Elemental bath ritual

Bath meditation

Now let me give you some insight on something, I’m a anaemic who also has chronic arthritis i’ve had this since I was a six year old child.

I take really REALLY hot steaming baths to relax my bones and muscles, but sometimes I would literally be in the bath for hours :joy:.

One night I decided to perform a meditation and came up with one specifically to be used in the bath, I benefited from it greatly so I wanted to share this for YOU to benefit the results also.

( this mediation heals, cleanses, stimulates, energises and empowers you )


Four white candles - place on each corner of the bathtub.

A pinch of salt - add this into the water.

Hot temperature of water - run a hot bath until the actual water lets off steam.


Once you’ve ran your bath water to steaming temperature,
Close all doors and windows,
Even turn on the heat in the house
( you really want a hot atmosphere)
Next light all four candles.
Mix salt in with the water and enter the bathtub.

Sit in a regular crossed legged position
Or even lye down but …
I would recommend sitting up
To allow your spine to straighten
And to allow your energy flow,
to flow more naturally.

Now stare at the steam of the water
, even scry into it and perform
Your normal meditative breathing

Now rock slightly side to side
While loosing yourself in the scrying
Into the steam.

Now close your eyes
( I normally play shamanic drumming music but it’s up to you )
Now enter the TGS.

At this point say out loud

" may the waters around me
Be the catalyst and the vessel
For the western watchtower
Of water, may the energy flow
Around me and through me
I invoke the waters, I invoke the waters
Enter me, manifest inside my skin,
Manifest within in my soul
And my whole being "

Now visualise

The waters turn bright blue
And see the water sink into your skin
, entering your pours, and as you inhale
You breathe in the energy and current of the water.

Now say

" I invoke thee, air Inside of waters
I invoke thee, water inside of air
I invoke the air, I invoke the water
Enter my being, "

Then visualise the steam
Gather around you like smoke,
Say " Water and air manifest "

Then visualise the white air
Energy inside of steam
And a tint of blue of the water energy.

Now say
" I call and command, the elements
Of air and water to rise
Around me, through me and within me "

Now visualise
The steam of water and air
Create a huge column
And your in the middle of this column.

Now visualise the four candles
On each corner of the bath
And say

" I call unto thee, and summon
And invoke the almighty fire
Of the southern watchtower
Of flame embodied,
Rise essence of the salamander
Rise fire rise "

Now visualise
The candles shoot their fire energy
Into this column
But try and push the fire energy into the column as well don’t just see it
but feel it.

Now visualise roots spread up,
Through your bath, and attaching
Vines all over the column.

Then say

" bountiful earth, I summon thee
Power of nature, I call on to you
Hail the earth, the northern watchtower of earth, I invoke thee
And conjure thee to manifest around me
, through me and within me "

Now visualise green, warm, natural, earthly energy rise up these vines.

Now before you do anything

" earth, air, water, fire
Earth, air, water, fire
I now combine your powers
Within this construct
All hail, earth, air, fire, water "

Now visualise and try to feel
The power of the column
Now inhale and as you do
The coloured energy
Of the elements entering you.

As you exhale you push
Your negative and astral gunk
Or bad energy into the vines
Of the column down to earth.

This cleanses you, imbues you
With the four elements, it can even
Empower, strengthen and heighten
Astral senses when you push
The elemental energies into your soul
And your Chakras

Hope you all enjoyed I’m in the bath laters


thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:


No problem dude :metal:


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i would love to use this. but I only have a shower :disappointed:

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So hot that I squeal?


Well that’s how I have it haha but

It’s up to you add your own preference to what heat you can safely handle.


Haha :slight_smile: I’m gonna try this out. Heat is energy, converting that to spiritual energy does seem very beneficial


Yeah the actual steam is the most powerful, because the salt in the water dispersed, it lingers in the steam and steam itself is the combination of the water vapour and air.

Having salt in the mix is great since salt is actually a alchemical element, this help in transmuting the combination of elements.

And then inside the actual steam is heat which heat in itself is like the fetus of fire and heat also has its own Type of energy and it creates like a suction.

This suction sucks in the elements of water, heat, air and salt into one form being the vapour.

That’s what I do in all my ritual or rites I think of the tiny inner mechanics I really see stuff like this as science.

And if you don’t mix the right combination of chemicals you have yourself a self destructive vile of failure.


I love the stuff you share. Thank you, for sharing.


Haha thanks dude and no problem glad I can help.


This is so awesome!! :smiley:

Bookmarked for future reference.


Glad you enjoyed.

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I mentioned a ritual bath to mark change on another thread, just giving this awesome post a bump for all the new folks. :+1:

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