Creating your Inner Temple

I made this guide for a psionics community, so you guys may find the text odd. Its not like Im looking down on your intelligence though Tounge I wont edit it coz Im just too lazy to do so.

So, what is a Inner Temple? You can google for “Astral Temple” so you’ll know what its all about. I’ll say only this: it’s a place inside yourself where you can do Rituals instead of having to rely on physical space and objects.

Why would someone work ritually instead of using the “psion style”?

1 - Personal choice
2 - To try a new approach on metaphysics

Anyway, let’s get started, and if you dont know something of what I’ll be covering LIGHTLY, I’ll tell you who is most likely to know:GOOGLE!

Most of the people who ever get to know about that Illuminati crap have seen some of the Masonic Symbols, specially The Eye, The Compass and The Square. The Eye wont be covered.

Those three are the Instruments used by God to design and create The Universe. The Square is The Angle, The Compass is born from The Angle.

The Square is The Line of God. The Compass is The Circle. The Line and The Circle are the two Instruments to be used to Build The Temple and The Objects of Art.

*** You dont need to mind about drawing a perfect figure, nor to keep its shape perfectly. Also, you dont need to “see” what you’re doing, just do it and let your senses open up on their own. All you need to worry about is to make the traces as DEEP and SOLID as you can, as if you were pressing really hard the pencil but not as much as to break its point. Other important point to pay due attention is to TAKE GOOD CARE SO TO CONNECT CLEARLY THE LINES AND THE POINTS YOU’RE WORKING ON. You will certainly know when you estabilish clear connections between those.

In your Imagination, draw a Circle. DRAW IT, dont simply imagine a instant-done Circle. The Circle is the Space of The Temple. Now you’re going to build The Altar. The Altar is where all the Magick comes from, and it stays inside the Circle. Draw a Cube, line by line, respecting every Right Angle. Again, DRAW THE CUBE LINE BY LINE, dont simply imagine it all fresh and ready for you there. Next, you will draw The Triangle of Manifestation (pretty cool, you can summon Spirits with that). Outside The Circle, you will draw an Equilateral Triangle, then a Circle inside it. This Triangle and Circle is a Portal where Spirits can be brought to Manifest themselves.

Done! You have the basics of a Temple. You can later on construct the other objects: The Wand, The Mirror, The Chain, The Cup, The Dagger, The Coin, etc. Just google for Cerimonial Magick and you are likely to have tons of devices explained, as ideas to perform Rituals for. The best Rituals, of course, are the ones designed to boost or bestow traits of yourself, or to destroy them. All the rest is lame Bullshit. If you want to get rich, enhance your intellect, your socials skills, your personal presence and power and GO WORK! If you want to have lovers, enhance your hypnotic magnetism, your purity, your voice tone and the control over your own body. Dont try to do Rituals in order to get some stranger to leave you his fortune, as that is most likely to fail badly.

Building your Inner Temple using this method is much like using Autocad. Its all about Vectors. Havent got the trick yet? I’ll tell you. Imagining detailed stuff is both a burden to the magician and a waste of time and focus. The Universe is Conceptual, Archetypal, so you’re working with some of the most basic concepts: the lines and the angles. Working with concepts helps alot in having closer ties with The Source. Need I to say anything else?

Have Fun!


Why use your Inner Temple only for self-improvement workings and not for spells and money or love rituals as well, as you would do in an actual ritual space?

Nothing would stand in the way if you want yo do so.

Well said! I have also found that self improvement in combination with mundane work can produce some truly mind altering results in workings and life in general.

Your post was so good it made me feel like this:

A simple and fun spatial visualisation exercise is to imagine yourself on the set of a TV show you like, for example Frasier’s living room, or whatever the kids are all watching this season. :slight_smile:

If you have a show you like, you probably have that space stored away pretty well in your visual memory, and there are even blueprints online for some of the better-known shows.

You can imagine yourself into the set, maybe have a chat with the characters sometimes, to keep the sense of human scale… it’s much better and more engaging than the tedious exercises, like “Imagine a blue square, now an orange circle” etc.

No sacrificing virgins on his sofa though! The stains will never come out of that fabric…


Omg frasier, seen the episodes so many times… Sorry for the off-topic couldn’t resist when there was a picture that i recognized very much :smiley: (and there’s even english character for eva in it :D) . continue your intelligent discussion now.

Thats what plastic and newspaper are for

OK i tried it!

The actual drawing of the lines , not picturing them whole has changed the whole game for me sir, it cleared up a LOT of frustrations i was having with my visualizations, thanks man!

Cool dude, this exercise was developed specially for those who cant or dont want to spend their effort in imagining things. Thanks for the kind review!

Bumping this old tutorial for the benefit of new members, especially anyone staying in on NYE focusing on inner work instead of the usual socialising - this one’s for you! :thumbsup: :dizzy:


I used to do this with MASH if i had something i was trying to work through i would set up a poker game with the characters to help me work out possible solutions. Only later did i find out this was actually a thing after reading Napoleon Hill’s work.