"Contact me" spells/ rituals etc that have worked for me with a stubborn target (and others you can try for yourself)

So these are some of that I’ve tried that have worked for me with a very stubborn target. personally the one that worked the best and gave the best results would be the two cups method just because we did have an ongoing communication after that though it took a while to manifest but in the end it was also the best because of the long and ongoing contact we had after.

I did this but wrote their name and birthdate instead of using a picture. worked within days.
Amon overall is a good demon to get in contact with someone. I’ve worked with Amon a few times for contact and it worked almost every time. just once it didn’t but that’s also because of the situation and not because of Amon.

this one used to work for me a lot when I started out with magick.

here’s some other spells and meditations I’ve tested out but haven’t gotten results from yet but others may.

1x11, 3x33, 5x55 method


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Definitely going to try some of these out. Thank you!


Thanks for this, will give it a try

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How many days did it took to manifest ? And also what is your follow up procedure to manifest it easily I mean is it really mandatory to forget the ritual to make it manifest easily?

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well some took a day/days or months.

It is mandatory to let go more so which is just not giving a crap or to really just forget. Could be to just forget it for a moment aswell since all of my workings only worked in a time where I had forgotten or let it go. really it just means trust in it.

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It’s hard for me to forget the spell that I did but I don’t have any negative emotions or feling attached emotionally to this matter but I’m fixing our relationship together do I really need to contact her because before I did the spellwork we have already contacted yet what is my aim is by this spell is to rekindle his love to me because it was lost for over 1 year

I’m sorry if I have too long message I just want to specify hehe :blush:


I understand that!!

You know what’s funny?

I got almost deadly ill 3 or 4 months ago. I couldn’t focus on ANYTHING I was so sick. To say I “let go” was an understatement!

Then all of a sudden a ton of old magick and even just imaginings came true all at once.

For instance, for some assets that I started to sell, I had maybe 10 offers in my email box when I bothered to look. Good ones, too! (Normally, I might get one offer every month or two — and they’re low ball)

I like to think I “let go” after each ritual, but maybe I don’t!

Maybe in REALITY I’m so tightly wound that I almost have to get sick to fully let go. That kind of sucks lol

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