Can you really force love

That’s some crazy stuff, I can imagine the lengths people go to for success.
I have same way at looking to love spells, use it to enhance something you already have with someone or put little more umfff in the newly budding relationship.
It really bothers me sometimes seeing these forums on Facebook or where ever and most the feed is people wanting love spells. And you can see most don’t have any background or knowledge of black magick and don’t care too. They just think they can do a spell and poof, make this person want me, I see alot of straight up obsession.

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If it targeted a specific person that you had never interacted with or maybe seen once in passing, I feel it would be quite difficult. Firing off a love spell probably isn’t going to work; you have no influence in that person’s life. Say for example someone living in a tiny village in rural Wales casting a spell to make Barack Obama fall in love with them. That is exceptionally unlikely to ever result in anything.

In this case, hypothetically speaking, you would have more success approaching from a bunch of different angles. Cast a sigil to draw that person back into your life by coincidence. Make effort to go out in the mundane world to give the sigil room to work. Cast a sigil to give yourself an aura of charisma and allure, so you can actually make contact with the person. Once contact is established, cast a sigil to make them think warmly of you. And so on and so forth.


Yes, it is possible. Emotions are among the easiest things to create through magick. However, it will not last because you are going completely against someone’s freedom of choice and creating artificial neurochemical reactions so, like any drug, the effect will be temporary unless you can anchor those emotions in the real world.


The two things you never, ever interfere with are love and happiness.

Happiness is created by seeing the blessings you already have and being grateful for them.

Love spells and break up spells, you’re headed straight for a disaster. If you want to find love, do it the old fashioned way.

Meet people in person and go courting. I’ve never done a love spell. And my version of a break up spell was to cut off ties to a person who lives in my town.

Frankly - you attract what you seek.

Have a wonderful day.


I agree with you, I would never do this sorta spell myself, I don’t beleive in forcing your will on someone for love, like you said, let it come naturally. And from what I’m hearing it never turns out good anyway.

Yes that seems to be what most people are saying, that you can do it but it won’t last or will turn out bad and have a negative effect in the end. I personally could never do this kinda spell, just doesn’t seem right playing with someone emotions when it comes to love.

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$adly, it does work.

Sadly, for 2 reasons.

Those, requesting it usually aren’t emotionally stable enough to do what the seek, at least in that very moment.
Confidence is key when doing any kind of attraction magick.

On the other hand,
doing it on a complete stranger,
is a broad wide invetation for troubles or issues to come forth from that.

And… I’m not allowed to speak any further on that topic,
since i’ve been involved with a case that turned out to be difficult.

So, even tho i am speaking from expierience there,
i woun’t share much else there.




It’s because it has to deal with free will. In retrospect, maybe the “stranger” knew what was being done. Felt the spell and knew going down that road would be difficulty into their life.

Love has to be in purest form if it is to work - meaning, you have to accept all parts of that person. The good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty, the dark, and the light. Even the weird, brutally honest desires of the other person. If you cannot or simply will not look over petty differences, than the ego gets in the way. And you miss out on opportunities for the heart to grow if you’re not humble to look past the faults that do not really matter. Do you know how many petty fights start over how to squishy-squish the toothpaste?

Maybe the “stranger” you’re doing the love spell for already knows the spirit of the other person and simply, because of their background will not be the first to approach. Or it could possibly be the “strangers” you’re trying to put together or do the love spell on - maybe the other party already loves the other person - despite the circumstances.

Or it could possibly be that the “stranger” is humble enough to realize that they are not ready for a relationship that could end in complete happiness beyond their wildest dreams. Also, while I understand I am going on a complete tangent here - maybe the other person is completely disgusted with how the other person treats people.

With all due respect, love is given. It’s never taken. Or maybe the person who wants to be with the “stranger” realizes they are already in love with the “stranger” - but not willing to make a move because they are already locked into something else and the “stranger” realizes they must move on.

Or really, it could be the fact a stranger is disgusted with how the other person treats people. Like never acknowledging certain aspects of the human soul.

Or really, how do a lamb and a goat make a life? How does a follower of Satan and a follower of Christ make a happy home? Hmmmm? Yes, going on a tangent is what I do best. Not apologizing for it.

The heart want what the heart wants; however, something has to go. When people are polar opposites, most of the time logic comes into play. Maybe one wants children, the other does not. Maybe one wants Egypt and the other one wants to stay in hell.

Or maybe simply, the strangers are to stubborn to see each other for who they are. Maybe one is scared and the other is prideful. Who knows. It doesn’t really matter, does it?

She loves him, but he’s to stupid to see a friendship offered and throws it down the toilet. So, she simply moves on with her life and tries the best she can to handle the heartache.

But anyways, @Yberion - love is given. Never taken. You cannot force two people to be together. And even though I know not what you talk of - sometimes a stranger would be willing to open the door if the other party just rang the doorbell.

But it really doesn’t matter what I think - because loving yourself is important to.

I’ve said enough.



Just another thought: And maybe, just maybe it took the stranger an entire year to realize what they wanted. However, events can be turned around. Paths can change. It’s not a set road.

For aren’t Satan and Christ the same? Do they not teach? Whom I follow, no one. For I am the rising star and the rising sun. For man is completely stupidfied when a woman speaks her truth. The glass falls.

For. Ehhhehmmmm. Neith and Gaia are embodiment of each other. But, shoulder shrug, no one ever connects the dots.

Many a chessboard has been flipped over by Queens who are tired of men not leveling up
So, men as well as women are to be Ma’at - meaning balanced. If one is not okay being by themselves and completely different than the crowd - they will be crushed when others leave.

Love cannot be bought. It’s simply free.

Courage takes faith in love. In anything. But I will find what I am looking for. Because I’m that determined.

And to the OP @Path_of_9, good topic. However, I will say that love comes softly. It comes with time. It comes with understanding.

It’s not an easy road. And I learned from the best, my Father. My Dad loved his kids, he loved my Mother - even after they were divorced. I’m a grown woman, and I’ve still got the man wrapped around my pinky.

If you are looking for love, write a list of what you want. The real Magick in love happens when you can see the soul.

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Saying that love spells are binding and don’t last is contradictory.

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No you can’t. Love spells are literally just curses that wipe out people’s free will. It’s like drug and eventually that drugs go away.


And you cannot make girls like you for spending money on them. Love cannot be buyed.

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Yes, exactly!
That is also why so many love spells go wrong. They backfire and the target gets angry and hateful or the target or operator gets obsessed. When used more often, the psychological effect on the long run is usually the operator (or client) feels unworthy to be loved without the use of magick or tricks.

They are in fact very similar to baneful spells, I might even go so far as that they might’ve originally been designed to be baneful. At least in my experiments in seeing how the mechanics of love spells work, I’ve had better results employing them in a more baneful manner than with desire as cause.


I have experienced “true love” in my life. It was never forced/contrived , it was always natural.

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Yes it’s possible.

Love magick is curse work, a form of binding and domination.

There are ways to do love magick. Forcing love is not an effective way to do the work (even though most people do that).


The problem is it won’t last. Reality may be elastic, but it always snaps back, and that snap back causes whiplash emotionally and spiritually unless you are wise enough to set up a buffer system along the way that eases it. But no matter how you approach it, you still have to manage things returning to their previous state, because the universal rule of magick is equilibrium. Marvels are simply putting things out of equilibrium and using that effect to our benefit. OR perceiving things from a higher perspective and performing natural acts that have predicted outcomes that seem like marvels.

Point- you can’t beat equilibrium.


Well said.

It’s called Stockholm Syndrome :joy: Worst love spell ever!

Only obsession and lust and infatuation. Actual love is a choice i think

100% agreed. This is why i refuse to do love spells, even though i know how to do so and have written quite a few on here before.