Hyperborean Meditation

“The mechanics of all Magick and miracle is to act as a god and not a man – to enter the secret hallways of the being wherein the door to the Throneroom of the Divine is hidden.”

~ E.A. Koetting, Baneful Magick, p.26


You must create a Temple, and find a priest and the correct ambience.

To do this, first, go to YouTube or another audio/video hosting site and find some Tibetan music, temple bells, or AUM chanting, which is devoid of electronica music and “groove,” irony, or kitsch, and which has a sound that could have been attained in millennia past.

Next, find an ASMR artist you like, and download or bookmark, and then then cue up, a video of them whispering, and making gestures, towards you, like ASMR role-play. They are your Priest/ess for the sake of this operation. This is to play at the same time as the sounds, above.

Seat yourself comfortably in a way where you feel neither foolish, nor inadequate to maintain a posture. For many of us, sitting upright on the side of the bed, or a seat that is firm enough, is ideal.

Place both feet on the floor, or you may tuck one foot up underneath, or on top of, the thigh of the leg whose foot remains on the ground. You can arch that foot which remains on the ground if you wish.

Rest your hands comfortably on your thighs, but if you feel like making gestures with them, or lightly crossing them on your chest, now or at any time later, do so.

Close your eyes softly, so things are darker, and visualise behind the ASMR artist, lines of people facing you.

They are your ancestors.

And you are seated on a seat, of any design (though you may wish to imagine it’s clad in furs, and made of wood) on a raised platform at one end of the room. There are large windows or doors open to the outer world, and snow-capped mountains and a bright and clear blue sky.

Your ancestors are on the floor of the temple, in comfortable soft robes and clothing, and they are happy to be here, and pleased to be with you.

Visualise they are facing towards you in this posture, which aligns their spines towards you, with the gateway chakras at the top of their crown, and beyond, all facing you.


They are not worshipping you. They are not lesser than you. They have created you to be here. You exist by them, and for them, and through them, as they exist by, for, and through you in this instant. There is no question of ruler, or ruled. Time is an abstraction, in this Temple. Continuum.

Feel the reality of this situation. Feel the seat that holds you up. Compare your spine to theirs and feel the strength in your spine, the upright power, the axis mundi around which your universe of perception, and creation, rotates.

Understand that they have also sat as this axis mundi in their day. Understand that time is mutable, and love may pierce the veil.

Attempt to feel the bliss, and that eternity lies in this moment, that every mother and father in your ancestral line, who worked, suffered, laid on their bed and cried, who smiled and had hopes and enjoyed music, food, affectionate touches, is watching you, in this moment.

It is only the truth.

We are all the product of our ancestors, and they, too, were also Gods.

Consider the future.

Consider your own legacy, and who will be there to oversee it, safeguard it.

Perform whatever visualisation, manifestation, scrying, insight, or other magick you have as the most pressing need, after leading into it with this meditation.


Over time, anchor this meditation in some pale green jade, or the crystal or wooden mala of your choice.

Feel the links, in your own mind, between power, and responsibility.

Feel what was lost, in any way and at any time: this may be painful, difficult, or dangerous. But worth uncovering.

Discover syllables, sounds, images, intuitions, of what may aid you, or what to avoid, find intonations linked to your specific manifestation in this world, which bring power.

“All that brings power should be possessed.”
~ Baneful Magick, E.A. Koetting, p38


“What is Hyperborea” – no one knows, do not research this matter because it might require thought, and thought is difficult. Especially, do not read any books printed on paper, they do not give Likes for pages read.

“Why do I need videos and ASMR?” – gods seems to enjoy personal attention, ASMR delivers this, even if you don’t have a strong response. In this asylum, anything which supports immersion is worthy of consideration, find your own mixture, later.

“Is this for me?” – no, I’m just posting this to waste time, nothing is for you, and I am you, so I should know.

“What can I use this for?” – try it and see for yourself.


Excellent, @Lady_Eva!

May I ask, what was the genesis of this meditation?


Thanks! :smiley:

I’ve been working on a few things, like the nature of awareness as a constant observer through the (seeming) flow of time, how that relates to ancestral/past-life experiences, and also researching the hints of ancient pre-flood civilisations, and then this appeared more or less fully formed, so I’ve been using it myself, and then felt compelled to share here, I’ve actually got an enormous amount of paperwork to do but it pushed its way to the front of the queue. :thinking:


I really want someone to make these into audio recordings lol. It would be great on a guided meditation channel on YT.


Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool, I have to say.

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You freaking rock @Lady_Eva!
Like @itsnathanm7 says, it would be great that one day someone makes audio recordings of these

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:top: A Gem if Ive ever found one

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