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Hey everyone. I need some urgent help/advice. I made a similar post not too long ago, but I’ve come up with a new plan. In short, my ex and I broke up 4 months ago, and I’ve been blocked for about 3 months. She told me never to contact her again, due to a misunderstanding, where my friend had sent her a nasty message, where she thought it was from me. It was not. I couldn’t explain this to her. My ex and I were on good terms post breakup, but this message severed us. We were together nearly 5 years. I simply want to reconcile. To be back in simple contact. So here’s where I’m at. My exes birthday is in 17 days, and I was thinking of getting my exes friend (who is friends with me) to wish her a simple happy birthday from me and my pet bunny who my ex loved so much. Her friend and I had a conversation a few weeks back and she said she’d talk to her and help us reconcile. Initially my plan was to wait it out 6 months, then get her friend to talk to her if I’ve been unsuccessful with Dantalion within that time frame, (I’ve only started working with Dantalion this week) but It’s been 3 months now since my ex and I spoke and I’m sure the bulk of her negative emotions about me have some what faded… I hope. But I’m unsure. Is it too soon? Which demon or spirit can I work with immediately that specialises in softening up somebody’s mind and makes them think of you positively, where they become nostalgic and miss you? Dantalion? Hell, I was even looking into the intranquil spirits, as my ex is extremely stubborn. She won’t budge, and I so I feel I need to take the toughest, strongest route. So, my question is, who do I work with, aside from Dantalion? what do I do l to make sure she considers talking to me after her friend talks to her? Thanks everyone!

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there’s a bunch of posts for that… just look it up and saying ”IF it’s unsuccessful” means you’re already doubting the work you did with dantalion and will initially fail with that mindset.

also the fact that you explained it wasn’t you yet she blames you and still was mad at you shows that she is toxic just saying :woozy_face:

Let me tell you as a NONTOXIC girl here if that’d been me and you told me it wasn’t you I’d drop it and be mad at the real person who sent it. makes no sense to be mad at you when you didn’t do shit.
that’s stupid and toxic.


Thanks for the reply! I couldn’t tell her it wasn’t me, I was blocked before I could say anything more. It crushed me.

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dont you have other phones to message from or meet hwr in person? send a letter? or even ask somebody to tell her


Good recent write-up:


Can also recommend Agares to assist with communication in a specific situation.

Mundane advice: send her a video of your pet. or send her a card “written” and “signed” by your pet.

Also, stop thinking of her or describing her (to yourself and/or others) as “stubborn”. This just reinforces an unwanted belief. Force yourself to think of her as pliable, amenable, and suggestible.


Thanks so much, Veil :v:t2: I love that idea


Possibly she was trying to find an excuse and block the contact.
They broke up and he was still around and maybe she wants to move on completely


If she’s still upset with you, she may just “Ok, whatever” the birthday wish and keep it moving. I’ve been successful in getting someone to warm up to me after he basically told me to eff off. We have a child so communication is a big deal. I called on Amon and did a sweetening jar to warm him up THEN called on Dantalion. I’ve had success with Belial in reconciliations as well.


About a month ago I was in a similar situation. We had broken up, we had a good relationship after that but got worse and worse. I did something bad and he got unbelievably mad at me. He’s extremely stubborn, didn’t block me because we work together but looked like I was going to be as good as dead to him. I wanted a simple good relationship, the old warmth and friendship back, but believe me nothing in our situation pointed out at us EVER getting there.

I used the book Angels of Omnipotence, there’s a thread here about them. Is pretty new so it was a bit of experimentation really, I think this angels are quite controversial. Focused on the sigils to “Heal a relationship” and “Blessing” (of our relationship). Worked within days, don’t remember exactly how many but maybe a week and a half or so. I have to say that even if my reality was showing me otherwise, I kept high faith, feeling the feeling of the wish fulfilled, of us being together as friends and enjoying our time.

The results are so bizarre that, of course, I wonder if this rituals were the sole reason for them. Our relationship is as good as it was when we used to date (without the physical part :joy:). We spend a ton of time together because we want to, he comes to my place, we go out to have dinner, he freakin took me to his friends wedding reception the past week… seriously, unbelievable. I don’t want to present this book as the holy grail tho, even if for me it has been miraculous. I think whatever Magick you use, is about your intention and focus, your attitude during and after it. Pick one thing, do it, and let it go. I would suggest for you not to limit yourself either. I wanted to work only with demons, but mixing with angels has proven to be amazing. If you have any doubts regarding this book, let me know. Best of luck!!


Amazing story!

To the OP, I’m sorry if I missed this in your post-- but is she “still” mad at you and do you know that she is for sure?

Dantalion and a bunch of other angels and demons can get you that information.
There’s a lot of work done in this area here when half the time the magician has no clue how the other person is “really” feeling.

Being a dude, I can freely admit I have no god dam idea what women think or how they feel in and of myself.

It’s embarrassing really :roll_eyes:

So…I turn to demons like Dantalion/ Botis to reveal their thoughts to me. I mean I guess I could just grow up and ask…but what would Dantalion do for kicks then?


Probably we wouldn’t tell you exactly what we are feeling anyway :joy: I think you have a better shot at Dantalion :wink: