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Hi Nick, from Australia by any chance?

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Yes, from Australia

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Thank you all for responding so fast. My name is Scott , I do t have too much experience with any form of magic. I have tried Wiccan in the past and it seemed to help. I have always been interested in black magic and spirits. Have always been into fallenagels. I know it’s her, I know that in the time we have been together I didn’t give her all of me at least not emotional or attention wise. It hurts alot and I know if I leave her alone to come around she won’t, she got used to me not being around and with someone else giving her attention why should she want me. I’m sorry I’m rambling on. I have helped her to build her to where she is and have so much on her I can take it all away. But I don’t want too, at the same time I want her to feel this pain she has caused me but if I go through with it I know for sure there will never be a chance. How would I go about Lucifer? Candle , sigil as the others. Thank you all again


Hi all I’m a blood line witch , witch I never knew such a thing like a bloodline witch could ever exist both from my fathers and mothers side. this is how I know Since I was a child my mother would teach me all this wisdom and knowledge I thought to myself how do you know all this and you never went to school her answer was OLD people taught me , my father had constant dreams my farther s sister when she was a child she was a servant girl to her neighbour down the street . before the old lady past away she gifted her with a book rapped in a white cloth expensive white cloth not just any white cloth my auntie went home with that book and her mother said don’t you dare unwrap that cloth and look into that book ,go back and return that book so my auntie returned the book , since I was a child I could see around corners or I could see things from another country ,as I was getting older the dreams where more intense and become more powerful , I would dream of all sorts of stuff I can not even remember all the dreams I was astro travelling during daytime when I was in class at school teachers always thought something was wrong with me I would b astro travelling while walking across a pedestrian crossing a police car almost hit me one day when crossing the pedestrian crossing .my most intense dream was when SATAN cane to kill me in my sleep and I didn’t want to die nor go with Satan and in my dream I said oh my GOD I’m so week how do I defeat this and then the light appeared and the darkness was gone , I always believed the truth is out there that darkness and light exist so humans can co exist this is how I know I’m a bloodline witch or a natural witch I couldn’t care less about spells curses hexes when you have what I have all you need is the power of your mind .


Hello, everyone! My name is Robert Schoonover, I have been a serious occultist for over 2 years, but before I got serious, I always had a pull to the dark side of the Occult, going all the way back to age 6.

I am very talented at reading Tarot(I’ve had a few friends I’ve read for cry about them due to the painful accuracy of the reading), I am good at evocation(almost always accurate information about things I couldn’t possibly know beforehand, when I ask an entity to help me with something it does very well, and I’ve even had entities do some really strange things on the physical plane when being evoked that were verified by a friend who was present for the ritual), along with evocation, I’m slightly experienced in voluntary possession/invocation(Lucifuge Rofocale, Satan, and most recently Beelzebub), I’m decent at soul travel (I’ve been to the 7 major planes, and seen things I later verified by others), really all forms of Black Magick/Sorcery, specifically working with the Infernal Gods.

My current goals are to reach the rank of King in the Order of The Fly(the Order which Beelzebub revealed to me), I’m currently a Duke, so I’m pretty close, next is to finish writing a book based off of my experiences, innovations, and discoveries in the field of the Occult and Spirituality, in order to help others realize the God/Goddess within and reach their full potential in this incarnation, and lastly, my overall goal is to become the most powerful, knowledgeable, and wise version of myself, essentially becoming my Godself in this current physical incarnation.

I am currently struggling with getting entities to physically manifest consistently from evocation to evocation, consistently trusting my intuition, doing magick with the intent of verifying it for the skeptical (I can do magick quite well for practically any other purpose, but I get in my own way too much when it comes to this, the only times things are verified is when I’m not trying to get verifiable evidence), and I sometimes struggle with doing magick in order to help myself in life (works well for literally anyone besides myself).


Welcome to the forum everyone :grin:
Droppin off a fresh welcome basket


my name is caleb cline
I’m very new to the scene but I would like to work with king paimon
ive always been drawn to this type of stuff and I love it so far


Hello everyone,

My name is Risty im 26 yo, i live in indonesia and english not my first language, so im sorry for grammatical error and if you find it difficult to understand what i’m trying to say. But i will do my best to convey my point.

Well, i’m a new member. I am interested in demonic pact since last year, and stumble upon this forum when i browse the internet to look for information about pact ritual and i found it was a lot more than just a ritual. There are so many aspect about it that i just found out and i want to learn more about it so i be able to do it the right way.

I have so many question regarding this matter and i hope all amazing people here can help me to understand it better.


Hello, I go by “Nico”, though I have many names. I found this forum while researching Pazuzu, as I have reason to believe he may the identity of my guardian of many years, a towering dark figure with scorpion tail and wings. I went to see him today at the Louvre…

I am currently preparing to delve into deeper meditation and communication with him (Pazuzu) to determine the nature of the attachment/ guardianship, and to determine without a doubt the name and identity of this (personal) spirt which has shown up around me the last 10 years or so. I have every reason to believe he is benevolent to me, based upon previous interactions and readings. I simply desire to deepen the relationship and conversation, and to determine without a doubt it is in fact helping me move forward and not limiting any area of growth in my life.

As I have also recently begun the headless rite, and have a familiarity with the 4 Kings, (specifically with Paimon) I am also preparing to pursue the further work of Crowleys communion with the holy guardian angel. (Ps… someone mentioned earlier Paimon does not require blood… please pm me to discuss further thoughts on this topic?)

I am a solitary practitioner, though I have recently begun some joint workings, and in fact I am looking for some advice around seeing clearly the Magickal intentions of others. As I’ve continued, the rituals have gone rather deeper and more full on than anticipated… though the results have been undeniably potent. Have also begun some workings with Lucifer… seeking to learn more about working with him as well, results, consequences etc. That is quite a commitment and a dedicated path… though I have been intrigued and inspired for some time.

Looking forward to expanding my practice and ritual knowledge through conversation with the community here. Bless ~



Welcome! :blush:


Welcome, @NickNewford. I think you’ll find that magick dovetails nicely with science, history and philosophy. They’re all tightly woven into the same thing.
Good on you with the bodybuilding. I’ve recently realized that I need to develop my body to keep up with the mind and spirit. I have a buddy who runs a dojo and will probably start judo/jiu-jitsu soon. And again, learning the mystical side of things will align really well with your physical discipline.


Yes, discovering all of this has increased my love for science, History and Philosophy.

I am excited to learn, but frankly I am overwhelmed. I got some books I am reading, but my next goal is meditations and learning the basics of Astral travel.

Oh and bodybuilding is amazing, I highly recommend lifting weights. If you need any assistance in that field thats probably the only thing I can help with here lol.




Thank you.

I read through that before, which method do you think i should use?

And also, when and what time? I have family so I was thinking early morning/night.

I have 0 experience with Astral travel by the way.


How do you mean, brother?

And any time works. I’ve done it in the middle of the day and in the middle of the night. Whatever works for you.


Welcome Nico, I am sure you will find us an easy to get along with group for the most part


Welcome… And yes you have a whole family of other spirits that “see” your suffering and can say without a doubt you will find a place of balance. Be patient. And smile Everyday knowing your already on your way to a whole new world. Stop chasing the answers… Pause a moment… And let the answers come to you. :grin:


Thanks I needed that


The post you quoted has multiple methods to astral project, should i use the last “beginner” one?

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The way I do it is go through the three suns meditation, go down the staircase and once I’ve hit the void and allowed it to devour my physical body, I start pulling myself to the location I want to go. Visualize the place and feel yourself become transported there.

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