Stressed student? Having exam trouble? Look here

Can you please share your experiences with (or gnosis about) Prince Seere that brought you to suggest him on this thread? I’m curious and thanks in advance!

GoM book says that he can make you achieve more in less time, I petitioned him to retain enough info to pass an exam, the day before… I was impressed how quickly I went trough the material the same evening, now I don’t know yet If I passed it or not but the surge of academic productivity was very noticeable after the ritual.


Wow thanks!

Here’s also another very important take for this topic :

If you’re trying to pass a subject that’s boring to you, that really makes you nauseous but you need to force yourself to last minute study it : DO NOT work with Andrealphus ALONE, ask also some other demons mentioned here , I would personally go for Seere as he’s been so awesome with me.

Andrealphus has the reputation to increase your memory and ability to use the knowledge to attain good grades but if you absolutely need this drive to study something that terribly bores you, it won’t help you in that regard