I need help: Simon’s Necronomicon Love Spell

Hello, I would like to ask @Lady_Eva and the community in general that have worked with inana or isthar which I assume is the same astaroth, in the apple spell mentioned in this link:
Simon’s Necronomicon Love Spell

Can you mention the success stories you have had by performing this spell?
in the previous link it is mentioned that you can make a perfume with the apple but you can give it to the target person to eat the spell, (this is my case) I am in the creation phase of the alcohol-based perfume, fixative, the apple juice, and essence.
the problem is that in this thread he mentions it, but all the reference links are broken, and look in the forum to find out who had done this spell before and ask for some advice, and how much success there is with this spell, because I knew about this spell by this thread:

Is it possible to make someone gay through magick?

The mention was made by a user (defectron), whose account has been suspended, so I could not contact him either.
So I thought that by mentioning this spell and saying that love between two men could still be born, I thought; This spell is really something, so I decided to do it as indicated in the first link that I shared when starting this topic.
There, that user also mentions that you can apply the apple juices on the photo of the target person, so I have the photo, but I will apply the perfume once it is finished.

I want to let you know that the person targeted by the spell, came close to my house a few days ago, and something happened that I did not expect, he kept looking me in the eye, suddenly he hid, then he left the place where he was with an excuse giving me the back while smiling and blushing, and then suddenly turned to me, his face flushed without saying anything to me and smiling, he said nothing to me, but the incredible thing comes now, and it is that while that was happening, I saw with my physical eyes a black energy that was around him and that this black energy came from me. and I just started to feel that the light bothered my eyes, to the point that my eyes cried, it seemed like the ripples that are made in the water when launching an object into a pool of water.

also after that happened to me, I went to the room where I do my rituals to lucifer and the demons because there I have the photo of that person, and suddenly I felt a smell of a burned plant with a fragrant smell.

I don’t know if you can give me your opinions about what is happening?

I intended to reload the perfume once made on the crescent moon on Venus in moonlight with the seal of isthar and an offering to this goddess.

Sorry my bad English, I thank you for your answers in advance.