The Infernal Dragon Current Of Power

How this all started.

Recently i’ve been having strange dreams where there is a new energy current running through my subtle bodies and physical body, it seemed so advanced so powerful and so ancient, i kept hearing azazel’s name and belials being mentioned so i summoned Azazel this is what revelation he had for me.

Dialogue Of Azazel During a Evocation.

Azazel -

" There exists various energy pathways within the human anatomy spiritual and physical, one is called The Infernal Dragon Currents. This current is made of pure power of the infernal dragon force, when activated the individual heightens in every way imaginable. "

" Fear not for this power can be controlled only through another death in the lake of fire, we shall call the infernal dragon to rebuild you, with the infernal river as blood. Once the current is awakened the very infernal current which runs through the body, the current being the veins and the power being the infernal blood ".

" I break many oath’s revealing this to you but it is imperative for your ascent, you shall be as the formed abyss, a vessel of pure raw infernal power ".

" When activated your spiritual senses go beyond what you thought possible, your energy system will become a demonic nexion, for those who feel the calling for power, then i await them, belial awaits them, the dragon awaits them ".

" When the current is mastered you shall be absolute, know that the current river which flows through all of existence called the lake of fire, will then flow through you ".

" When the system of this current is worked upon then upon your forehead, a infernal draconic eye will open, this is the demonic upgrade of your Ajna Chakra ".

" Become the infernal itself, IF YOU DARE, Become the dragon, IF YOU DARE "

The Diagram Of The Infernal Dragon Current Of Power.

This new energy pathway allows the infernal river which runs through all of existence to run through him, you become the infernal empire incarnate, this is a new stage in our evolution Belial and Azazel have opened a path to me of becoming.

A path of demonic majesty a claim to total hellish power, i will share the workings on how to obtain and develop this energy pathway, i give to you our new evolution WE ARE THE INFERNAL.


Conner Kendall.


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Super excited or this!


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I’ll be following this.
So is this like gatekeepers ritual part 2


Well you know anything to do with Dragons catches my eye. Will be watching.


okay, that’s crazy, this lines up with something azazel referenced when I evoked him last night, he referenced the power of and the mantle of the dragon in regards to why I called him. I thought it was just a reference to me being on the draconian path, then you post this :joy: should have pressed him more on it, just seemed like a inpassing reference

definitely interested to see where this working goes from here :slight_smile:


Will you be able to perform telekinesis with this power?


Awesome bro! Thanks for share.

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Oh okay, I guess there’s only one way to find out. :mage:

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What is the Infernal Dragon you allude to?
How is it related to the rest of the infernal empire?

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Well there are some that say there exist something called the dragon lines, that are currents of fiery power that flow all around the globe, some refer to them as lay lines but in actuality they are dragon lines.

Also the lake of fire has its form of infernal lines too, like in the book of azazel it is the forbidden current of which gurus know better never never speak. This current oi infernal power runs underneath all creation under all worlds, realms and dimensions.

There are mergers when the dragon lines and infernal lines form a combined current, by the blessing of the infernal empire you can connect to it, like rooting your energy and physical self to the infernal dragon current then the process of this new energy pathway then forms from this connection.

There is much more work to be done.


You can learn that from most forms of power.

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@Myrddin Actually now thinking about it releasing new energy pathways and connecting to the combination of infernal dragon lines would help in telekinesis since dragon lines / ley lines are a part of the globes electromagnetic field which i imagine would help hugely in telekinesis.


I know this topic is old but we still haven’t learned anything about dragon current of power.
Did you finally figure out how to activate this infernal energy system in the human body?

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