Addict to masturbation HELP

Please, I want to ask for your help.
For many years now I have been masturbating every day (about 8 years) and I have been reading how counterproductive this is, both in physical and psychic effects.
Semen is really important in occultism, magic?
If I don’t stop masturbating there are spiritual consequences?

Thank you very much.


nope. IT’s all about intent. U can use sex for spirituality. Think of it as energy bank. There are surplus and debt. IF you do too much without replenishing then your energy is weak causing health issues.


Tha u, should i practice sexual magik?

Sexual orgasm is equivalent in power to the life force. Using sexual orgasm in ritual and in your magickal workings can give much added power to your outcome. Sex Magick is ancient, extremely powerful and is the creative principle.

No, sexual orgasm opens the chakras. Many authors of meditation books out there advocate retaining the semen and such. Most are now dead and none has ever lived to any great age. There are exercises one can do with the above, but these are not to be done continuously, as these books claim.

Orgasm is necessary for both physical, psychological and emotional health.

Retaining semen is helpful when one has hormone problems, such as having low testosterone levels, if you need more testosterone, you stop releasing what makes testosterone.


Well it is great that you can you could channel extreme Qliphothic energy and work closely with lots of Ascension beings which all can manifest themselves better through Sex magick.

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May I say something here, sex magick may seem fun at first but doing it solo there’s something you should know. There can be no laptop, no phone, no mags, no porn of any kind. The entire point of sex magick is complete focus on the ritual at hand, the amount of so called “Sex Magick Magicians” that do these rituals and watch pornography is staggering.

You must be in a ritualised/spiritual setting, either incense burning, candle light or complete darkness. If your using a sigil, idol or some other spiritual focal point, your entire attention should be focused on that. While the rest of your attention is pleasuring yourself and sensing the sexual energy and sexual current of power circumventing through you.

Giving mantra, incantation, conjuration, prayer or chant, whilst performing meditation and/or visualisation and masturbating simultaneously until you reach near climax.

Bringing that sexual power up like a bolt of lightning from the lower chakras up to the crown, pushing that power outwards to the focal point and into the world. As orgasm/ejaculation is reached, squirting on the idol/sigil/focal point. Whilst visualising your intent/desire and pushing of power and will, a final decree of your will and intent is spoken.

You then enter into a silent relaxed meditation and psychologically retract yourself from the ritual and the desire of the outcome. This is how solo sex magick is done, it isn’t for pure gratification, it is harnessing the vital, raw and primal currents of power and energy, directing that into your magick to cause change in the world, self etc.

This is an ancient form of magick, it should never be taken lightly, think about it and don’t go overdoing it either trust me, it’ll leave you more drained than you realise.


Quit the porn and masturbation cold turkey. You want to be a powerful magician, don’t you? (If not then why are you on this forum?) And isn’t WILL a very important attribute for a magician to have? So act like a magician and exercise your will. Stop watching porn and stop masturbating. Your weaknesses will keep you down and weak. Don’t make excuses, just stop the porn and masturbation. Focus on the positive you will achieve and how great you’ll feel and not on the negative that’s dragging you down.


Is masturbation actually a problem for you, or are you just parroting what other people have said about it? Please remember, you are not what other people say. Their judgements are their own. Those opinions are theirs alone. Now you want our opinions, but what about you? What’s your opinion? Seems to me that’s the only opinion that should truly matter to you.


Well opinions arnt allways to be given to much creed since a person can easily have opinion that is contradictionary for their succes. Example i wanna lose weight but i wanna eat McDonalds food everyday. Popular opinion stay away from junk food, my opinion fast food aint bad and If i walk for 5 min everyday i should be able to eat whatever i want.
Having an opinion is good but If you cant back it up with some sorts of fact, evidence etc its worthless.

For this matter you wanna stop masturbating for you have read and heard its bad.
In chinese medicin the retantion of seemed is important since they connect your life force with it and thats hard to replenish and more so when you are sick or at old age.
From that point of view its good to hold back but hey it depends on the individual.

The more Burning question for me is if its an addiction then i would call it a problem since you arnt in controll of that need. Then its a perfect opportunity as @Ursus said to train your will.

And with that said ofc there is nothing wrong with masturbation i mean its feels nice thats Why we do it, but when something turned into an obsession or addiction we are getting inte potential troubles where it being masturbation, eating 12 pizzas a day wanting to be the next Ted bundy and so on.


i have yet to see anything concrete which would lead me to believe that masturbation hampers ones magick…or that semen retention is necessary for magick to be effective. This is one of those things, like karma, that is repeated over and over again as if its an objective fact, but in reality has little support by people who are actually adept at magick. Take EA for example. No where in his evocation guide does he mention the need for retaining ones semen in order to effectively perform a magickal operation…and the guy has been doing this for decades now. Additionally, the dude has had girlfriends for as long as hes been an occultist, and im pretty sure he didn’t keep them around just to stare at their bodies all day. And what about Crowley? Was he known for living a chaste lifestyle? Lust was heavily celebrated and embraced by the guy…which is a far cry from feeling the need to retain his semen.

Additionally, none of the newer texts from skilled modern day occultists that i’ve read say that retaining ones semen is a necessity. Plus, when i look at my own experiences…the craziest things that ive ever seen happen in my magickal practice, happened during periods when i was masturbating to porn…not only every day, but several times a day.The conclusion i have come to is that the reason so few adepts in magick actually mention this as something that needs to be heeded, is because its not actually important. If semen retention was necessary for magick to work effectively, then every LHP practitioner would be living the life of a monk, entities like Sitri and Gremory would be avoided like the plague for personal use, and most occultists would avoid having girlfriends. Is this what we see in the occult community today? Right…


I’ve read you can use semen on sigils and certain rituals. Depending on what type of magic your into, you can use that to your benefit I suppose

An occultist wrote that it suffices to avoid sexual activity the same day of a magical operation (except for sex magick, of course) while when the magician is about to work with angels it’s necessary also a preparatory time of chaste thoughts and words.

Have you tried doing some magick and found that you lacked energy, or focus, or self-respect? If you can give us some baseline idea of what’s causing you problems, what it is you wish to do but cannot, that may be helpful.:slight_smile:

I go by the rule of thumb that if someone thinks something (masturbation, drinking, gambling, internet use, anything) may be a problem, they’re probably correct - very few people post asking whether they need to get a grip on their consumption of broccoli, or the amount of classic literature they read, it’s always these reward-centre things that can get out of hand (no pun intended) - and drain other power along the way. :thinking:

There is a focused no-fap thread in case you want to read it, derailments will be removed (something I mention because the last one got a bit silly):

(People are free to have sex-magick posts and discuss ejaculation on sigils etc., or sex magick with any variety or quantity of consenting adult biological humans, without being preached at, this is for people choosing to ease away from masturbation they think may not be helpful.)


PS @TheGlitchedMan99 you’re not alone in getting addicted to something, nor are you flawed, I did a post about magicians and addiction here in case this is bothering you:


Thank you very much Eva, it happens that yes, I feel with low self-esteem, my head is in the air I can’t concentrate, and something tells me that it could be excessive masturbation, I was also involved in the nofap movement before practicing magic (a month ago) but I’ve gotten out of focus from that path and sometimes I doubt if it’s bad or not, but reading is true, if I feel that it’s doing me wrong I should trust me and stop, take a break and look inside,
I am not alone I can see it in this beautiful forum, Thank you very much and Lucifer bless you

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Than u everybody for the answers, there is a lot of help to me, thanks thanks thanks!!

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This might help if you feel ungrounded, to recover some fiery masculine energy:

Also, if you have bad thoughts and images about yourself, try this exercise:


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Try once a week, it will cause low self esteem if you release daily, but retaining your semen, your confidence will double and triple , im no expert but I believe the kundalini build up in the spine empowers your chakras specifically the confidence would come from the build up of energy empowering the solar plexus when you drain this you will have no discipline willpower or confidence , just know how futile it is just to spend 10-20 mins of pleasure to be depressed and low on energy for the next couple days

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You are energy beings. Think of yourself as an energy bank. If you use your energy too much you will be in energy debt. That’s why energy practitioners store their energy from practices to use to heal or fight. They don’t use their own life force energy. It’s all about management. Just like your finance. you manage that to not get in debt. Like any addiction. when it affects your life. it’s bad. Everything in moderation.

If your going to masterbate. Do it in front of your partner for their entertainment. =o) So that your sacrifice of your life force is shared with another. hahaha.


Ya I think people have made the point I wanted to: masturbation isnt bad spiritually per se, and can even be used to good effect. But if you do it too much it will drain you. You have to learn and feel (no pun intended) for yourself whether it is draining you of energy.