Djinn Conjuration Ritual

Necessary Items:

  1. A mirror
  2. An item for the djinn to be bound to (a ring, pendant, amulet, talisman, etc.)
  3. A black whiteboard marker or black lipstick
  4. An unscented white candle, a black candle, and a red candle.
  5. Incense such as frankincense, myrrh, kush, any strong sweet smelling aromatic incense

Setting up the area:

  1. A quiet room, no plants or pets around.
  2. Set up the candle in this order: white, black, red in front of the mirror.

Begin the spell:

  1. Say the following incantation 3 times to “open the gates”:
    “Allah shafim (sha-feem) barat (buh-rot) shiu (shoe) kamir (kuh-meer)”
  2. Light the candles in this order: white, black, red (the white and black candles represent the free will of the Djinn, while the red candle, as well as the flame that rests upon it, represents the fire which gave birth to the Djinn). Light the incense.
  3. Choose the specific type of djinn you wish to summon. Choose what you want and, with the black whiteboard marker, write the words as neatly as possible, towards the center of the mirror. Please note that you MUST, choose either male or female, and you must choose the type of Djinn. You can’t “leave it blank”. by first, write on the mirror: “Ali Allah hamal Jinni”
  4. Then for the sex, after the word “Jinni”, write: “Muschna” (for male) or “Vamir” (for female).
  5. Now, after the sex is written, write the following, no matter what type of Djinn you choose. “al aman”.
  6. Now, write the word for the type of Djinn you wish to choose after the period after aman. If you want a Marid (most powerful, friendly, water element), write “Majirr Al-Amari”. For an Ifrit (Efrit) (malicious, second most powerful, fire element), write “Flamarr Al-Amari”. For a Sila (the weakest of the Djinn, however, recommended if you are a beginner), write “Shamal Al-Amari”. Then, after the type of Djinn, write the following: “Closun ontei”. Now, you may feel the Djinn’s presence in the room with you. If you don’t, don’t worry, as many people don’t unless they are familiar with the energies a Djinn puts off.
  7. Now, you must request that the Djinn be bound to your item (stone, ring, jewelry, etc.) in exchange for some of your psychic energy (Djinn feed off of psychic energies, but it must be offered to them, so the Djinn will gladly accept your offer.) To do this, pick up the stone or your jewelry. Pass it through the incense as you look into the mirror. Now, say “I wish you to be physically and spiritually bound to this (object).”
  • Look into the mirror and see if you can see an image of the Jinn that is assigned to you.
  • If you can’t see it, ask for its name. The first name you hear in your mind is the name of your Jinn no matter how odd it might sound.
  • If you do not hear a name, simply refer to it as Jinn.
  1. Then say “In exchange for your mortal services, I offer you a certain amount of my own energies.”
  2. Then, you must perform a short (1 or 2 minute) meditation (go into the TGS trance), during which, you will concentrate as hard as you can on transferring your energy from your body, and into the item you wish to bind the Djinn to. After you’ve finished your meditation, and transferred some of your energy into the item, the Djinn should be bound to the item. Then say, “You are bound by me, by this stone/jewelry to do as I please.”
  3. To close the spell, say the following three times: “En (in) tien (tea-in) Allah cluman (clue-mon).”
  4. After you have said the recitation, blow out the candles in the following order: red-black-white.
  5. Wipe off the writing from the mirror, as the spell is now completed.

Communication with the Djinn:

  1. Have the djinn close to you, right before you go to bed, do a 10-15 minute meditation on the question you would like the djinn to answer.
  2. Go to sleep immediately. The djinn will appear in your dreams, in one form or another, and will help to advise and guide you. You will find these techniques very useful for asking the Djinn information about itself, such as it’s name, and if it is ready to start granting your wishes, etc.

[quote=“cyberseeker, post:1, topic:12863”]1. Say the following incantation 3 times to “open the gates”:
"Allah shafim (sha-feem) barat (buh-rot) shiu (shoe) kamir (kuh-meer)

Is this binding or threatening them with the name of Allah?

Also, I’m curious - where did you get this ritual from, and what have your results been so far? :slight_smile:


Yeah I read that PDF and it’s mostly bullshit.
For Arabic jinn magick your better off getting your hands on shams al ma’arif al kubra and picatrix.
Book of unspeakable names( actually book of smokeless fire you’ll get the same entities)
As for @Lady_Eva comment yes many of the old Arabic grimoires do actually at the very least pay lip service to Islam if not insert it heavily in the working. I would argue that as opposed to the reason of western old grimoires it’s not to constrain them using allah but to prevent the author from getting his head cut off.

The reason why the sorcerers are good though is because it’s customary to disappear into the woods, desert, caves mountains and seclude them selves for prolonged periods learning directly from the djinn.

If you want to get into Arabic magick call the godess hawalaat Hāwlat


I got this from a couple websites I found.

I did get some interesting results a couple years ago. It was more of an annoyance than anything.


Its a $1 ebook of a dijjin. In amazon kindle.

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Everywhere I look Djinn keeps popping up. That book inparticular has popped up in front of me about 5 times in 10 days. Guess Im going to be conjuring so fire gods

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