Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation


Let’s see if this works for me - my situation is very bad! Hope Amon makes this request come to fruition!


Of course! Personally I followed what op did although i did have Amons meditation playing in the background which definitely helped, I had ringing in my ear and felt really warm during and afterwards he didn’t appear physically right in front of my eyes but I felt his presence! I’ve also been seen butterfly’s all around my house ever since! You’ll know that he’s there just by the energy. If you need anymore help just comment back! And I’ll help you! Good luck! (The meditation has amons enn as well just YouTube “amons enn” it should pop straight up))


thanks :slight_smile: will look youtube videos for his enn


Me too! Done it a week ago and my situation is really bad…verging on hopeless.


@Dolphin - feel for you- hope it gets results for you! :muscle:t4:


Me too!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


You have any positive movement since doing this? The OP said only 5 min was spent doing this but would be interested to know exactly what the OP’s situation was like. How long apart, how much animosity etc.


Nothing :pensive:


give it time, for some people the change takes more time, maybe weeks or even months, every situation is different and every person too, don’t give up, just be more patient and let the great Marquis Amon do his thing, trust him :slight_smile:


Thanks! What’s your experience with Amon?


Hi my name is Dean so I’ve read everything hear and I have contacted amon and ask him to do some things for me I know it takes a bit of time but should I be contacting him again and reminding him how often should I contact him to speak to him I’m not sure whether I’ve bug him if I contact him too many times


For anyone that’s gonna do this have faith in yourself and that your work will happen it’s very important to have confidence I saw results in 3 days but it may take longer for others❤️


Definitely using this!


I saw the result in 1 day <3 dropped my balls


How do you properly dispose of the pic and sigil once your request is done?


when i got the person back i kept the paper until me physically met, then i burnt the whole thing ( picture/sigil)


quit the feeling of being desperate, it is not serving you. act as if it is done! you don’t trust Amon to bring the person to you.


He says, he got you, he is on it. what did you do? he said you made him laugh( did you pray him like worship him or something?) you don’t need to connect again, that’s fine


everytime i called Amon, it was for a relationship that I broke! i threw those people like “shit” and then i realized that i’d like to have them back.

for the guy it was 3 month, he was upset /angry/ blocked me on all social media.
for my bff it had been 2 years and more.

for both it took 3 days.
and for the guy really i was on chock when i got his text message saying that he was apologizing for his behaviour during the relationship , but i was the one saying that i was breaking up lol

Ask Amon properly, just believe it is done! period!


Can Amon do the opposite as well? Currently have a goal set and I am working with Lucifer and Asmodeus on it and have a timeline set so I dont feel pulling Amon into it is wise. BUT I am having issues with getting an ex gone, mostly my fault though