72 Challenge Redux: Angels AND Demons


Hey All,

I have decided, after some seesawing back and forth, to once again attempt the 72 Challenge.

For those of you new to the forum, here is the original thread so you will understand what I’m talking about:

The premise of this challenge was the line in the Crowley/Mathers translation of the Goetia that states the spirits within the book represent aspects of the human mind. The goal was to evoke each spirit and ask them to open up the part of the mind they are associated with.

The OP who started the challenge successfully completed it but he described some…less than positive results in his life from it, like being unable to connect with people, and anger and depression.

Within Solomon’s magick, the 72 angels of the Shemhamforash are said to constrain, bind, and guide the demons of the Goetia, so I reasoned that the angels too, represent aspects of the human mind, and could be called upon to open up their aspects as well.

I conceptualised it as the demons represent the primal, atavistic, part of our brains, the part concerned with lust, desire, power, revenge, and survival, which, if you read the list of powers assigned to each spirit, seems pretty accurate.

The angels, represent the “guiding hand” of the more evolved part of our brain, the cerebral cortex, which regulates the expression of the darker, more animal parts of ourselves.

Whether this theory is accurate or not, I cannot say at the moment, but it is the hypothesis of this challenge.

Originally, I was simply going to evoke the 72 angels in a similar manner to the way the original OP evoked the 72 demons, but then it occurred to me that I had never finished the original challenge so I’ve decided to do the angels and demons together.

Part of the reason for this is to see if evoking the part of the mind associated with the angels first, will mitigate any of the negative effects encountered with opening the aspects of mind associated with the demons.

Last night, I began with Vehuiah.

The evocation was pretty short. I opened the seal for him found in Poke Runyon’s Book of Solomon’s Magick (it was a bit simpler to draw than that found in Henry Archer’s The Magick of Angels and Demons), and vibrated his name three times, calling for him to come.

When I felt his presence, I welcomed him, and asked him to open the aspect of my mind he is associated with. I felt fingers press into my forehead and had a sharp pain blossom for a moment.

Afterwards I thanked him and bade him to stay or go at his leisure. I placed his seal under my pillow when I went to sleep, but don’t remember any particular dreams. Usually, when I place an open seal under my pillow I wake up feeling pretty tired, but that wasn’t the case with the seal of Vehuiah.


Interesting project!!! i only work with Demons and Dark Gods cause i am attuned to the Qliphot. Keep us informed with your results :sun_with_face:


I look forward for your experiences :slight_smile: As you know I don’t work with angels, so I won’t join in this one. I still continue my journey unlocking the aspects, but I’ve expanded it beyond the 72 Demons of the Goetia :slight_smile:


It’s too early for me to try this challenge
At this moment I’m still trying to open my astral senses and working on my energy work.
I myself I’m willing to work with angels and demons or Goblin’s or fairies or elves or others ancient beings that has something to teach .
I like to balance myself with Darkness and Light.
I look forward to hear your experience!


Oh lovely @DarkestKnight, I have been waiting for your thread.
Surely going to follow up


Evoked Bael last night, to open his aspect of my mind.

The evocation seemed a bit truncated. I’m not evoking to full appearance, just to presence, though I am getting small visual flashes in my mind of what the spirits look like.

I didn’t get much from Bael, and he wasn’t much of a talker when I asked him to open my mind. He simply said yes.

I slept with his seal under my pillow but don’t remember any dreams. Woke up feeling a bit tired, but I’m unsure if that is because of the seal, or because I fell asleep listening to a Delta wave biaurnal beat.

The seal flared high when I burned it this morning though.

I should mention that while I am doing this challenge, I am also in a pact with Lucifer for some material changes, and part of my agreement with him is that I meditate on his seal at least once every day.

So my basic morning ritual is to perform the Circle of Power from Damon Brand’s book Archangels of Magick while standing in my UC, and then to sit and meditate on Lucifer’s seal for a minimum of five minutes. Because of this challenge, I now also burn the seal from the night before, before doing the Circle of Power.


This has given me ideas. Since I’m already calling up the goetics and binding the to my will, maybe I should have them unlock the aspects of myself that they are associated with, seeing as I have a lot of repressed shit that could use some airing out.


I say go for it.

I’m looking for some major internal changes so that’s why I’m attempting this again. I figure it is a four month operation due, in part, to the fact that I’m still searching for a new, permanent home without roommates.

Since you are already binding the spirits of the Goetia, I think you already have a leg up on the aspects, so to speak.


Very cool. I would like to do something of this nature in the future.


Evocation of Angel #2 Yeliel (also spelled Ieliel)

I tried something different with this one. I relaxed and meditated a bit in my UC and then chanted the Incantation to Conjure an Angel that @Micah posted to the forum a while back. It threw me out of trance a bit though, as i was struggling to read it in the candle light.

The angel appeared in my mind’s eye as a dark haired figure in golden armour with grey wings.

I welcomed him and asked him to open the aspect of my mind with which he is associated and he asked, “why do you wish such a thing?”

I told him to increase my perception of the world and of myself. With that I had a vision of myself being enveloped in his wings. I didn’t feel it though, it was simply an image in my head.

I thanked him and bade him stay or go at his leisure, and put his seal under my pillow. I woke up feeling tired, and I have been getting even more tired as the day has progressed.

I don’t know if it is related to the operation or if it is just me being me.


Nice update… Could you post the Incanation Chant.


I have feeling that your work @DarkestKnight will be epic.

Here you can find it


I just checked the links, great info @Micah, thanks @Seraph for that awesome linking!


Ive been lurking and like your posts. So ive been working with opening my chakras to awaken and not fight the experience. When im in alterred state im never sure if its my own subconscious creating 3rd eye images. Ive never seen something with my own physical eyes. Ive been in states of sleep paralysis while being awake. Ive never seen anything i know wasnt there. Ive seen my own body and room but not sure if it was my 3rd eye or reality. I am not convinced spirits are talking but the deepest areas of my subconscious imo experiences visualy and verbaly. Our brains are smarter than we can ever wish to be but i believe 100 percent in spirit. But most time seeing is believing. Please explain your feelings on experience. I am begging life/spirit for reason want to realy live andnot be society robot because lazlo hierierchy of needs. Even if aliens, creator god,lesser gods,and spirits came out on cable tv would life really change because we still need eat sleep shit and fuck right?Maybe youll make me see different perspective.


Demon #2 Agares

Sat in my UC and chanted the Incantation to Summon Forth. The seal was slow to open. I got a sense of reluctance on the part of the spirit.

“I am here.”

“Welcome, spirit. Identify yourself.”

“I am he, Agares.”

Welcome, Agares. Thank you for coming. I have called you here to open up the aspect of my mind with which you are associated."

“Yes, I am aware.”

“Please do so.”

At this point I felt hands on my head and there was a…twinge in the centre of my head. It felt the way your neck does when you sleep on it wrong, until you rotate it and your vertebrae makes a kind of “snap” noise. There was a blossom of pain, and then it faded.

I thanked Agares, and bade him stay or go as he will. I stumbled a bit standing up, as a wave of dizziness swept over me.

I placed the seal under my pillow but do not recall any dreams.


70 more to go


Angel #3 Sitael

I’ve been trying out different things with these evocations, and so for this one I performed the ritual opening and Circle of Power from Damon Brand’s book “Archangels of Magick” to start.

I sat in my UC and chanted the Conjuration for Angels, while gazing at the seal. I’ve found that these angel seals don’t “open” in the same way that the seals of the spirits of the Goetia do. The circle I draw around them fades in and out, but the angelic seal itself remains static and unwavering. It’s almost like the seal is separate from the paper it is drawn on.

I thought I heard the sound of wings, and in my mind’s eye, I saw a figure in silver armour with a sword at his side.

I asked the spirit to identify itself and the figure said he was Sitael. I welcomed him and asked him to open the part of my mind he is associated with.

“It will be done.” He drew his sword and placed it upon my head. I felt another “twinge” in the centre of my head again.

"Thank you, Sitael. What can I expect?

“Perception. Knowledge. Vision.”

“Thank you for answering my summons. Please, stay if you will, but go if you must.”

“There are forces watching you.”

" What do you mean?"

Here, I wasn’t really sure if I was hearing the angel or just my fanciful imagination.

“There are forces observing this endeavour, to see if you succeed.” Sitael then departed.

I performed the ritual closing and wrote it up in my journal. All in all, I was left with a weird feeling, and a lot of uncertainty.

I placed the seal under my pillow but do not recall any dreams. Woke up feeling less tired than usual though.


This is something strange in my experience but interesting.

I wonder how you came up with is idea :scream:

Have you experienced any difference in you minds ability since your quest?

And Good luck! I am really going to watch this


If you read my first post, you will understand where the idea came from.

There have been some slight changes, yes. Nothing really noticeable yet though.


Demon #3 Vassago

Just finished this evocation. Still a bit loopy. It was…weird.

I did this one in a different way. I remembered a post from several years ago about evoking a spirit by drawing their seal in the air in blazing white light, so I decided to try it.

I relaxed down into trance, and invoked Omnipotence. Once I was full of power, I spoke the banishing incantation from KoF three times, to clear the room of all energies. Then, I used Jason Miller’s “Parting the Veil” gesture, to soften the reality around me to make it easier for the spirit to manifest.

Once that was done, I called the name of the spirit, and traced his seal in the air in front of me, watching as my finger drew it in brilliant light.

I kept the seal seated in my mind and chanted the Conjuration to Summon Forth. I again stumbled over the words (I must commit these incantations to memory; it’s too hard to read in candle light), but Vassago was quick to announce his presence.

I welcomed him and asked him to identify himself. He told me the correct name, and I got quite the impatient vibe from him. I read some posts about him here on the forum, and they said he was pretty laid back, but tonight he was in quite the hurry for some reason.

I thanked him, and asked him to open the aspect of my mind with which he is associated and he seemed…I don’t know…put off by the request.

He reluctantly agreed, and in my mind’s eye I saw him extend his finger through my Ajna, and turn a lock inside my head. I heard a “click,” and he withdrew.

I sat for a few moments, trying to identify any new sensations, until Vassago impatiently said, “Is that it? Can I go now?”

I thanked him again, and bade him to depart, which he seemed happy enough to do. I then closed the “veil” and wrote in my journal.

When I stood up, I promptly fell into the wall from dizziness lol