Dragon Eye in blood and mirrors

This is directly translated from Belial and Bel Zebulon.

The information relates to harnessing your power sources and where it is placed in the body and hoe the three elements fit.

*Bel Zebulon

To begin. The face is a direct copy map of the rest of the body: this is how it looks.

The Wadjet is the Dragon Eye:

The Eyes are the breasts:

The nose is the filter the same way that the Centre Of Man is the poeer house, thr storehouse filter of your chi; the liver. And the dan tien known. and describes as the centre of man because that is where we house and transmute.

The lips are the equivalent of the vagina /penis wherein your pleasure centres are noticed. Also descriptive of receiving and giving: void creations.

  • Blood +Water
  • Water + Lightning + Air = Water
  • Fire + Flame + Black Flame
    The Centre is You.
    The top left is Void / Äther / Aether

“Air and moisture condensed and sequenced to spread amongst the sky force. It is Atmosphere. It is flows and flies”.
"The darkness which is in you is the void it is the electrical spark in bedded between your Cells. It is in your blood.
As the sigil describes.
“Center of the ‘uni’verse is god / man.
Center of the’ multi’verse is All Things.
Dracon Force is in You. You are the Dracon. Elevet kleesh. Shakar’ah”.


“+Place your Eye on your Solis Box. (where the solar plexus was)
+Place your Eye on your vagina
+Then Merge them.
+Black fire [and] step into [the] darkness
+Focus on each one and see the Eye as connected
+Electrical lighting fire through the pineal gland and through the vagina [and] from the Solis box. (where you are now focusing your power)
It enhances them all”.

This example was (obviously) performed under Bael’s direction. So it is written this way :wink:.


Belial usually teaches Me during possession according to the Gatekeepers its quicker :woman_shrugging:.

As in previous threads of mine, the topic of how and where power is stiref and expressed.
Power storage is i. The Centre of Man. The centre is a Mind the brain: hypothalamus, pineal, zeal… are also the Mind.
So is the womb, the sexual organs… Are also a Mind.

There is more. So much information on this topic that it cannot be placed in hete right now :wink:
I am by no means the Only Sourcerer to discuss the power storage of chi and how it is expressed outwards in magick.

[[ ##My thread is here for a Perfect reason… Do Nobody change it. ##]] :ok_hand::grin:

The power drawn up from the Center, from the Liver, which Is the Heat storage, it is why ut is called Solar Plexus and Solis Box, which is the same thing.
You push power out through your Eyes

  • preferably all three-
    And your Voice.
    -another reason why singing or intoning or vocalised (the whisper / sotto voce).
    It is also expressed through your hands ( or tendrils).
    Power is drawn up through the reception of the Vagina or expressed through the penis.
    (and ni this dose not belong in the sex magick area) :smirk:

Awesome :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Nice progress.

Note on first picture :construction_worker_woman:


Reference :construction_worker_woman:


Trice, triples goddess, trice is thine godhood. The eyes, are crowns, the crowns feed the gebo x marks of the body, right?



Bel Zebulyon


The triangle of wajet, agnjia and RE’s eye, the trinity is also the smallest space you can evoke in.

Three layors in the Body.

Head,heart, and root / genitals.

Kunda force / infernal river for those on the path of qlippoth…

Three, times three, makes nine 9 - as mentioned in the linked post.

Avec locomoto tummo que Viv.

That should help focusing the center over to solar plexus.

I think it’s also used in remote control of bodies. /vessel’s.

Draconic infernal power structure

Void / personal sigil / 9 demonic gatekeepers / 7-9 planets. Each Chakra you removed, you can fill with a presence best fit for your personal path.

The 9 gatekeeper sigils for Chakra imbuements is to be discussed with lucifuge rofocale or belial before applying.

Genetic Manipulation with the black alchemy of belial.

The Key / merger for making new chakric grid on the Body function and transitioning possible ;
Devil Gene is a black alchemy tool, for the magician to program according to his / her needs.




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I’m stunned into silence. :exploding_head:

Scampers off, thank yooooouuuuuu!

  • on Chakra removal,
    If that Pre requisite isn’t met yet, and re-building of Chakra grid is aimed for.

The three energy essences.

Blood, fire, water.

The three eyes. / The three Dan tien.

Head, water upper Dan tien, left eye, logic/reasoning

Heart, fire middle Dan tien, third eye, soul, godself, projectory.

Root. Blood , lower Dan tien, right eye, emotion

The three pillars, avesta spenta, angra maynju, and the Sut Nam (self) of the caster.

The shoulder gebo are curled, spinning Chakras when used for the three headed Form.

Note, three headed forms are not recommended to beginners in any Form. Start slow, work your way into the new form and allow the body to cope with the changes made.

¥’ disclaimer - the infernal relms proclaim no dignity upon any changes made by the alterations of drawing energy from the dark grid. - the infernal, the void, the abyss, hereby proclaim no medical rights reserved on changes resulting by magical genetic or structural alteration. All changes made, are subject to the practicing magus applying those techniques at the time of activation. For Safety concerns, please evoke belial on further instructions to personalizing the modifications. "
Note, that consulting your local doctor is never a bad idea, before Any genetic alterations are made upon your vessel.

@Xag_darklight - disclaimer for infernal pact noted.

@rav @Qayos @DAR @C.Kendall
Anyone want to expand on this?
Feel free.




Thank you
Definitely experiencing My Drachen
Even Asmodae has bitten Mu head and later sluced My body sidewall…

Thank you for the Imput into My topics @Yberion.
The gnosis fits.


There is SO much technical mechanism Belial alone has made Me experience and learn that I cannot fit it all in here…


I have found great progress that I was experiencing then when You installed and I activated My devil gene…
More alterations. Then as I was shown and worked on by Bel Zebulon who opened my Crystalline structures then I opened Yours.

Now that I m working with Belial all expantion and alterations… And knowledge.
Azazel is the surgeon who activated my Dragon Eye and surgically add to DNA…

It’s a whirlwind and twister at the same time /thing.
So much information
So much personal changes
Hardly know what to share on Balg forum.

Have had dreams of a new chakric system.
My current this is My Blood Month ( another thread).
My Vampiric tendrils are activated…
Working working working yet suppose to accomplish mundane activity that I wonder how to Fold Time in order to complete it all…

Which circomvents back to the topic.
Has granted me details of the phy and subtle forms what is / how is.

So the above information is all I could dense down the rest requires a series of titles or topics… Or something


As I said, I had been working on / towards crafting an understandable and easy applicable new chakric grid for a while, but as you say - it really is complex and a lot of background work the readers don’t see go into it.

Just like the note we got here: “removal of chakric grid is to complicated and not needed, the new Chakra should simply eat and overwrite the old system.”

Yaah, well, it still is under development.

I’d love more people on board of this work, but I know and have seen how a few natrually jump on by themselves.

And yes, this is NOT like clicking update on an already running software, and waiting for the system to install itself by itself.

Even tho the devil Gene already tries to simplify it down to that, it’s more like running an buggy alpha or beta test version, where the function is usable, but configuration still very flexible and adjustable. For better and for worse.

We Still have a long way to go, until the first anaerobic Homo deus swims between the stars without need or craving for oxygen.

Thank you, and those who work on it, and also those questioning and reflecting upon the work.




@Yberion @Morgana9
I am not at the level to be working on this, but just know your work doesn’t go unnoticed. Distill the information and get it to a place where we can digest it. Spiritual science has stagnated for far too long because people only want to stick with the little tidbits left over from previous generations. Keep pioneering!


Thanks, I take that as a compliment, even tho you just called us old. ^^

distilling the information is exactly what we work on at the moment. :wink:




Lol, I’m not even gonna touch that one. I look forward to seeing how this all comes together. :sunglasses:


Alright thanks to the encouragement of @Yberion
I am adding more.

This is from Belial:


In discussion about how the Pharaoh Eye works how it becomes.
Dragon Eye to Pharaoh Eye

Human Eye
Lizard. Eye
Combine is the Empress /Emperor
It is the Pharaoh Eye
Neither Male nor Female. It is Both Sexes.


@Morgana9 that is so totally hot



The top drawing is the phy body and subtle bodies overlapping the black is the physical form red is the spirit ((its the ink I had on hand, that’s reason for the colours here))



Don’t mind me, just learning.


So, what does the red and blue symbolize? So, red is the body?

Is this you? And is that Saturn?

Are you trying to see yourself as a ruler?

:exploding_head: My brain hurts now.

So, you got the idea from Beliel, who is the first gatekeeper, right?


I feel like this creates Saturn, but I don’t know why.

If you get anything, and are willing, can you expound?

From website: Symbol


The symbol for Saturn is thought to be an ancient scythe or sickel, as Saturn was the god of seed- sowing and also of time.


Wait… y’all did a ritual last summer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle::zipper_mouth_face::shushing_face:

Ummmmmmm! Could Saturn be a moon?


No, it means saturn the planet.

Not really. But there are beings worshipping us,
if that is what you mean.

There isn’t much of “trying” when you’re being approached by devotees with “It’s an honor, master.”



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First of all, thank you for the information. I’m way to much of a novice to even start on the path you linked. I appreciate you letting me know what planet it was.

Secondly, I’ll keep my opinion to myself on the second statement about “master”, as I fully don’t understand.


as belial says: there are no gods. There are no masters.

But Governing the own self,
is enough difficult as a task,
for most to spend their whole life working on it.

Beauty isn’t something you make.
It’s something you recognize,
more specifically,
you project onto that which you observe.