The next Generation of Satanic Genetic Coding

introduction, Background Story

Hello ,

my fellow brothers and sisters of the B.A.L.G. Forum.

My name… if your not familiar with me yet , is:

Rowencain Auroaruss Morningstar.

And this is my first originally created content.
( through major collaborative cooperation with my mentor…)

I originally intended to be communicated through a rushed journal entry about,
my experience with the creation and observation
and documented/ recorded results and effects,
this alchemical transmutation /transformation,
can manifest in your life,
physically, mentally and spiritually.

Even addressing these areas of an individuals life that may or may not be affected,
can not possibly grasp the severity and magnitude of this working.

With that said,
what I am about to outline is not only my complete 100% truth,
but many of my conveyed points of the potency level discribed,
before and after I began successfully intigrating this new level,
of advanced alchemical transmutation.

The process within this post,
is meant for,
and directed to those few individuals who are considered to be an adept or advanced.

I highly suggest contemplation and meditation
with any and all sources,
available to the mage to help quantify,
the reasons they have aquired,
that support the operating practitioners decision,
to continue on this working.


So now that the pleasantries have been cited,
I can describe in more detail,
the general desired outcome/benefits,
of the application,
of tinkering with ones DNA.

So! To catch all of you, up to this:

I have been struggling with addiction issues,

since the age of 13,

and truthfully my life still was affected,

at the age of 30.

The general idea of changing a part of the “blueprint”,
containing the instructions,
of what makes you an individual,
is not a decision one makes lightly.

in my particular situation ,

  • some may resonate with my motivation,
    to put all my effort,
    into this next generation,
    of black alchemical transformation.

As an individual,
suffering from living,
within the limitations ,
of the direct decisions ,
obstructing my ability ,
to give up the extremely high-cost ,
of **low living!
For those who cannot relate to my scenario, a metaphor to gain perception regarding the severity of my individual condition, would be i had enough illegal opiate and perscribed opiate from doctors to drop a full grown elephant.
( i am 165Lbs) max.
My medication dose had been above the legal allowed cap implemented in 2015…of 120mls
My body stabalized at 160mls , b4 the legal dose became law.
…today my detox ( gradual removal over long period of time). Is continuing to decrese as working with my new devil gene smoothly aids my withdrawal symptoms.
This morning , i broke my all time low record as my bi-weekly weaning became
Not a lifestyle I suggest anyone endure…

Enough about the details,
regarding that.
But rather think to yourself:

What would you change about yourself?
Mundane or magickal alike?

I know,
If I could…

I’d remove my genetic pre-disposition within my ancestry,
of the senseitivity and affinity for mood and mind altering substances…

A long line of Irish and Scandinavian genetics,
that a modern melenial male,
such as me,
began life with the potential,
to become the poster boy,
of addiction propaganda,
one learns about,
as a pre-teen in school.

DARE program,
if i recall.


My life is in a constant state of change or flux…

No longer victim,
to lifes circumstances,
but master
and commander
of my own personal sea of life…

I dictate life’s circumstances now.

I build my reality around me as I see fit…

I began Godhood with hacking my DNA,
re-coding attributes,
that never existed within me,
prior to integration,
of what my mentor and I,
have been using,

@Micah’s coined expression,
of the name:

“The Devil Gene”.

The Devil Gene [Next Level Black Alchemy] General Discussion

Intro I dont know how I even got what you’re about to read. I guess it’s the culmination of repeatedly doing crazy shit and hitting critical Mass joy. I was suddenly filled with inspiration and had to write this. I was gonna use Manifestation bases for this but I was guided not to include that for those people who don’t have that kinda access or privacy. After doing this I feel Disoriented as fuck but powerful. This is a secret I give to you guys that has may applications and consequences …

After all it was micahs workings,
of 2 particular rites,
that inspired this,
as well,
as brought my mentor and me,

Which has value to me,
that the phrase “priceless”,
doesn’t describe,
with any proper justice.

Disecting and brainstorming,
how to weaponize,
the intense adversarial energy,
from the infernal God aspect,
of the 7 headed dragon,
of the apocalypse,
spoken of,
in the book of revelations,
printed in the bible.

my goal, Summary:

Success is a word,
many use,
for a variety,
of percieved
and accepted,

Sugar coating,
the exhaltation of human hedonism,
at its finest!!

And I wouldn’t sully,
the purity,
of the experience,
I’m about to tell you all.

Because successful,
is an extreme understatement,
when regarding,
the totality of change,
embodied by this creation…

My friends,
**I’d like to officially announce, **
that through integrating,
this black alchemy,
into the subconscious,
as a seed,
perfectly crafted,

and intelligently designed,
to grow a new existing augmentation,
of one’s genetic structure. …

I can honestly and genuinely say,
with clarity and personal truth,
my mentor and I,
( @Yberion2 needs to be cited and credited appropriately )
due to his genius,
as of midnight.

For the first time in my adult memory:

I have not used any illicit narcotic ,
except Marjuhana ,
for 19 days straight and continuously counting on…

Since the experience occured,
the benefits of not only our direct design,
which have completed to 100% efficacy.

As long,
as the parameters,
of integrating,
these physical,
mental and Spiritual changes,
keep consistent…
That weekly decreasing,
of cravings and reliance on these Narcotics,
through the augmented genetic code,
seems to stabilize me.

regular physicist’s tried,
to keep me bound,
through the reliance,
on those permanent medications.

I will now explain,
my experience with activating,
the newly designed strand,
of DNA,
and engendered,
by the insanely powerful energy,
of Satans primal Draconic mask.

I can’t share,
how the sigil was made and consecrated.

For it’s not my property,
to pass to others.

But my first experience,
activating the Devil gene,
is something I couldn’t forget,
even if I tried…

To cut through my exhaustive redirect.

…the story was simple to compare and relate in contrast with a similar energy shift im familiar with and many of you may be as well…

But if you haven’t experienced what is called a Kundalini ignition , or Awakening ,

When i say similar, I only mean to compare the magnitude of the sensations during said phenomenon.

What I’ve felt,
occuring through that first meditation,
was like being shot in the forehead with a bullet of pure energy,
the bullet was indigo blue and purple,
entered my 3rd eye chakra and embedded directly on the centre of my pineal gland…

This is where shit hit the metaphorical fan…
or my brains did for all it mattered then,
as the strangest ASS BACKWARDS kunda spike, did the opposite:
Against the current entry from the 6th chakra,
down , causing me to convulse and have uncontrollable fits and muscle spasms contracting and contornting as the bullet/seed began to germinate, sprout, then anchor to my very cell stucture…

I actually forgot, to mention that my new mentor and close friend @Yberion2, was on headset call with me through an internet app facilitating communications between him and I long distance, all the way from on my end of the globe Canada …to centeal Europe , Germany. …without specifics …we chat for hours without interruption on either end, on either platform, untill Satan decided that this part of the integration was for me personally to experience without the guidance and reassurance from my mentors experience. …

The adversarial dragon cut our communication off entirely,
when he decided i needed to experience the intense peek or climax of the newly implemented augmentation.

When connection had been restored,
my friend returned to what I assume sounded like gasping for breath or adrenaline feuled bliss cause by overcharge of energy…if that made sense lol .
I quickly updated yberion about what just occured and thankfully he guided me through the remaining experience which not only granted me deeper understanding of the semantics or rather magickal mechanics of our creation.

The last 18 days of magickal practise are going to sound outrageous and unbelievable to some, but I can only portry my experience to the best of my ability with being honest and genuine…

The following are observations of the enhancement of abilities, strength and potency of the before level and after genetic integration enhancement.

Pre existing abilities are as follows:

  • Psychokenesis ( and affiliated applications ).
  • Intermediate with evokation/invokation and ability to attain gnosis and direct telepaghic communications with demons and spirirts alike.
  • Energy work and chi manipulation was above average but novice with application and completely 100% self taught.
    Only approaching my second year of dedicated practise/ and actual lifestyle change.
  • Moderate telepathic ability…

AFTER Devil Gene Stabilization…

Currently, these particular attributes I did awake from a dormant state within myself during meditation:

Since the Devil gene has activated,
I commune with the parameters of what I am seeking or I think may help,
achieve whatever I am currently questing towards…

For example,
I mentioned that consistently,
at least at first to continue meditation, /activation/integration,
while saturating the new blueprint of what makes you a sorcerer now…

Truth has never been such a clear fact,
in my reality when I quote the unknown by saying:
“The only limits are the ones we impose upon ourselves.”

Secondary to weaponizing fire against fire,
which is no contest,
when I focus on the change I can feel within.
So with the combined creativity of yberion and myself,
we crafted and augmented my gene structure,
to help me attain my goals of staying clean from opiates and crystal,
AND helping my body to reject and process the remaining opiate dependant tissues,
in the deepest recesses of my bone marrow.
( If I forgot to mention I am detoxing of methadone, for 8 years by now. )

Which in fact is more abrasive and difficult to detox than any street narcotic. …
Bottom line…
I’m almost off methadone completely.
My dose currently is at an all-time low of 4.5mls which drops .5 mls every 2 weeks.

If I… -When I succeed!
I will have removed all dependencies,
physically, spiritually,
and now finding ways to cope mentally…

Which I find so much easier and simpler,
as I genuinely feel that my neuro-pathways,
-crafted from drug-seeking behaviors,
have had the vessel that traveled those “ habits embodied within ”.

Suddenly was provided options,
for the said vessel,
to travel upon newly,
magickly crafted pathways.

Reaching lands,
far more beneficial,
then the prior pathways,
ever came near to!

Unexpected enhancement observed results…

I lastly would like to share some other enhancements which are unexpectedly occurring:

  • My clairvoyance is the sharpest it has ever been.
  • My capacity to hold larger amounts of chi/prana has tripled,
    allowing for many different experiences and noticeable ease with TELEKINESIS,
    as I have begun practice moving larger heavy objects…
  • Learning and retaining severely advanced forms of magick,
    pyromancy in particular.
    …and much more I currently cannot discuss,
    until further research and development are undertaken.


Thank you for your patience during this major introduction of the new Devil Gene.

It can be accessed and activated by opening it as a regular Sigil.

For those ready to work with it,
it’ll naturally draw magnetically into their Body,
and integrate itself within them.
This process doesn’t need a specific Entity or Spirit to be around,
the 7 Headed Dragon (Satan / Satholas),
was present during the original creation
and might be helpful for those who’re feeling unsure about working with it.

  • This Note was specifically added by Yberion, to clarify any questions about how to know if one is ready for it, or not.

Create, destroy, repeat…find your godhood.



Just for reference,

We worked since 06.02.2019 until 26.02.2019 straight on onto it,
basically dumping 3 Weeks complete utter determination into the work!

In reference, there’s been 2 weeks of ~8 hours per day, every day, gone into this Sigil.

So, trust it’s potency!!

I’d like to give a special Shoutout to:


And of course,
Belial, Satan, Shemyaza, Azazel.

Interesting just got asked to re-work some of the stuff I’ve been contributing to the topic prior to this release. :slight_smile:

honory mention:

:sunny: :sunny: :sunny:




Fuck YES!!!
The Haters can suck it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:
This shit is real

Congratulations on your achievements @Rory_Mclellan :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:


Beautiful :smiling_imp:


Thanks @Micah, real talk you were 1/3 of the equation , that made this possible .
In fact I had wanted to portray my extremely intense experience regarding my results and experience when i performed your rite of posession "struck by satanic lighting “.
Wanted to detail my experience which began a series of cascading “dominoe like” procession of events, describing my transition from balancing on the fence…to complete /successful emersion into " that crazy magick life”.

I never felt the urge, nor the impulse to look back since.
Thanks for being a part of that transition.



Finally I see it as a post :smile: I’m proud of both you Rory and Yberiot :wink: now let’s just try it and see potency of it.


Feel free to try it out. :smiley:




You can be sure I will when my spirits decide its good time for it :wink:


I can definitely feel the energy from it…

As for it “Awakening my dormant Dark DNA”, I don’t know…


Did you Evoke Satan along with it?
Did you intigrate it into your body?

Or have you just gazed it so far.


It is adviced, to re-draw the Sigil by hand,
and anoint that little middle line with Sorcerer’s Blood for ideal results.




Ya , my apologies , i guess i hadent made that clear…

The green line in the middle is to program your immediate will and desire with your blood.

When satan appears , open your solar plexus chakra , and allow satan to either place it within you, or absorbe the sigil into your solar plexus chakra…this will integrate it fully,

Mediate within the energy and power as u feel it spread i to all of your cells, systems , and subtle energies.

Dont rush it, let it overtake you with ths sensations.

My apologies everyone, and thank you @CyberLord for bringing my attention to the procedure.

Hope that helps.


Thank you,
for pointing these out, Rory.

Even tho this next one might sound “RHP” like at the beginning,
have some patience and listen completely through it.

You’ll notice some interesting points.

This might help some of you,
with concerning,
wether they’re “ready”
to work with the Devil gene.

Just add some cruelty,
wickedness and such,
as these beautiful traits aren’t mentioned correctly,
within the Video.

Feel free to take a couple of the mentioned points out for those.

However, in total, it does show a nice compass,
of traits that help with actually being capable of controling the DNA alteration.

After all, this Gene is designed to enable the Magician to manipulate his own physical body,
in accordance with will.




Am I supposed to feel really tired after doing this, or does that mean I did something wrong?

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Its possible, my intuition tells me that maybe its not the correct time for you to undergoe such an intense working.

Believe me when i tell you…you WILL KNOW, when it activates properly…


Thank you @Rory_Mclellan for your honesty. I’m still working on my ascent. I wish I had a good mentor to help me. It’s tough doing this alone. Thank you again.


I hear ya girl…i honestly just connected with my first mentor after 1 and 1/2 years of solitary practice…
Be patient, trust yourself and your guiding spirits…ask …and they will provide…

Before you know it a symbiotic relationship will reveal itself…keep dedicated and the possibilities are endless!
Good luck and stick around!

Dont leave before the miracle happens…your way more powerfull than you realize.

best wishes .


I’m not the giving up type. It’s hard work, but I know it’s worth it. I’ve learned so much already and made a little progress these few years I’ve been practicing. I know deep down that this is the path for me. :blush:

I appreciate people willing to share their knowledge with others. That’s a huge help for peolpe like me, who need guidance.

Thanks @Rory_Mclellan.



Just wanted to reference one of the sources,
that helped me originally preparing the work:

The Devil Gene is ment to be used for writing,
not just reading. :wink:


Synchronicity with your youtube teaching :slight_smile:


Excuse me but help me understand, cruelty, wickedness and such, are also traits of an elevated soul?