Lucifers Evocation/Invocation Triangle

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Thanks for sharing!


Today, I decided to test it out in an invocation of Lucifer. One thing I want to say first is that, I’m not very good at invocations yet. The results I gained from this rite were astounding. I won’t go into details but basically, I could easily hear him, feel him, and speak with him. At the end of the invocation my head started to ring loudly as well. I’m not quite sure if that’s normal in invocations but it was a first for me.


I did invoqe him recently. Plus satan. If anybody believe hes a spirt. Anyway nxt day i get more hours. Freebies. And saw a nlack cat hiden on bushes our look was intense. . Not idea who was helping me. But work.


It works.


indeed, it’s completed by now.

At least as far as i know.

Some minute adjustments,
fitting in the Gatekeepers Sigils etc…

But the major work is done.

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does it work well if printed? like me lines to be cleanly drawn and presentable.

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I don’t see why not. Go for it.

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Thank you for sharing. Does it work like a Sigil ? I mean, if I have to invoke a demon, do I activate it like a Sigil and pronounce the Enn, or is it only a triangle of evocation ?


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You just need to keep it around, like the Seal of Manifestation. However, if you feel the need to charge it them go ahead. Follow your gut.


is the base or the apex facing the magus ?

Doesn’t matter. I usually have it directly in front of me with the apex pointing away from me. You do you.

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Alteration Suggestion
Enhance connection with other spirits instead of Lucifer. (Goetia mostly)

This is easy. Use the sigil of any Spirit in the place of Lucifers sigil on the corners. Done.

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is that information you channeled or you assume ?

because i would assume that by changing the triangle there will be disturbance and so the triangle don’t work any more. because the triangle was create and magickally charged by King Lucifer the way is was.

(i don’t know if this is true, maybe you or someone can shed some light, i just try to understand the underlying forces of magick, when can you change something and when you cant)

@Moonlight154 Go for it. He never said that you couldn’t do something like that. I think it might work.

I don’t know the origins of this triangle. He just gave it to me and I have gave it to all of you.


I think Lucifer wouldnt have anything against it. And I do not believe things work the way you described. The symbol he has may be charged yes but the one YOU draw will not be unless you intend it to be so. Using the symbol doesnt mean someone charged it for you. Yes the symbol is the same but the gateways are two seperate ones within very seperate locations…

The force is created by you when you first draw the sigil. Until you charge it yourself no Matter the origin it has no substance.

Whether my suggestion is channeled or assumption there is a thin line between the two so interpret this as you wish. I simply wrote the words that came to my mind.

Try the method if you wish if you dont want to then dont. :blush:

Hope that makes sense. Have a great day/night.

That being said if anyone uses this method I would love to hear your feedback/experiences.

Lucifer created this symbol. :slight_smile:

The star in the middle is an alchemical symbol of rebirth and transformation. Representatives of the void consciousness. It is a variation of the symbol known as seed of darkness. They are both similar yet not the same. It also has 9 points just the other symbol however consists of triangle that are equilateral and of the number 3 equating to the symbolism of balance and unity.

Similarly to the vesica pieces symbol it symbolises unity of consciousness and oneness. Dark matter and both light matter coexist and make up the universe. From the void, the dark matter consists creation.

The triangle created the number 3 again with the small triangles at the corners. Then they create a hexagon in the middle= 6.

You get the idea.

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Thank you for sharing this!!