Angels, Spirits, Deities for recovering lost love?

I am running through a very hard time of my life where the one I loved left me, and we haven’t talked since. I tried ritual nr2 from Damon Brand’s book, Magickal Seduction and a Word of Power to recover lost love, but nothing. I was planning to spend the rest of my life with this person and I know things can be fixed, but just need a little nudge, as she won’t talk to me. I don’t want to mess with this person’s free will or cause any harm. I saw in here that someone used Santa Muerte for this kind of stuff, but I don’t know if I could dedicate my entire life (don’t mean to be shallow or disrespectful). Maybe I will if that’s what it takes, but I don’t want any evil stuff. My heart is broken like never before and all I want is another chance, a sign from this person, guidance, whatever. Please help me out…


If you call upon any spirit to bring her back to you, you will be messing with this person’s free will. There’s no getting away from that. It is her choice not to talk to you, so if you manipulate her mind to get her to talk, then you have already messed with her free will. You can’t really say otherwise, so just keep that in mind because if you feel any guilt about it, it can come back to bite you in the ass (not through “karma,” but through a self fulfilling curse brought on by your own guilt about your actions).

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So the solution would be to let go of guilt? God, I feel like some kind of monster or stalker right now, and I swear I’m not :sweat_smile:

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Essentially, yes. If you want to use magick to bring a lover back, then you have to face up to the fact that you will be manipulating this person’s free will. You can’t lie to yourself about it. You need to own your actions, and take responsibility for the consequences that result from them.

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Is there any chance something pure and genuine could result from this? I don’t want this person to be my slave or anything…

It’s possible, but it would really be up to the other person involved. What you are trying to do by calling upon a spirit to bring her back, is override her will with your own. You think you know what is best for her, even though what you really want is what is best for you, so you want to coerce her in coming back to you. Because of such thinking, most love spells are only temporary, and the individual’s own will eventually reasserts itself and fights off the magick.

People often ignore the fact that Love spells upon a specific person are actually a form of Coercive/Manipulative Magick.

If you want something genuine, and you truly do not want to infringe upon her free will, then you need to change your intent from “bring her back to me,” to “rekindle the love we once shared.” If there is still a spark within her, a spirit can stoke it into a fire, and she will come back of her own free will, but you also have to accept that she still might not because It is very possible to have love for someone but know the relationship just won’t work.

I can’t speak about Santa Muerte in matters of love because I do not work with Her. I personally recommend the Spirit Tul, from Kingdoms of Flame:

Tul is “knowledgeable in all matters of love. He will reveal to the magician that summons him the secrets and the knowledge of love and Soul Mates. He can see the heart’s truth, and knows what must be done to win the love of another, or to find love within oneself.”


I forgot to mention that with what I’ve done so far, i said something along the lines of rekindle the love, heal the relationship, not bring her back. Ultimately I want something pure and rekindling of love and a little courage from her is all that I need. Can you provide me with some ritual or means to contact this Tul?

Or some practical reading material like Damon Brand’s books or something like that

Damon brand’s rituals haven’t worked for me so far …be it money/love or anything.

Is the person still in contact with you and single?
How difficult is the situation?

Tul’s sigil is available on the forum. You’ll find it in this thread:

You can open his seal the same way you open any spirit’s seal.


I don’t know much about this. The only way I know is to focus on the negative feelings regarding the situation, look at the sigil, imagine how it would feel like to have accomplished my desire and then say something. Correct me if I’m wrong or advise me in a better way

When members of the forum speak of “opening” a spirit seal, this is the technique we are referring to:

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She is single. I used the Words of Power book and recited the Recover Lost Love one last week. The day after, when I was completely unexpecting, she messaged me, but I was with a friend and he told me to respond in a more detached, sort of uncaring way. I did give out a small hint of my feelings but she didn’t replied ever since. She vented out a little frustration that I seem to have much more fun now than when I was with her (not true at all. I am going out more often and already met other people, but just can’t do anything, it’s not what I want and I seem to struggle to have fun) and that makes me dishonest, that is pretty much all. In a way it worked, and the reason I took this friend’s advice that night was that I was so excited that the magick worked and decided to let myself in the arms of fate so to speak and did as he advised. Maybe I should have been something like “I want you back, I miss you” but I didn’t want to seem desperate and scare her.

Aphrodite, Ishtar, Lilith seems appropriate here, albeit in different ways.

Lunar and water spirits can also help change her feelings and opinions on the situation.

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Can you please provide me with more info or some practical reading material? I’m new to all this

While I’m still doing all the pokemon stuff, how about Mespirit? Gives and takes emotions on a touch, watery in nature, generally gentle and non-aggressive, seems like a perfect fit, I’ll even give you a mantra I used for him in the past if you want.

Yes, please provide me with some practical reading material if you can, or any resource

General idea from it is that everything is firstly energy, and therefore all things have to have had an energetic foundation that manifests itself to us in some form, whether it be thoughts, as a spirit, or in some cases, fiction.

Just like how some of the Taoist deities were simply characters in old chinese folk plays, you can tap into the forces behind Mespirit to bring about results.

@Harry2018 i found that it works after we had placed it away for a while then pick the book up again then it will work i dont know why but it didnt work for me tge first time also but after that words of power and the other books of gallery worked .thr tip is that really need to connect to it in a way like your bringing the magick to life.its like just for that short period your doing the short process be one with it

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This might be the best method for getting them back without messing with their free will, talk to them telepathically and send them love everyday.

It hasn’t got the person I want back but I can talk to them any time now and I can feel his energy and the energy got stronger and stronger and I was like this is his energy I know it, I know by the way I would laugh at the time cause no one else would make me laugh like that.
And around 7:00 every day I felt he would let me in and I felt this amazing sense of love energy and then it would go away closer to 8 or 9.

Oh this was actually a huge fucking deal too because this person had sent me demons to attack me when things ended and I was demonically binded, at one point from even thinking about him. lol that was bad lol. I telepathically talked him down, got into a huge magick war for months, so I was for the most part blocked from even trying what I am telling you to do, for the longest time, let alone getting emotion from him back.

Then one day I saw him at a taco time, we gave eachother looks like we saw a ghost but I wasn’t even sure it was him.

Then later I was using 4 Angels to help me get him back from Damon Brands 72 Angels book.
Most of it didn’t mess with his will, one thing may have slightly. And then I finally worked up the courage to text him.

He responded back and asked if it was me at the taco time. lol
Um as long as this is I’m leaving out some details. lol

Shortly after he attacked me with Angels and put another insomnia spell on me. lol he is so silly. lol I think I may text him again soon. lol It is always so interesting every time I do.

I did another 11 day round of 72 angels this time only instead of for I did more like 17 a day or so. lol, No jokes! I said only things to guide me, do not effect his beautiful, beautiful will. I sent him some epic emails the week of

Sent him the photo too, along with many other cute and sweet ones.
He was sick of all my long ass emails but it’s so hard to send him short ones.
I just find him, so, so, inspiring, and without him I can barely write or feel much of anything for any man for that matter. Still not too sure he knows how I feel sometimes. sigh

Anyways because I sent him such long letters, oh PS my first attempt back when I sent the text, I originally tried to send this super long email and got rejected by google and bounced back partly because it was too long lol.

Anyways I sent him a video with that royalty free for youtube videos song that is so good, that kid from the fourth grade on loop as my robot read the long email to him. I liked that too cause I was able to see the youtube analytics that he watched my private video twice.

I felt amazing love from him for two days, but he decided not to call and on the third day he had Angels around him, I felt, they were like angelic body guards that were like “Okay groupy you had your time get in the back of the line.” lol

So I can’t say it is perfect, or even perfectly ethical as it can be a form of Psychic vampirism, but the good news is he does let me in sometimes. I know it is him and he kicks me out if he really doesn’t want me.

Anyways something something, I won’t get into and now I think I will text or email him soon. Please wish me luck!

Anyways here is another way to think of love magick for this forum.
On one hand pretty much all love magick is going against their will, but what I think I have learned is that on some level they want you too, but what they want is in your life and in your actions, when they aren’t around to perform the magick ritual of actually loving them.

Sometimes it makes a pretty weird ass ritual surprisingly!!! but that is what I think I have found.
I don’t know what people think of this, comment and say if you like, and please wish me luck, I may need it still.

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