There Is Not a Sharp Distinction Between LHP and RHP

Some of us saw this topic. Demons say their actual history, how they demonized when they were Gods/Goddesses :

So, what was the actual role of devil ?
Devil was the 2, questioning the unity of God (1). But at the same time, he was the creative force (at the demonized form, destructive and divider)

And additionally, “creating your own universe” is not special to Left Hand Path, Magus degree of Astrum Argenteum (Thelemic order) has same aim :

Maybe this is why the demons emphasizes the importance of working with both darkness and light.

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I don’t call them demons and I don’t believe in either rhp or lhp… all these are, are labels to help you communicate what your philosophy is to other people. So use thier labels so you are understood best, otherwise why are you talking to them?

I’d caution against overthinking it and creating dogma where there doesn’t need to be any.

Do what you want. If you want to help people all day why not? If you want to help yourself why not? Why tie yourself in knots over language?

The whole energy of putting people in boxes is so Middle Ages :joy: . I think a lot of people end up just saying they’re middle path or grey to avoid that and keep the flexibility. :woman_shrugging:


Yep, I’m a damned witch. That’s the easiest way to explain my brand of kitchen witchcraft, techno magic and energetic work.

I do goods where I can cuz I feel like that’s what I’m supposed to do, but sometimes people won’t take a hint and need a little special reminder to gtfo.

I pretty much feel like we are all individuals, I can’t tell you what the perfect mate for anyone but myself looks like, so I surely can’t claim to know what everyone’s path to the end should look like.

I’m not really sure everyone should make it to the end this time anyways, I’ve got confusion on a few things that seem like fundamentals to me due to conflicting experiences in two directions and I find most people can eventually find the right path for them that is productive and rewarding if they actually want to.

I don’t personally think there’s a need for distinction between the two simply because you should learn aspects of both, doesn’t a doctor know most of the ways they could kill a person? A pharmacist the ways chemical interactions could fuck the patient up?

I realize with technology and less old school teaching fewer people have the basics of some of these actually learned but the premise is the same and to actually be good at those things or anything you really should at least expose yourself to well rounded viewpoint rather than simply two directions.

You may find there’s a million (rhetorical number) different directions and that they actually all lead to essentially the same place if followed through.

I did at least :woman_shrugging:

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The “Eternal war between Positive energy and Negative”". This MIGHT sum up the whole, Good/Bad, Light//Dark, Heaven/Hell, Pleasure/Pain, Love/Hate, Selfishness/Selflessness, etc… dualities.