about in terror.

3.Why go through this potential toilet bowl spirial when you can read this thread and gain your goals with a bit of work and zero worry of “dogmatic damnation”. Depending who you ask around here the word has different ideas tied to it. :face_with_monocle:


Technically, if your soul belongs to Lucifer (or, more likely, whatever breezed in and took the pact since you can’t communicate or divine the real ID) then you can be compelled to not withdraw, it’s like giving power of attorney to someone indefinitely then trying to get it repealed while they can simply overrule you.

Magick can be really legalistic, so I’m not being flippant drawing that analogy.

Your soul IS the “you” that would file for the pact to be nullified, and it’s no longer yours to control. Either the spirit may be able to directly control you, or more likely, they could do it enough that you can no longer commit to wanting the pact to end.

One way that would be likely to manifest would be a nagging certainty and knowledge that even though you intended the pact to be nullified, you still feel controlled etc.


What I was saying is if he didn’t pay.

Either parallel made could be applied you have either A made a deal with a spiritual loanshark or be have given up ze legal right to your soul. Either way no good for the reasons given above.


Would you join a forum with lots of active surgeons posting about surgery, and health in general, and start telling them that even though they get result after result in their favour, you have a special method that you saw on TV that involves using a plastic fork and some dog spit?

I’m not being rude to score points off you, I am trying to show you the foolishness of what you’re doing here.

The people in that thread and who post on here are real practicing black magicians.

We have accomplished life-changing, often life-saving, goals under our own will through contact with demons, gods, and other magickal forces and techniques.

Why do you want to ignore our advice, and insist this must be like you think it is, based on zero experience?

I truly do not understand, the only possible explanation is you think on some level, magick’s not really real, so you can invent ideas and go with those instead.

The very best thing that could happen to you is nothing at all, all the other outcomes are very much worse.

Find another way.


Thank you guys I have a lot to think about.


Any Spiritual Entity with the power to help you change your life is not going to want your soul. Entities that are con-artists, liars and posers are way lower on the power scale. These might try to take to take advantage of you precisely because they don’t have power of their own and want yours.

This whole “pact with the devil” thing is a left over of western civilization’s dualistic thinking and Judeo-Christianity’s thinking. I’m not exactly sure where this dualistic thinking started I think it was with the Kurgans but it really took off with the Persians and filtered into western thought systems mostly from there.

Magic is not a zero sum game.

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