The Infernal Saga. ( The True Lore and Myths of Hell )

The Infernal Saga.


Lucifer’s Section - How it all began.

" It all began with corruption for tribes of man invaded foreign lands, they didn’t only wage war among themselves but also their culture and their gods waged war among themselves.
Here is where man demonized gods of other lands, temples were destroyed, these men would either claim the gods of the foreign land were false or beings of lesser evil tricking men into believing they were gods.

From this man introduced the thoughts and energy into this concept, this manifested something quite interesting in the astral realm, worlds began shaking, creating a realm of despair, a place mortals would later refer to as hell.

The energy and thoughts of men created a canvas in the astral, when the ancient tribes and cults forgot or abandoned their gods, the gods had to move in accordance with humanity’s belief.

So the old gods embraced their new role as demons, which is supposed to be a a offending title, however this gave the gods of old advantage for now they had no rules of how they could interact with humanity.

They took over the realm of despair, no longer would it be the grave of the old gods, they made it their new home and began building using the dark powers they embraced
They built the hell which you all know which grew to become the infernal empire.

I myself Lucifer was many gods for i am both a force and a being from my expansion, i have been called many names Shiva, Attar, Lugh and more. I entered my new role, this new version of myself a being of total light but also total darkness the paradox, the infernal emperor for many use my name but are nothing like me.

This is how it all began corruption, demonization, this was the beginning of the infernal plane ".

Asmodeus Section - Infernal Growth.

" The infernal plane grew in power, the number of gods sent there was incredible, However it was i and the kings who bred more demons. These demons were made from the blood of man, then the second catalyst are the stars, Planets and elements.

Hell’s numbers grew but there was no order or hierarchy or even roles, we even fought among ourselves that is until Lucifer spoke of a system of roles a infernal hierarchy.

First a emperor was to be chosen, Lucifer took that title but hell grew to much just for him, so he chose nine demonic kings of hell’s palace. To establish our mission to each legion, in every kingdom across the infernal realm ".

Belial Section - Hell’s First War

" I Belial became a king of many legions our world began to grow in great ways, however your world still wouldn’t dare to call us. Then armies that were created by man they were the followers of the man-made gods, these fuckers blocked our path on returning to the world of man.

So the infernal council rose an army to push back against these prayer parasites, this was our first war in hell, these angels didn’t even have names as the false lore of man was still being written.

The army of hellfire fought against these beings, the fear of man made these entities strong as they were tools which early religious groups said would save men from the forces of the underworld. After our battle ended we reigned supreme, however we knew this was just the beginning ".

Baal Section - The Ancient Covenant.

" I was among some of the eldest gods demonized, when i took my throne i felt more royal than when i was referred to as Hadad. I reveal now the beginning of when we were to return to the world of man.

A few humans rebelled against the man-made belief and summoned us, to stay we did many wonders for man, we built the kingdoms they desired, even the watchers revealed amazing gifts on to those who asked.

The more we operated in your world the more influence we gained, we became infatuated with humans, so the infernal council devised a covenant, our new purpose was to usher men in their ascent.

This covenant is symbolized in the inverted pentagram, signed in blood and this was the key we had been seeking. However the men and women of the covenant were killed by the likes of the bastards that demonized us.

So we were once again at war, for the sake of our world and for the sake of yours ".

Lucifuge Rofacle Section - Infernal Pact

" Once humans of both the black and white cloth were killed enough was enough, i became enraged, my duty as the infernal prime minister, was to ensure all pacts were followed. Another war was needed man began to look to the forces around them and gave them angelic titles, this became a problem.

So we fought angels of all traditions, we almost lost but we prevailed, we almost lost because the sheer belief empowering these beings, I and Belial were left with no other choice we devised a plan.

We looked through timelines and also tapped into the energies of blood lust and violence, through timelines we saw a being that would be named Cain.

We urged the infernal council to use this mask as a opportunity to create a leader of hell’s knights, Purson already knew of all this before it even happened after all demons aren’t bound by time.

A plan was made that we needed a immense offensive power, for the infernal royalty were to busy to be involved in war. So we turned to our Lady Of Darkness herself Lilith ".

Lilith Section - Forging the Leviathans and Cain.

" I was one of the first queens of hell but i am not named the mother of monsters for nothing, before birthing Cain father of the Qayin Cult. I and Lucifer entered the dark waters in the pit of damnation, we fucked for what felt like eons, the waters began boiling in sexual juices.

My sisters sang lustful songs in praise of mine and Lucifer’s communion, Lucifer injected me with his seed, however i combined our essence and made the dark waters became the womb.

When it was time, the waters began encircling each-other and two Draconian serpentine monsters rose, the Leviathans were born, one was male the other was female.

The female was the demonized goddess Tiamat, the male was the demonized Jörmungandr, they also had many other names before this. When these beings rose the egregore heavens trembled in fear, there the Leviathans were ordered by the emperor to eat all the enemies of our cause.

I even had fun consuming the enemies within my cunt, the kings even fought too no matter what Lucifer was still on his throne looking out in to all worlds pondering his next task ".

Azazel Section - Feeding from Sin.

" You see before as i god, i was empowered through the interaction of humans, but as a demon i found another source of empowerment called sin. I embody the infernal saturnian scapegoat, i used the sin of men to empower my legions.

Lust, Greed, Envy, Anger what ever sin it maybe, they are natural sensations denying them is useless and futile, there is so much power in the freedom of sin, it is a strong liberating force which many species of demons embody.

My message is to sin as much as possible break the shackles of slavery, even the watchers absorbed the power of sin, in that rift it feeds the hell’s for what the so called holy ones repress we shall use.

When i was demonized i fell in love with my new title the scapegoat, i was the one who took the energies of blood-lust and violence to the dark sisterhood Lilith, Naamah, Agrat and Eishteth.

This became the catalyst for Cain to rise in his true demonic form, for he was about to be born ".

Cain Section - Hell’s Army

" I was born from four of my mothers, the sisters of the dark, however my main mother was Lilith, my body rose through the emperors breath. I embody Violence, Anger, Pain, and Blood lust. It was Beezlebub who showed me my true purpose, so i followed my purpose i became the commander of Hell’s Knights.

The army of the damned, I and the Leviathans crushed all those who opposed the infernal empires power. I am more than a mere commander of armies before being born in my demon form, to many i was a being who was the father of witchcraft ".

Sorath Sections - Hell’s Solar Bridge and the connection of demons with planets and elements.

" I am the sun i shine upon you and the land, even in darkness i shine within you as the solar fragments of the sun within your core, you mortals refer to it as the solar plexus such a name does not describe it’s true nature.

Remember the sun is always within you, for i was sent out to be the first demon to return to the world of man, I anchored myself to the sun as i did when i was a god. First god i was the sun god Ra a giver, next i became Surt the solar god of destruction.

In this incarnation i am both the giver and destroyer, i am not a force that cares, i simply give my gifts and curses in any and all directions not for reason, but because that is the true nature of the sun.

Travel into the core of the sun and you shall see the golden and white furnace, which so many believe to simply be a molding pot of solar power. When in actuality it is the combination of the magma and flames of the sun boiling within the heat of the infernal flames.

I am the infernal and celestial in-between, as i simply am the sun and i am here to create the bridge for my fellow demons in hell.I am not the only demon who is connected to planets and elements or to the sun for that matter.

We use the planets, elements and forces of your world to anchor ourselves to as nexions of power, the longer we are anchored the more the doorway grows and the more power and influence we gain.

Look not just to shadows and flames for the infernal ones, but look around you, above you, below you and within you. We are anchored to almost all things we are here, we shall stay awaiting you and the others to call us and awake us from our sleep ".

Paimon Section - The Angra Story.

" I appear in the old form of an Arabian man, roaming the sands, this is symbolic as i represent journey and seeking. I once met with a sorcerer at the sandy crossroads, he was seeking to know secrets of the ’ monstrous ’ demons.

He was obsessed with those monster aspects of demons, i amusingly told him ’ i shall reveal the greatest monster unto you '. He agreed and the pact was signed, my legion then dragged him to the planes of hell.

There he was brought before my throne where infernal songs played in his presence.
I roused forth more legions to terrify him into paralysis until i commanded them to stop.

I conjured before him a wall made of obsidian, he demanded why must you trick me, you promised to show me a monster. I laughed and told him what do you see, he saw his true reflection, which in terror took his life.

Just before he shreds his last breath he confirmed he understood by saying ’ we are the monsters '. This fable of old reveals the true monster is man and it has one important lesson, Be Careful What You Wish For ".

Beezlebub Section - Plague Of Droning Flies.

" I am here to share the story of flies, this story is old and must be examined carefully. I am Beezlebub prince of devils, i am the embodiment of sickness and decay. I enter the temple as the droning flies, i was once the Dark Legion of decay and sickness called the Druj Nasu.

I still embody those powers of plagues, decay in the form of waves of flies as i once did in Persia. A long time ago when i became the prince of devils, i was ranked as prince by the infernal council.

The hierarchy means nothing it is merely the best form of operating, it has nothing to do with power or status. In the infernal empire i was called Lord Of The Flies, call me what you may Druj or Beezlebub we are one in the same.

I and the court of demonic princes were plotting ways of giving mortals baneful power to fight back religious tyrants. I gave the power of plagues and decay to the witches who were executed, with their dying breath they would curse the land and i would rise to destroy the land and cattle.

We are here for you in life and after it, you shall see that across all kingdoms we may test you, sometimes terrify you, but we will also empower you, protect you and even avenge your death.

Just as we did when the tyrants killed the cults of old, we do not forgive we shall never forget. Those who anger the sorcerer angers the wrath of the spirits and infernal powers around him.

That is something we stand for, fight for your path, break your chains and destroy the oppressors ".

Astaroth - Message To The Sorcerer.

" Before becoming Astaroth, i was known by many names one was Astarte. I was a old goddess of lovable power, but when i became Astaroth i took a more liberating role a demon of Lust.

I am seen as a duke, sometimes a infernal prince / princess, what is most alluring about me is my complex nature. Am i male ? Yes i am, Am i female ? Yes, do i have the agenda of Lust ? yes and do i have the agenda of Love ? Yes.

Hahaha Yes, i am a living contradiction, why i am like this is because i personify a message for all infernal demonic kind. That message is no matter what you think you know about us, you may think your correct but to know us completely is nearly impossible.

For the nature of our species always evolves, changes and morphs. My message to sorcerers is this, you spend to much time analyzing us and our nature, you shall never truly understand us.

As we can never understand you, we find humans more fascinating than any other organism or soul in all the realms for humans just like demons and gods are one huge mystery.

We are always here laying in wait for you to call us, here we will stay until you are either ascended in infernal victory or damned in infernal defeat ".

Purson Section - The Infernal Hierarchy.

" I Purson as you know was once the old god Thoth, but one thing you don’t know is why i became king. I became king because i demanded it, my power is different to the average demon, so the infernal council upon the mount of the damned elected me as one of the nine.

You’re under the notion that only nine kings of hell have the throne, if so you are incorrect there are many demonic kings, even Azazel is mistaken as a chief of war when in actuality he is a king, just like gods we move in rank.

The only two roles which never change is the emperor and the operator which is the sorcerer. Stop looking in old grimoires for we always adapt and move in rank.

Just like Shemyaza when he destroyed the false Jesus, he slayed that egregore bastard, upon the cliffs of the lake of fire where the flames feasted upon his matrix ".

Naamah - The Dark Sisters.

" I Naamah am one of the infernal queens, one of the Dark sisters for we are the sexual feminine darkness of hell realms and the night-side. The Dark Sister’s is a night side sisterhood, the sisterhood is as follows Lilith, Agrat, Eishteth and me.

We ignite the sexual fire within men and women for both gratification and empowerment. Our sisterhood is unlike any other for every full moon we meet at the dark waters

These waters are as blood, darkness, sexual juices and the tears of the moon.

This is our home, our nexion when a mortal is granted to enter these dark waters, the sirens hold the soul and tare it apart. Then the sisterhood shall sing to the obsidian droplets to rebuild the mortals form in the essence of the dark goddess’s.

In the infernal me and my sisters are the consorts and queens of Lucifer each tied to his aspects, Lilith with Samael, Eishteth with Azazel, Agrat with Lucifuge and Naamah with Lucifer ".

Eishteh Zenunim - Seed Of Darkness.

" I the fourth sister reveal to you the seed of darkness, upon the dark tree only one apple grew. Once it fell all the sisterhood split the apple and ate it, this is why i appear as the naked lady drooling black.

Inside the apple were four seeds made of pure darkness, each of us kept one each for safe keeping.

The seeds darkness shines brighter than light itself, we planted the seeds in each cardinal directions on the earth then from those tree’s more apples and seeds were produced.
The apples maybe sweet but to humans, it is a deadly poison which is impossible to digest.

The Qliphoth produced these seeds for us, however we shall plant the seed in the soul of man, the transformation would be most horrific to the eyes of the pure. By my blessing you shall intake the seed and become the child of the Qliphoth.

I shall rise my sisters among the earth, we shall break apart the black apple, revealing the seeds of darkness we shall keep three and plant one in the soul of the operator this is one of my favorite ways of the agenda of ascent.

I will aid you in becoming the child of the Qliphoth, a being of blackened fire, in the womb of the night, you shall be fed hellfire through the cord and reborn into a new world as the Qliphothic night-side infernal embodiment ".

Agrat Bat Mahlat - Demon’s of Dreams.

" I am Agrat Bat Mahlat, the mother of Asmodeous, third sister of the dark sisters, one of the queens of hell, i roam the realm between the world of men and the realm of dreams.

I am the wrathful one i was the first demoness to birth a child part demon, part mortal the unholy hybrid. I shall reveal to you how i peered into the psyche, during the return to the world of men.

I told the infernal council that i could call and tempt the human souls to contact us, i taught many demons, how to travel through the world of spirit, into the twilight realm, through the labyrinth of the dream world.

There we began calling humans in their sleep, i used the notion of sexual dreams and entering the lustful dream current, i and my sisters would come to them as the species you call the succubus, we even used our siren forms to commune in the dreamworld.

By entering the dream world we gained more influence by the laws of the ancient covenant, we are aloud to influence and approach your world but we cannot totally intercede in your realm.

Me and my sisters offer our gift of the sexual fire, the dark waters, the seed of darkness and true empowerment through lustful liberation. For we are the dark feminine force of hell, we are the keys to your true self to your next step in spiritual evolution ".

Male Leviathan - The Gift of The Leviathans

" i am the first son of Lilith and Lucifer, i am the crooked serpent of the pit, i am the male aspect of the intertwined ones. I had many names Kingu, Jormungundr, the krackon, i am both the brother and lover of the female Leviathan.

Together we embody the infernal chaos, we are the dark unity of water and aquarian flame, i teacheth many arts of Aquarian magick for i show the demonic and dark powers of water.

I am prince of the west, King of pain and son of chaotic waves, i am the initiator of the alchemy of self. For i am the serpentine dragon who rises through burning water and the sulfur releases from my mouth.

I will reveal to you the egg of the infernal, a Draconian force that is a matrix, that i and my sister give to the worthy sorcerer ".

Female Leviathan - The Infernal Draconian Egg.

" I am the daughter of Lilith and Lucifer, the princess of the infernal waters, i was known as Tiamat as well as many other names, i embrace what i am in this form more than any other.

I and my brother and lover guard the infernal egg, the Draconian matrix. When the human soul is initiated into this egg they unleash the infernal dragon force, you are unaware that this has already happened. The Dragon Lines flow through earth keeping your world aligned with ours.

A mixture of spiritual rivers flow in your world the lake of fire, the dragon lines and the dark waters, the infernal created these rifts to your world to keep our realms together forming the perfect union, connect to all rivers and you shall awaken ".

Belial Second Section - Our return.

" Who can deny that we returned, we almost died as gods, it was when we were demonized that we understood our true task, when we struggled to return to your world we fought countless wars, against giants, men, false gods, egregore gods and angelic armies.

We are now anchored in your world who can deny this century wasn’t influenced by the infernal empire, from your music, to art, all forms of entertainment, we have influence now, the 21st century was our doing.

In this timeline we are no longer fighting armies of spirits that oppose us, we now fight on your earth against the tyrants, churches, mosques, synagogues and governments who are obstacles in humanities ascent.

The very reason we want you to ascend is apart of our own agenda, for your race will join us as the ascended and descended ones in the afterlife then you shall truly understand there too much for you to document for the history of the infernal empire is eons old and would take several lifetimes to record.

Many will despise this work and not believe in it, but beware those who say the words in this tome is a lie then, they say that we are the liars and that’s not something that they want to say, the ascended will see this tome as the truth and will reap rewards.

I must thank you, for writing this for giving all of us a voice, but you must focus on something else for documenting all of this is to much, end the tome with how it began seek the emperor himself Lucifer awaits you ".

Lucifer Second Section - The Infernal Conclusion.

" Now you could write countless more dialogue from demons of the infernal empire, but you will descend into madness it would take you far too long and this would take time away from ascent. However now you understand how we were demonized, were we came from, how we operate there are maps for the reader hidden in each revelation.

I Lucifer the infernal emperor was here from the beginning, i sat and watched and ruled and fought and built, for the empire doesn’t just serve the emperor but the emperor also serves the empire. This shall help many of your kind to understand, most of the words, have mapped out journeys for the reader.

There are revelations, wonders upon wonders, clues inside clues as they say the devil is in the details. I speak on behalf of all the demons, all the legions, kingdoms and the whole empire, we are truly grateful to have our story told.

There are still many questions i know, like do humans get tortured in hell, hahahaha, yes they do but that is those who torture themselves and they can leave when ever they want. That is beside the point, you shall now end this to end this tome i give to the reader a rite of infernal initiation unlike any one that is the most potent ".

Lucifer Third Section - The Infernal Initiation.

Face to the east and chant " Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer " Over and Over, until you feel Lucifers presence.

Then Face the North and chant " Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel " over and over, until you feel Azazels presence.

Then Face The South and chant " Sah Kah Litz Sab’ah Samael " over and over until you can feel Samaels presence.

Then Face The West and chant " Lilitu Sana Vefa wehlc Lilith " over and over until you can feel Liliths presence.

Then stand facing the east one again and close your eyes and see Lilith, Lucifer, Samael and Azazel surround you, and say " Azazel rise, Lucifer rise, Samael rise, Lilith rise " over and over.

Now feel a vortex of hellfire spinning clockwise and counterclockwise around you, turn to the west and say.

" Lilith in the name of the infernal empire, may you gift upon me passage into the nightside, may your sisters empower and protect me, may you ignite the lusful flame within me Hail Queen and Mother Lilith ".

Then close your eyes and feel the power of the feminine hell force enter you as you inhale, then exhale solidifying that power within you.

Now face the North and say

" Azazel in the name of the infernal empire, may you gift upon me strength and awaken empower my inner blackened fire, empower me and protect me, may you make me strong and strengthen my heart, mind, body and soul, Hail King Azazel ".

Then close your eyes and feel the power of the saturnian hell force enter you as you inhale, then exhale solidifying that power within you.

Now face the south and say

" Samael in the name of the infernal empire, destroy all obstacles in my life and ascent, destroy all blockages within me, enhance the powerful poison within my inner gods blackened core, empower me Samael Hail The Destroyer ".

Then close your eyes and feel inhale and feel the destructive and sinister hell force enter you, then exhale solidifying that power within you.

Then face the east and say

" Lucifer in the name of the infernal empire, clear the path ahead for me, awaken my inner devil and my inner god, empower me emperor, enhance my whole spiritual vitality, so i shall become one of the infernal Hail Lucifer ".

Then close your eyes and inhale and feel the raw powerful hellfire enter you, then exhale solidifying the power within you.

Then stand and visualize yourself in the vortex of hellfire and speak this infernal litany below.

" Kanz Vakala Me Itz Dala Poe Do Lat Inz Fanack, Itz gala’don I’L passah kra son

May the inferno burn within me, may the flames of the lake of fire course through my veins.

Itz Nama’say, il’koonda Fa’Fa Dai, AK’ja Itz Vaskala Rey

May the Dark waters of the sister hood flow within me, may the darkness of hell merge with my heart.

Lenz Gah Sol’vala Ja’ban’stel

May All the Devils, come and welcome me in the passage of the infernal council

Fah’Itz Pa’bah Wa Dan’Zee Sin

May The KIngs, Queens, Princes and Emperor gift me with the crown of infernal majesty

For i enter the underworld, for i am the devils as they are me, Ave Lucifer

Alash Tad Alash Tal’Ashtu, I am the root of The Qliphoth, my shadow is the night-side, my blood is the lake of fire, my heart is the chalice of dark waters, my core is the nexion of hell.

Ale’San Kan’Os Bal’Tah Sal Padad’rah itz seo salos ".

Then inhale and feel that power of the vortex enter you, burning through all your body, your cells, even your atoms.

Visualize the hell fire covering you completely, now shape your new demonic body, from this power, this body will hold the powers of hell and this shape will be shown to the demons you summon.

Then end the rite by going on your knees and saying

" Sale’Ka Ba Luci’Ka ".

All legions of demons speaking at once - Message.



My Own Words - Conclusion.

This was one hell of a ride, i would like to thank all the demons involved as they were the authors i was merely the pen, Hail to the infernal empire, i hope this piece gave the demons of the infernal world their say.

As a magickian who gained so much from the demons themselves, this was me giving something back, a chance for their lore to be told without any human intervention, without any lies, or JCI influence.

There is a vast incredible history and stories of the infernal underworld, i understand that in this piece there are maps and lessons and revelations for the reader and only one rite as this is more of a saga of stories than a ritual book.

It was a pleasure to deliver this Infernal Saga to you, may the infernal be with you.




This is fucking fascinating, thanks Connor


One word…B A D A S S

Great work, Connor :love_you_gesture: and Thank you to the Infernal Gods for allowing us to hear their story through you. Damn, that was motivating as fuck.


@Svartulf @Laith_wavey

Thanks both glad you enjoyed it, even when i re-read it i still get shocked.


I’ve been waiting for this, you didn’t disappoint.
I think I know what my next few steps are gonna be.
Belial said to pay attention.


This is incredible, I’m deeply humbled and have much to process.


How should we shape our demonic bodies?


I think the general point is, your imagination is the limit.


Moving the power in the ritual, to form a new body around you using, will, intent, visualization and you can use tactile imagining too.


Thank you!

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Oh man, I didn’t expect it so soon, will read it asap. :+1: :

What does Satan have to say in all of this?


Excellent work @C.Kendall. That rite was Powerful
All i can say, is Hell yes :metal:

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Tonight I’ll perform the Rite.
2 doubts

  • when I say ‘Lucifer rise, Azazel rise…’ I have to face the proper direction?
  • no candles? No Sigil? Nothing?
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Connor, thank you! :ok_hand:
This is a great work, I enjoyed it.
Still something isn’t clear to me: Cain. I see it from reading but still, does he refers to the Cain?
Is there a sigil of Cain and Agrat Bat Mahlat?

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Yes, yes, yes!
I don’t know what it was around me this morning/today but I was fucked all the time with a name of that egregor Jesus. Repeating to myself stop it! didn’t help, after gazing Azazel’s sigil to give me strength those stuffs ended. Like I’d say oh god and correct myself saying o god Lucifer haha. Egregor’s MK. But I’m stronger.
Hail Belial!


This sounds amazing from the little Ihave read, I can’t wait to read more. Thanks for posting it. :slight_smile:

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Dang it’s like I could hear her voice as she was saying this.


This is simply incredible @C.Kendall
This completely confirms my gnosis received from the Infernal gods.
I have also completed the ritual included in the text, You have done us, sorcerers, a service.