Tantra for blockages

Hi! I have a HUGE energy blockage in the area of my sacral and solar plexus chakra. When I meditated with my snowflake obsidian, I felt like a big sphere of sorrow down there surrounding that whole area. I felt the blockage very strongly this morning and it also put a pressure in the pain of my neck and backside of my head. I really need to flush this blockage out as I believe it is the root cause for the majority of things that are stagnant in my life.
Does anyone have any mantra or something connected to the vedic pantheon that removes huge blockages? Like Kali, Bhairava/Bhairavi, Shiva and the likes? I tried some months of shadow work and I’ve got some success in this matter but I feel that it could take years of my life to resolve with shadow work and I’m going desperate and wants something that works faster because it affects the state of my mental health very badly. Please help! I’ve tried Google but I just find mantras connected to money, happiness and abundance which is just a biproduct of the real problem!


I can help you. I have a few mantras which can be used to invoke presence of kali

Om Heem Kreen Kalikaye Namah

The energy work I do for removing blockages is visualizing a cloud of Godhood above my head in shape of a galaxy and feel a block of light falling through my head and charging and cleansing my chakras.

When I do this for clients and friends I vampirize energies not needed and flush with new energies to empower and balance the chakras.


Is this mantra specific for removing blockages and cleansing chakras?

It will invoke her energies. You can then ask her to remove the energies.

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It sound more like you would be better of looking into various energy work or Qigong practices for what you described

There are a couple logged here if ya wanna check them out.

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