My curses and rituals dont always work

Okay thanks.

That might be half the problem. I would suggest working through one system and developing a close working relationship with one spirit until you start getting more consistent results. Once it is working for you, then perhaps apply your new talents to other systems.

But i already have some altars created for some spirits and i cant throw them away just like that.

Okay thanks.

I use the required spirit but i change somethings in the ritual.

Like concentrated energy(or just energy enough to keep me awake to do the ritual) and focusing on my intent?

You said you didn’t think voodoo doesn’t involve energy work. Everything involves energy.

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Yeah from my understanding of voudon it does works alot with possesion and that requires energy in the manner of linking with the spirits energy.



Maybe i need to learn how to connect with the spirits. I have tried physical evocation of spirits even begging and commanding them but all to no avail.:cry:

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Follow EA’s dictum for successful sorcery: Use a working system.

If you are changing elements of a ritual, without understanding the system that ritual is based on, then you are not going to be successful.

It’s like the newcomers who think that, “oh, I don’t have to do the LBRP exactly and it doesn’t matter if I use the names of demons or angels.” It matters a lot, actually, and until you understand the nature and purpose of the energies involved in a ritual, changing even one thing can short circuit everything.

People like EA and Jason Miller, and some members of this forum, have been practicing certain systems for years before creating their own rituals. EA has described in his books his journey in magick, going from Wicca, to Golden Dawn ceremonial, to Alistair Crowley’s Thelema. He worked each system, to develop his own. Bruce Lee mastered the martial art of Wing Chun before he attempted to codify his own system.

My advice is to find one system, and work it, from the basics of energy work to visualization, to evocation. Mastering the basics will transfer over into any other system, and will greatly aid you in personalizing your magick.


From this it sound like it would be of more benifit for you to explore your own power rather relying on spirits for a bit.


Of course not! You can still pay respect and give offerings to a spirit while refocusing your practice. I can say this only because I do the very same thing. You can still have a relationship with a spirit while delving into other currents. To think otherwise is akin to viewing them as disposable prostitutes, IMO.


okay thanks. i will do that

I know a bit of energy manipulation. I can charge, absorb, transfer and ground but i cant release. But how will i rely on my powers without the help of spirits?

Okay thanks.:+1:

This sounds like a contradiction to me. Cause you are relying on the help of spirits more than yourself. Look into systems like the golden dawn, initiation into hermetics. Systems like these teach how to raise and evoke various types of raw energy to empower the subtle body and for use in ritual.

Alot of the texts that are based off these have you work with specific energies for months sometimes years before the topic of evoking spirits is even considered. The reason for this is so you don’t become dependent on power outside of your own. With the statement you made above it sounds like you are relying on the power of the spirits you evoke more than your own power. At least this is how it sounds to me.

For example evoking a spirit with the intent of gaining assistance on a goal is like hiring a professional to do a job where as evoking them to learn from them over time is akin to having the same professional teach you how to do what they do.

The later is what most of my evocation work with spirits focuses on. Sometimes this is given as knowledge in the for of new rituals,meditations, types of energy work to experiment with, or ideas to ponder on. Sometimes they show through example either with visions or manifiestions that surface over the next few weeks.

Also this thread has alot of good info if ya hit any road blocks.

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It occurred to me of thinking about a “goal escalation”. If I don’t get $100, I do a magical working for $500; no success with a girl in my city? I try to meet a certain one, in another country miles away. This with non-evoking methods, to be sure that no entity is bothered. At least is a way to build confidence.

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Okay thanks for taking the tkme to explain to me.

And i do hope the link isnt about selling your soul because that is like the last thing i will ever do.

:rofl: no its about debunking that entire practice :rofl: normally i drop it in the intro thread every few weeks as a welcome basket for new people. :alien:


oh okay :joy::joy::joy: