Simon's Necronomicon Love Spell

It the love spell from the book called the: “To Win the Love of a Woman” where you need to chant out a group of I think are Sumerian phrases over a apple or pomegranate three times. Then you either give the fruit to the girl you desired to taste or turn the fruit into juice or sauce and mixed it with your aftershave or cologne and have the girl smell it instead. Since it suppose to have a effect either way. Also people have told me that it much more stronger and powerful then a regular love spell and is suppose to work every time too.

Has anyone tried out this spell and if you did then what were your experiences with this love spell?


Before posting a bunch of stuff about the Simon Necronomicon like you stated you were going to do in your introduction, please use the forum’s search function as there are a lot of threads about the book and other related versions, and you may just be repeating what has already been posted.


That true but I made sure to search every topic about the Simon’s Necronomicon and none of them talk about the experiences that people had with it love spell.


Good. You did your homework. That makes you one of the few :slight_smile:

I myself have limited experience working from the book. The only spell I used was the sigil ritual for money with one of the 50 names.


A newbie who did his homework.


I’m out.


Did it work?




Didn’t new the smelling part since it is not mentioned in the book.
Interesting fact.


On which page is the money spell? i can’t find it.
The Simon Necronomicon, right? Or the Necronomicon Spellbook? Since the lovespell is in the Simon Necronomicon


This love ankour works very well for attracting women. The full ritual is on pp110 and 111 of the Necronomicon by Simon (Peter Levendra).

I remember a dedicated Necronomicon magician wrote this about the trilogy rites of Libat way back in the day.

The rites of Libat are the use of this spell in a trilogy:

  • Preliminary Purification Invocation
  • To Win the Love of A Woman, and
  • To Recover Potency.

Ideally, you want to do all three of these; they work together and are interrelated.

I’d personally modify this ritual to add Venus-reltated correspondences to it. Here’s how:

I’d do this on a Friday during a Moon hour. I use Lunarium to find planetary hours. For example, tomorrow is the day of Venus, and there are 3 Moon hours. 12:56 to 2:02pm and 8:26 to 9:20pm during the day, and 2:44 to 3:38am on Saturday morning. I’d do the ritual at all 3 Lunar hours to cast this as a triple spell.

Preliminary Purification Invocation
I’d record myself reading this chant, set it to infinite repeat, and repeat this while taking a purification bath:

Bright One of the Heavens, wise ISHTAR
Mistress of the Gods, whose “yes” is truly “yes”
Proud One among the Gods, whose command is supreme
Mistress of Heaven and of Earth, who rules in all places
ISHTAR, at your Name all heads are bowed down
I NN (< your name here >, son < your mother’s maiden name >)
Have bowed down before you
May my body be purified like lapis lazuli!
May my face be bright like alabaster!
Like shining silver and reddish gold may I not be dull!

I’d continue the chant while anointing myself with Come To Me oil on my forehead, lips, chest, and penis.

I’d continue the chant while setting up an altar with

  • a sigil of Ishtar on 8.5 x 11’ paper
  • a white vulva candle, with my beloved’s name carved on and anointed with Come To Me oil
  • an Apple or Pomegranate on top of the sigil, with a Cherry. Or, an Avocado to modernize this spell. Millenials love Avocados.
  • decorate the altar with Aster and fresh Basil.
  • a Harp string no.5 (in A) or no.6 (in G). Ishtar’s note is G#, which is between these two.

I’d continue to chant while incensing the ritual room with a mix of sandalwood, vanilla, and cinnamon.

To Win the Love of a Woman
I’d hold the fruit in my hands until it was warm, while thinking of my beloved and conjuring her subconscious to hear and obey, in the name of Ishtar, and as her earthly avatar.

I’d chant this 3x over the fruit:

Munus sigsigga ag bara ye
Innin aggish xashxur gishnu urma
Shaziga bara ye
Zigashubba na agsishamaziga
Namza ye innin durre esh akki
Ugu agba andagub!

Or, i could use the longer chant 3x over the fruit. The longer chant is found here, and it is:

Munus sig sigga ag bara ye
Munus sig sigga ag bara ye
Zi kanpa agga zapur dingir ye barra
Innus dugi ig karaggu sunnis
Innin aggish xashxur gishnu urma!
Innin aggish xashxur gishnu urma!
Arumi is issal dingir aru ye
Aggira aggish usha innunzu tull
Shaziga bara ye
Shaziga bara ye
Ye kiggeli is ye ze munnu ag bara
zi dingir ana kanpa
Ziga shubba na agsi shama ziga!
Ziga shubba na agsi shama ziga!
Zi dingir kia kanpa
Nemza Ye innin durre esh akki
Nemza Ye innin durre esh akki
Shelles esh karatun nummuzi!
Shelles esh kia karaton nummuzi!
Ugu agba andagub
Zi nimmasu ulesh
munus sig sigga ag az bara ye

I’d then put the fruits on Ishtar’s altar sigil to charge them.

To Recover Potency
I’d tie 3 knots in the harp string, then entwine the string around both right and left hands.

I’d chant the following incantation 7 times INTO the liquid of this drink, as if it were a microphone, to charge the water in it:

Lillik im linu ush kiri
Lishtakssir erpetumma tiku littuk
Ni yish libbi ia lu amesh id ginmesh
ISHARI lu sayan sayammi ye
La urrada ultu muxxisha!

Between each chant, i’d sip some of the drink. At the end, i’d down the remainder in one shot.

I’d repeat the rite To Recover Potency over a cup of the above drink for a full lunar phase, again reading the chant into the drink, then downing it all.

If i had sex during that lunar cycle, i’d avoid ejaculating. The exception would be if i was having sex with my beloved, if she came to me before the end of the 29 day cycle. NoFap would be a good idea during this time period.

I’d give the fruit to the woman.

  • If an apple, i’d invite her out on a date. I’d buy her ice cream and M&Ms. I’d open the ice cream, mix in the candy, then core and dice the apple and add it in. Finally, i’d put the cherry on top and tell her to eat up. I’d hold her and tell her i want to take care of her as she eats.

  • If an avocado, i’d make her avocado toast at home, then feed it to her.

  • If feeding her fruits would make her wary, i’d create a perfume of the fruit and wear it when around her. I’d also smear some of the fruit juices onto a photo of her or her name written on paper and leave it on Inanna’s sigil to charge it, while burning the white vulva candle on top of both.

Caveat: Love magick is a BIND, meaning it’s a CURSE.

This is VERY MUCH a strings-attached ritual. If you just want to fuck some girl NSA and let her go about her business, do a lust ritual instead so you don’t tie her down or end up dealing with a crazy stalker of your own design.

Getting the right person to ingest the apple is key. I remember an old thread on OccultForums where a guy did this with applesauce and left it at the girl’s house. Her brother ate it. For months afterward, her brother’s feminine side came out when he visited her. She had no effect because she didn’t eat the apple.

Also, Hitman777 from OccultCorpus made applesauce for his beloved and left it at her house. She didn’t eat it; her family did. As he says, it was awkward afterward. There are many other testimonials about that love ankour on the thread; helpful to read and consider them. This thread from Studio Arcanoris has similar memorials to this spell and others like it. You have to log in to read the responses, but they offer advice, things to know, and food for thought.

Women who respond to this ritual and other binds like it tend to become hysterically obsessive and jealous for a while when the ritual kicks in. When you want to flirt with someone else, she’s not going to go for that and she will let you know this.

Love magick hits whoever takes the bait. Also it doesn’t undo itself when you change your mind. You’re stuck with them, warts and all. Consider these facts before you do long-term bindings or any type of love work that actually connects.

If you’re ok with this, go ahead and do this ritual. Keep us all posted on how it went for you if you go through with this.


Those are great modifications to the spell. And agree completely that you don’t flirt with someone else in front of a girl that you have already use the ritual on.

Since I told someone on an occult discord about this spell before and later on he tried the love spell out from this book on a girl at a bar. Said girl then got jealous when he started to flirt with other girls at the bar. Which cause the girl to become so enraged that she pepper sprayed the guy in the face and stabbed him in the arm.

This shows how powerful the ritual can be in both positive and negative ways and just need to be careful in that case.


Have you used the perfume method and have it worked? If it’s for someone who isn’t a fan of apples, could I also squeeze some of the juice onto or into something else that it would blend in with unnoticed?

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Nice and detailed versions.

I did a love spell, but one i’ve written myself using for instance literary techniques.
If the effects do not satisfy me i’m going to use the necronomicon one but with the perfume, since eating is no option here…

Or maybe chocolate?

Besides the other question, I do have one more I was wondering - if I use the Apple to make into something that I’m sharing with her, what would happen if I ate some of it? I’m assuming nothing really but before taking the chance, it’s good to know

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I’m thinking it’ll most likely make you love yourself more.

Which reminds me…

A long time ago on another magickal board, a woman who had low self-esteem asked what she could do about that issue. An experienced magician answered, telling her to use this Inanna ritual on herself to learn self-love, build her self-esteem, and gain self-confidence. She did it and reported back 3 months later that her life had changed. She learned to like herself, in the process attracting a bunch of suitors to herself without even trying.

From what i’ve seen in love magick boards, many people who look for love magick could use more self-esteem and self-confidence, so consider using this ritual on YOURSELF before doing it for anyone else.

After all, the relationship you have with yourself is by far the most important one you’ll experience with anyone, and the longest-lasting.


True fact.

But as a curse i think it’s very effective.
The only thing is that when sombody is in love, in this case my target was a woman, from an emotional perspective it can go all directions.
Its not just that you win her, in my case, i did a love spell previous week and she really tries to keep me on a distance…

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When you say you would burn the candle on top of the picture and sigil, is it ok to have the candle on a plate which is on those? Asking for obvious safety reasons


Anything that makes the ritual safer is ideal. Burning on a plate or with a candle-holder is a great idea

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I used this spell on myself, for shadow work. I can now say I love myself completely… maybe a little too much. Well it’s better than self hate lol