If I can’t use recreational drugs in this physical world

Is it possible to use it on the Astral plane?

Like if you astral project, or lucid dream can you materialize recreational drugs or mimic the effects of being under influence of XTC or acid?

That would be interesting to experience. I have dreamed once that I used mollie but I didn’t experienced the same mind altering effects as in real life.

Sex however can feel really realistic. Emotions, bodies enstrangled etc

I don’t know about people in general but personally I’ve had several dreams where I got stoned out of my mind. It was extremely realistic and I even had a high stay with me when I came out of the dream.

Energy work aka qigong when done correctly will actually induce more powerful altered states than most external substances, it is the same with some yogic practices.

If you go back far enough you’ll find that at one point both the vedic and daoist tradtions used specifically concocted and ritually empower blends of mind altering substances in specific rituals. But these practices faded as they developed energy practices that fulfilled the same role and induced similar or stronger states.

If ya need a starting place for basic energy work the video list i have posted in the thread below has some simple but powerful work in it.

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