Stressed student? Having exam trouble? Look here

I really hope so. I want to learn as much as i possibly can! making some friends along the way would be so way cool !!


Is there a spirit that would be geared more specifically towards medical studies? Or does it matter?


Let me check my library for you.


The archangel Raphael.


This whats I got:

  1. Vehuiah and Bael
    To expand consciousness, especially in the sciences.

    To empower you to learn about science.

Understand science. If you’re studying science, this power has immediate and obvious value.

    To cause breakthroughs in areas of research, design, and science.

Quantum leaps. If you work in any area of science or design, use this power when you feel your work has become uninspired or when your
development is blocked. It will create a sudden leap of intuition that enables your work to progress.

    To assist with the study of science or architecture.

Clarify the science of connections. If you work in science, architecture, or any other area where connections are important, this power can be used to clarify and even inspire your thoughts. If this sounds abstract to you, it
probably doesn’t apply, but if you know that you work with the science of connections (and that can even apply in marketing or in the arts) then you can improve your understanding of those connections with this power.

  1. Damabiah and Andrealphus
    To improve the ability to learn and understand science and mathematics.

I wasn’t sure about the Mighty and Powerful Arch Angel Raphael, but in that case Marbas could probably also help you.


Can you work with him like with the spirits mentioned in the posts and videos? Does he have a sigil to use?

I guess I need to do a search. I think i would like to connect with him. My goal is Nurse Practitioner but I still have so much school to go!

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I can find what i need about these spirits on the forum?

This is alot of help and so many choices! I dont know where to start.

Thank you. You are a life saver. If i can do it. How do you know if its worked? Like you made the connection and they are helpinging you? I guess the grades would be the big sign.

But can you have validation right away?


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If you don’t actively search, you will not know :nerd_face:

Divination or psychic abilities.

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Nice! That is perfect!

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You are right. Time to work that search icon.

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Research these spirits (preparatory immersion) Which one you want to work on the most, is the one that is calling you

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I was just about to ask how do you know which one to work with.

Can you work with more than one at a time? I think just starting out though one would be good.

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I know

Depends what you define “more than one at the time” if you are talking about a moment, as in an time duration than, yes you can have multiple different workings running at a moment in time.

If you are asking if you can work with multiple spirits for one goal, than what I would say is this, I have read that its best to work with different spirits at different angles, still trying to achieve one goal.

Im not sure i understand what you mean when you say work with different spirits at different angles?

Let’s say you want money, that is the (one) goal.
Different angles could mean, different sources of income, or meeting the right appropriate people, being wise with saving and spending.

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Ok. I see. That would be interesting to tackle.

Each specific area having its own spirit could have a stronger outcome all together. Like a specialist for each thing to reach a greater goal.

Like losing weight, you could have a primary doctor, a dietitian and a trainer. But the great goal is getting fit.

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Do you know any entity geared towards coding ?

Coding, is just science at the end of the day, right?

You need a being that can increase your learning and absorption capability.

Or Xaturring (big maybe)

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What do you mean by( big maybe)