72 Challenge Redux: Angels AND Demons


Mehn! @DarkestKnight, I am trying to follow up your evocation techniques. Every time, something new!



Angel #4 Elemiah

Just finished this one, and only now realized I called him with the wrong name. I kept saying Yeliah and he didn’t correct me :flushed:

I again invoked Omnipotence and used the angelic banishing incantation, before tracing the seal in the air in white light and repeating the conjuration.

I must have at least gotten the seal mostly correct because an angel showed up though its form was indistinct and blurry to my vision.

I welcomed him and asked him to open the aspect of my mind, he was associated with, and he asked me why. I said to overcome all limitations and become like unto God, and his only response was, “Interesting.”

He proceeded to reach over and place his hand upon my head .I felt a soft warmth flow from my crown, down my spine.

I thanked him and asked him what can I expect, and he replied with “That is for you to learn.”

I thanked him again and gave the license to depart, and I had the sensations that he was walking around my UC. Then he asked me why I had called him using a demonic circle. I told him that I was told it worked for any spirit, and had never had a problem with any angel before. I got the impression that he was poking at it with his foot. I distinctly heard an “hmm” and then his presence faded.

I’m beginning to have doubts about these evocations, particularly the angelic ones. I’m not noticing any changes to my mind like the OP described in the original challenge, and with me calling the wrong name for this latest one, I am not sure they have actually been successful.

I might try calling Elemiah again by the proper name and see what I get. Perhaps I should also go back to paper seals instead of visualized ones.


Youre only 3 in of 72… wait till 20 before you have doubts


It is going on well just the experiences you have are priceless. As @Mapachtli, wait till like 20 calls. However, I would say you should give it sometime for it to manifest. Perhaps for safety reasons.[quote=“DarkestKnight, post:22, topic:62516”]
Just finished this one, and only now realized I called him with the wrong name. I kept saying Yeliah and he didn’t correct me

I would still prefer you use the names in Damon Brands 72 Angels of Magick. I saw the angel Elemiah in the book.

Which demonic circle is the angel taking about?

Well done, and good luck!


The Universal Circle I use.


Don’t worry, man. You are just really really quick and maybe it takes some time to let all that stuff “sink in”. I have my unlockings mostly in a time frame of one or two weeks between each, maybe it “integrates” itself differently.


Demon #4 Gamigan

Note: I did this evocation while under the influence of alcohol

Invoked Omnipotence, and traced the seal in the air. Chanted EA’s Incantation to Summon Forth while holding the blazing seal in my mind.

Gamigian announced his presence and I asked him to identify himself.

“I am Gamigan.”

I welcomed him and asked him to open the part of my mind he is associated with.

“Very well.” I heard a trace of reluctance in his voice.

He placed his hand upon my head. “It is done. Anything else?”

I didn’t feel anything. “Thank you, Gamigan. What can I expect?”

“What can you expect? Change.”

I thanked him again and bade him stay or go as he will.

I’m getting the impression of reluctance and impatience on the part of these spirits. Not sure why though.


I was low key shaded by King Purson last time during an unlocking, so… shrugs


I’m thinking I might kick it up a bit and start doing two a day, the Shem angel in the afternoon, and the demon of the Goetia at night. It’s going to take too long to complete them all otherwise. I don’t know if I can do 144 days straight of evocation.


If you have the strength and time, I would support twice a day.

Good luck


would you consider that unlocking the aspects of your mind from the angels would counterbalance the negative affects associated from original OPs unlocking with demons only



That is my working hypothesis as explicated in my original post, yes. Only time will tell if it is valid or not.


Great stuff, keep it coming! :smiley:


Thanks, man!


Just makes me wonder if your journey will be less dramatic then


Time will tell. As you pointed out previously, I’m only four angels and demons in, so no changes have manifested yet.

The hope is that with the angels involved, the changes will be less disruptive, but if might actually be the opposite, and the changes may very well be more disruptive and chaotic.


@DarkestKnight, for the goetic demons, can’t you just evoke the Geotikon, which would be the metagod for the goetic demons. And ask him to change all aspects of your mind


Well, that assumes such a thing exists and I don’t have any such knowledge that it does.


Thats fair, but you can always evoke it and experience, theres a sigil for it at VK Jehannums website


Honestly, I don’t trust anything VK says or recommends. Everything I’ve seen seems…off.