Giving thanks - Success story, but in a different way

Hello there. Long time no post. So last summer I started dabbling into magic, angels and demons with the main purpose to get back with my ex. I found about this forum by accident (and loved it ever since) and I practically did every possible thing I could do, from jar spells, love spells, asking multiple angles and demons to help me with this, drawing sigils, offering blood, the whole deal (you can actually look for my posts for a more detailed story or something). And I’ve gone through a hell lot of pain because all I was getting were small signs here and there, but in the end nothing connected and the break up decision was final. Funny thing is I always had 3 or 4 other persons willing to replace my ex but you know how this goes. Anyway I digress. Although I didn’t manage to bring her back, I chose to move on but I kept working with demons, mainly Lucifer, just because I started to really love HIM and all of this actually. Unfortunately, due to lack of time and sometimes laziness, I didn’t do any rituals or something, I would just listen to enns and chant whenever I had the chance, because I want to show that I am serious and dedicated and befriend these gods.

And now for the INTERESTING PART, the thing is that although I didn’t manage to get my ex back, I’ve met a lot, and I mean a lot of other girls and recently I’ve met a girl who is 99.9% just like her, and I’m not even kidding. From her looks, to her character, she’s the same, and even a little better if I may add. Fuck it, she even lives in the same neighborhood as my ex, like 5 minutes from her. I kid you not this is fucking amazing. When I forgot about everything, this happened when I was least expecting it. The only main difference here is that she’s 2 years younger and has blonde hair. Some may say I didn’t actually moved on or that I’m superficial? Whatevs. So I wanna thank:
-Lord Lucifer
-Lord Satan
-King Belial
-King Paimon
-King Beleth
-Prince Sitri
-Duke Sallos
-Duke Dantalion
-Duke Agares
-Marquis Amon
-Prince Ipos
-Marquis Orias
-Guardian Angel Asaliah
-Santa Muerte (I don’t work with her anymore)

Much love. Hail Satan and all of the Angels and Demons!


This doesn’t have much to do with your post, but I have a question for other members of the forum.

Why is it that love spells rarely ever work? Like these are the kings of hell, they should be able to easily manipulate the minds of people, right?

It seems just from speculation he did everything right, invoked demons, and then at least eventually let go of the lust of result.


Maybe it’s about free will, or how strong that person is OR maybe they didn’t consider I would be able to grow if I were to get back with my ex. And it’s true. Since we parted, I really evolved and did a TON of stuff that I never was able to do with her, like joining a band and having my first ever concert with a full joint (was fucking awesome). Someone here on the forum was kind enough to do a reading with Santa Muerte for me and found out that if I were to get back with that person, only misery, fights and eventually suicide? was in the works for me or something like that. So I would also like to thank her! Dunno if I should post her name