About to Summon my First Djinn


Yaah, that Demon lives in the wrong region, we can’t evoke it, Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:
Honestly!?!? :smiley:

I always had this theory, not the demons, but the humans are racist.
Now this sounds a lot like prooving that.^^




Anyone planning to work with the Djinn should use this book to do so.

Called ‘Jinn Sorcery’


Its nothing to do with race its to do purely with experience. I have encountered some Djinn I haven’t clashed with but I’ve had some hellish past life experiences with them which makes me biased as hell

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King Paimon is a Djinn. His legions are also Djinn so not all are bad. :slight_smile:


Paimon and I are not in agreement. I do not work with him. Definitely not an example to persuade me LOL

I do appreciate the thought though



I took the effort away for you:
Seurch function. ^^




Honestly thought I already had the info I needed so I wasn’t even going to search. You’ve now proven me wrong and educated me so hats off to you


And you showed greatness in allowing yourself to learn and accept views you wasn’t familiar yet.
Hail to you, Haplo!




Hmn, sorry I have to stop you there, I really do not believe this is the case. Well, the word may be the same, but this means nothing. For a good reason -
It’s just yet another reason I don’t call daemons ‘demons’ - it’s a very overused and ambiguous word meaning very different things in different contexts. People still today and all the old sources unreliably use ‘demon’ and they mean anything from human ghost, astral wildlife, fae, imp, Deva, alien, parasite to god or adversarial angel.

Djinn are said to be born from fire /(just like Angels in western Christian religion are born from light ),

Not so. Smokeless fire and celestial fire are very different. Or, one is Earth qi the other is cosmic qi. The story of the djinn is that Allah created them “to walk upon the Earth alongside Man” That’s not a description of a god or an angel - those are celestial, higher dimensional beings and not of the Earth.

So, the Djinn “are of the Earth”, they can’t leave the Earth, they are made of pure yang energy - again this can’t exist outside a strong field of duality like you find on Earth (aka smokeless fire/hot wind/plasma), they’re bound to the Earth. Goatia daemons are not, and nor are the gods … some of those Goetia entities I think are old gods and some are angels. Gods and angels are not djinn. Ever.

There is more overlap in the descriptions with the Egyptian concept of demons, (where the Goetia are the gods)

Finally, think about it - there is no Djinn that can be equated to Azazel for example, and their interests, powers, where they exist, how you reach them, focus - all are completely different. How they feel when you call them - and I’d sure never invoke a djinn. Djinn don’t command legions for example… some of those legions could be djinn I guess? They’re not in the same dimensional sphere of existence, put it that way.

Reference: S Ben Quayin, Book of Smokeless fire.


The Silat are definitely the most beneficial Djinn to work with in regards to humanity as a whole. The thing about this subculture of Djinn is that they won’t necessarily do evil to you if you don’t meet their expectations but they will put a foot down on you and prevent you from moving forward until you have made the advancement that they expect from you. But I’m sure you are aware of these things and are exercising precautions. If you call a Silat it will come, it will change and shift your life for the better, if you impress a Silat they can help you to better understand your Hamzad, that usually occurs later in life, there are however a few rare exceptions.


Hmm, well I was recommended to summon a Sila, because as a newbie, I’m pretty much going as a new kid, who’s about to go from the kiddie into the damn ocean! So, why not summon a Djinn who can be a guide as well as a partner (I’m not aiming to make a slave, but a friend, who can do favors). Also, what do you mean by this?

What I’m hoping to gain is mainly a foothold on Sorcery, but also Luck, Money, and Love, nothing too outlandish…at least not with a Sila, I’m saving that for a Marid.


yaah, but isn’t that based on taking Allah as an creator god?
Something which had been dispelled before?

And true, Djinn are earth bound, since they’re created by the Magma / Lava energy of this planet.

I do consider most you said, well reasonable.

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I personally would go through an Ifrit which would just take you down the Goetic path of sorcery, in my experience while the Silat are extremely knowledgeable with Magick they don’t necessarily teach it, and they aren’t constant spirit guides either, they have a will of their own and are more concerned about the advancement of humanity as a whole, they are the ones to go to if you want to send a rocket to space or perform brain surgery, they are extremely brilliant entities.


The biggest part of ascention is coming to terms with what is.

Well, aren’t Ifrit malicious? I know they’re more powerful than a Sila, but aren’t they risky to deal with? Though, it’s good to know Sila are intelligent, so should instead go for a Ifrit, or summon the Sila first, just to get the hang of things.

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Well yes, they are more malicious, but the thing is part of what makes Silat so benevolent is that they don’t give secrets of sorcery in any other regard than “high magick”
When dealing with Djinn there is a mythology that goes along with it, in that legend the Djinn await a judgement day, a day when the Djinn are judged against the humans, the unspoken secret that everybody knows especially Solomon is that the Djinn and the Humans and their hybrid babies are all equal in the eyes of the great creator of all things.

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So, even if I ask, they won’t tell me anything, right? In that case, what else can they do?

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They can be literal life savers. They can disguise themselves as human and remove you from grave danger. They can whisper secrets of high sciences in your ears.


Personally I have only myself by choice worked with a Ghul Djinn since i actually summoned and retained him myself in my household. He’s extremely odd and I’m thankful for how his personality is but I really don’t do much work with him so i don’t know if a Ghul would be the kind to look into unless you specialize in necrotic or death energy


Hmm, well in that case I will summon a Sila, and make my way up, and I hope she likes cats, because my cats are my whole world. I don’t how Djinn and Cats would interact, I just the Djinn I summon won’t be a probably.