Addict to masturbation HELP

King Koetting actually addressed this question in a Live Stream a couple weeks ago. It was titled Baal something something… Great story Mina.

Thank you.

Edit: Pushing yourself close to climax without release is called edging. It wouldnt be too much of a stretch to assume that edging is just gonna put you on edge.

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I’m aware of it. He didn’t say that you needed to retain semen/avoid masturbation in order for your magick to be effective. I’ve asked him the same question in the past, and he seems to view it as a non - issue as i do. Im sure for some people it can be an issue, just as being addicted to anything can become an issue…but id hardly call it a hard and fast rule that must be strictly adhered to in order for your magick to work. I masturbate regularly, and so far my magick has worked just fine


This thread amuses me, he’s afraid of power loss from masturbating once a day. I have to masturbate 2+ times a day just to keep my libido under control lol.

Also, you won’t ‘lose energy’ from masturbating if you don’t let your energies out during orgasm.


How do you accomplish that , orgasm without release or pushing the energy somewhere?

Meditate, learn to feel and control your own energies and how they flow. Gain mental mastery of your internal presence.

Alternately, just open yourself up to the energies of the world around you, and any lost energies will immediately be replaced as the difference in concentrations reach for equilibrium.

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taoist sexual meditation training. =o) discipline is key. control of thoughts and energy manipulation.

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chi kung training and tai chi helps. They aren’t quick methods. Take actual time and effort to learn.

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So next time someone signs up asking for help quitting the drink, or any other habit, we just tell them that even though we don’t know them or anything about why they’re asking, they’re good to keep on boozing it up, because a lot of magicians enjoy a drink?

I guess next time someone signs up looking for help with domestic abuse, we tell them other magicians aren’t getting beaten by their significant other, so just try and ride it out? :thinking:

Okay, glad we’re all clear on that. The new uniformity arises!

Wouldn’t want to have any complexities like “People are individuals and what’s good for one isn’t necessarily useful to another” creep in! :smiley:



This is true my man, Thanks!!


Having an organism more than every 4th day (meaning 3 days no orgasm) is detrimental to magickal practice. Most research I have done (via grimoire , journals, personal practice) leads me to believe that your prana, energy, chi, etc is highest after 3 days of no orgasm. Most path workings even teach to stay celibate for 3 days before ritual manifestation due to this and orgasm during ritual manifestation. This is because that should be the most life you can push into your spell or ritual.

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Dude that’s awesome info! Thanks for sharing that!

This is a hard one to break I know but you will feel more powerful once you get this under control. I myself try to reserve any sort of release only to when I’m actually having sex with a partner. I find when I’m not masterbating at all, going days at points, life seems sharper and I am more enthusiastic and engaged with my goals. Seccess in life is attractive to partners. It keeps a balance.
Naturally what are of the body’s top priorities? To feel full / not hunger and to procreate/ have sex.
If you are lacking in sex maybe your body needs to feel that hunger because it’s a message, a lesson. Again, seccess is attractive, learn how to take that energy and dump it into your persuits, your goals… grab life by the hips and fuck it! With your WILL! …the attraction that leads to real sex will just happen when you are engaging with your true will… LOVE / WILL. … there is a connection there.
I don’t believe this works the same way with women personally, in my experience. I think the stereotype of guys wanting to pass out after sex is there for a reason while the female version doesn’t. My girlfriend masturbates a lot ! And we have a lot of sex together. I dont think her masterbation has the same effect on her energy and focus levels. But if circumstances make it that we arent together for a few days, I’m certainly present and 'in the moment ’ when the time arises.
That said I’ll fall off the wagon once in awhile… go a few days where I just dont care but I can feel that drained feeling and I’m not as present with life. It gives your body this false feeling that you can rest on your laurels because those feel good chemicals are flowing whenever you desire weather, frankly, you deserve them or not.

If your libido demands a harem to satisfy it, you better stop wasting time rubbing them out and go out there and get it.

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I’m pretty sure I left a comment here last night. Was it deleted for some reason?

what does it say after 3 days? Meaning is once a week Okay?

Daily masturbation keeps your sexual balance which making you immune towards manipulation from the opposite sex. However, you should do at night befor going to sleep. I use it as a way to make my chakras channel my energies from crystals I use to fall asleep with.


Agree. After all, it’s an exercise in self-knowledge and independence. For more help, ask for a succubus or incubus. I will always highly recommend them, not only in the sexual field.