Custom Chakras

Is possible create artificial chakras,for
example Trillionaire Chakra and
give it energy with spinal breathing prayanama,
for example?.

New Age 12 Chakras systems
didnt exist in our 3D World,but i could
feel the Stelar Gateway Chakra using Spinal Breathing,
headache included.

So,i could create a Custom Chakra in my
auric field,breathing energy from root to
ajna,and then moving energy to the front of
my eyes,in my auric field,to
the artificial chakra?,

This work,yes?,
I feel that is possible awake any custom chakra in
your auric field.

This would work?.
If yes,they are Chakras
or Custom Auric Devices?.


Yes it’s possible to create artificial chakras, but they will be constructs. To implant them into the energy system is a different story, equivalent to surgery on the energy body. However, there’s some who make artificial chakras that extend out of them.

I’ve copied my energy system over the course of a year every day and merged them into themselves and back into myself to enhance my input/output.


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Might guy Eight gates red dragon chakra above crown - 5x speed and strength possible ?


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Hmmm yes I would like to hear what more people would have to say on this idea, like @Mulberry and @Yberion for example.

I myself am not sure. Maybe you’d just be creating the equivalent of servitors that are just programmed to be in your awareness and do a thing for you. The nature of chakras seems to be that they can get out of balance, need somewhat regular work done on them etc.

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servitors as chakras isn’t a bad idea but in this instance they would just be basic constructs with no awareness like a servitor has. As chakras are energy centers that help circulate energy throughout the energy body while also take in/push out and convert energy from around you, similar to how we breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide to a slim degree.

They take in energy convert it, they also give off energy that the world around us takes and converts to ambient energy, but they also help with the circulation of energy throughout our energy bodies along with the minor chakras.

Chakras in the auric field would be an interesting thing to do as well, given it could also help expand the aura (though can be done without doing such) but it can also aid in a few more things that would make for an interesting experiment.


pretty simple.

I was writing a topic on that direction,
Maulbeere took it down before it was complete.

I refuse to speak to that topic for the moment,
because no matter what i write,
it gets flagged and deleted anyway.

because according to his explenation,
i’m generally wrong,
and he can’t stand me writing stuff that does conflict with the common understanding he haves from books and public sources.

It’s better to blindly copy what has been developed hundreds of years before,
then to learn and understand these things by yourself,
because - and that was one of the arguements against me,
personal, unveryfied gnosis might lead to misunderstanding and confucse beginners.

sorry, but when i wanted to adress that area,
i was muted.

Ask Maulbeere.

He said he’s an expert on the field.

Let him answer,
and designe the new fire vortexes.



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Oops there I go starting shit :joy:

I think we should be able to post stuff and preface it with “this is personally what I experienced”. I myself am at the stage where I can scan other peoples chakras over the internet, so if other more psychic people can just check that someone else has their Third Eye/Crown relatively opened it should mean their take on things isn’t worthless.

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Since there hasn’t been any response from him yet,
what i had made in that direction,
a while back.

Maybe it helps you on forming your own variation for what you need.





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Bump - thanks to @Morgana9

Pre requisite for
Installation of new Chakra system,
Is removal of the old one.

Here’s a guide for that.

Alternative, longer, more rhp view… :

Also interesting in that regards…


You don’t really need to remove the old one to place a new one, then again a person removing their own energy system doesn’t exactly make sense it would be like someone doing surgery on themselves on an operation table.

While it is very possible to have other entities help you remove yours and place a new one, it’s also very possible to simply integrate the new one and have it absorb and replace the old one. The former means you have to start over from square one getting the hang of the energy system and the latter the new one basically absorbs the old one and has something similar to muscle memory transfers over.


Alternative Chakra grid based on 9 gatekeepers.

Activation :slight_smile:

Suggested to be used with;