Hidden Knowledge of L and D

The hidden knowledge of life and death.

How monotheistic view, stops us from true freedom.

The truth of good and evil.

Love is all, and all is love.

The absence of love, is darkness.

If you want to get to know something, talk to it. Even, if it seems like it wasn’t alive.

Even planets, will answer you.

But always talk with love and listen with gratitude.

Anything, even the most evil, can teach you. As the most evil, has lived and consumed, the most live.

And therefore, it holds the most love.

Power, is gained, by feeding love and truth, to thyself.

Whenever power is consumed, it becomes new life.

Whenever, power is used to make someone else do something, this is Cruelty.

That’s why it’s called power.
Strength, always comes from inside.
Strength, is how much life you produce.

Whenever something isn’t you, it’s itself.
Whenever you try to make something more you, you use power.
Whenever, you want someone to stop making yourself. More him, you need more space, more respect. More gratitude.

This is why, Buddhism says, life is pain.

There are different views, how to counteract this.

There is the ones, that try to get rid of life. That’s the way of the child.
They want to become one with the source again, as light, the source of all life, feels like being home.
Because, actually, it is.

Then, there is people, who try to become darker, more away from source, those are the ones, we feel, that they force others the most.

That’s why we generally feel them to be evil. But evil means full of life.
So those, who go on and on and on, with being evil, feed life around them, to feed themselves on it.

That’s, what makes them such cold.
Light, becomes colder, the more it travels away from it’s source.

Once, it became cold enough to extinguish, but didn’t, it becomes pure spirit.

That’s, the most intelligent form, of intelligence, but also the least love.

As love, is source.

So, whenever you are connected to anything, you exchange love, and light.

And whenever you stop being connected to it, it stops gaining love and light from you.

And therefore, it’s gonna feel hurt.
But there is the other way of feeling hurt, as well.
When someone uses power, to make you more him.

That’s, of course, already aligning, the natural polarity of life : female is receptive, male is aggressive.

These polaritys are natural, but we have a feeling of that being not the full truth.

Because it isn’t.

Life, in any way, shape and form, is always a merge between the two polaritys.

This merge, is felt, in the variety of life.
As it’s always converting itself.
It never stops.

This conversation, can be measured into different stages, frequencys.

So each frequency, each color, is an own form of being.

The middle path of magic, is knowing and using this, to actively manifest reality.

As reality, is personal, we have to understand, that it’s never manifested, without affecting everything, that’s not us.

So any manifestation, is self - expression.

That self - expression, is best done, in helping others.

Helping others, is a Way, of giving love.

This can be done unconditionally, or in exchange for something.

If you do it, without wanting anything back, you’re childish. That’s being close to the source.

If you want way more exchange, then you give in love, than you’re taking away life to feed youth to yourself.

That’s why there is so much storys about vampirism, and I mortality.

But the truth, is that our bodies aren’t capable of infinite life.

Our consciousness, may be.
That’s why there is so much diversity in the beliefs about afterlife. Because the moment, of not living anymore scares the living.

But there is nothing to fear, then fear itself.

When we disconnect our consciousness from our bodies, it’s able to wander Freely.

When it’s going back to the source, it re-integreates into the all, and from there on, becomes new life.

When we go to something else, then the source, after life, we eater dissipate, (creating more space for new live, which is why our universe expands, at least to simplify things)

Or we can keep in exchange with life. That’s done, to keep the conscious feeded.

The conscious, no matter in which form, is always a merge of the dualistic forces.

Now religion, removed this knowledge from the mundane people, to structure society, and keep itself on top.

But the truth is, there is no separation between science and alchemy then one :
Science, reads reality due to its physical form only.
Alchemy, does the same thing, with eather, conciseness, involved.

That’s why, a alchemist can gain immortality and gold in theory.
In reality, he converts something, from being one frequency, to another.

My father wanted me, to learn about the colors of life.

In refusing to love, I did.

My mother, was the perfect opposite force in my eyes.

So I removed myself from full love.

In finding love again, I reintegrate the knowledge and truth, that I found, into my life, my being.

That’s why I call myself an alchemist.

The occult, that, what the eyes shall not see, teached me, what I set myself up to learn.

Variety of life.


Now I can hope, that love, will teach me the rest, of alchemy.

I know who Iove.
I feel her loving me.

But on this long journey, I had to make her hate me, so I could understand.

I hope, she might be able to forgive me.

But only she, may answer this question.

Stay true to yourself.

Be humble and kind.

And life will treat you, like you own it.

And have a good laugh from time to time.

As pain, is liberated by laughing.

And honesty, isn’t the only thing, to look at, if you search for joy.

But there you have it. The diamond.
The purest, a soul can get. Knowing thyself.

666 means incarnation
999 means dissolving.

The two, together, are the O

The O, allows the Anja Chakra, to rule life.

Be very careful with this knowledge.

It’s been hidden, since Egypt.

The Pharaos, had that knowledge, and ruled over humanity like living God’s.

Don’t be unnecessary cruel.

And don’t hurt, if you have no reason to.

Love ~ Gratitude.







Jesus fucking christ this is so helpful

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You need to write out all of the links to posts like this and make a post with all of them in it since your profile is private atm. I need to consume this knowledge like some sort of voracious hole of destruction.

Thank you! So much! Ufpdijf0A-FASMIOF!

Edit: Whoops no longer private :expressionless:

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Beautiful! I remember reading a book about a professor experimenting with hallucinogens and medicinal plants in South America. Once in an intoxicated state he felt as if the plants were talking to him, and telling him which parts of them can be used to treat which ailments . When the intoxication wore off he tested whatever remedies the plants had told him and to his surprise it worked!


@Kaamdev, yes a good example.
Generally, evokation and possession are based on synchronized mental faculties.

"power is everything th3r3 is’, isn’t the first time i see a person stuck in that limbo.

The last guy who was strongly obsessed by the" power is everything " concept, was basically unable to hold a normal conversation, because he would unintentionally drop and float into possessing the other person he was speaking with.

Not sure if it was public topic or private message.

But I’ve seen that kind of stage in development before.

It’s a necessity on the path of evolution and self mastery for some.

But it can also be a limbo which consumes all that once was you.

Mind you, having to re-assemble yourself by “power” / sheer willforce, isn’t exactly pleasant.

But I didn’t plan to discuss any of that here, I never intended the content of this topic to be discussed.

It’s more like a line in The sand.
-you’ve gotten so far in your development, don’t Stay stuck th3r3, @Encore19.

Yes, I understand how you, and others I met before come to the epiphany “power is all - all us power”.
Just don’t stay stuck there.

Analyze power.
Learn what it is.

Power, includes more weakness than strength, because it’s dependant on having an target, an obstacle to weigh against. Strength comes from within. Power is forced upon you, from outside. Or you apply it against an outside force.

But all power, is bound and chained. For it is blind towards the forces and awareness that controls and directs it.

strive for abundance, self-sufficiency and strength. And you will have more force, than any power could through at you.




One description of power:

Ouslau - a spinning vortex of vibrating phontons, neurons and influx of Void. That essence of weightless weight…: When you are clearing your systems and sll your keys to yourself are in your hands and you turn those keys correctly, you then are able to experience the Avatar state.
An amazing and beautiful surprise the first time you do this.
But to achieve this you really cannot dtay seeing and seeking the “feeling of power”; where your bodies are vibrating burning and so on, whete you cast your magick and receive immediate results.

My description is the sensations of powers
But the end results ate NOT the entire goal.

Tell me.: Who here is capable of Spirit /, Soul meditation and Travel with No goals No prior demands for a specific predetermined “I am correct” answers.
In fact. No answer no destination.
Are any here you capable?
Try it. And seek out to observe first.
Have to say. My personal seeking is for the wisest and most balanced action / non action or answer.
Do I always have a result?

There is always a result.
But to achieve the results with No judgement.
And of course without judgement you afe open to understanding what power is and once you TRULY tap into power, you will want to progress your entire being you will want to be responsible for Your actions.

Dark Blessings
Queen Morgana Le Fae