Astarte Sex Slave Ritual

Slowly but surely working, wome people may be workking against me but that doesnt matter it definetly is working. He picked q different being who takes longer but thats fine. As he has stated sometimes this takes a while depending on the situation

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Ok. Good to know its coming slowly but surely.



Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did. It has been almost a year since my spell was cast and so far nothing! In fact I have not seen her since the end of the year. She went away. I had high hopes for this spell. At the very least I hope it will prevent her from being with anybody else. If I can’t have her, I don’t want anybody to.


I had it done twice and both I didn’t see any results, except freak one out. So I’d stay, fuck love spells and just better yourself. And make a connection to a spirit who will help you vs via middle man


Never heard of it.

Read through the comment section. Didn’t see much in the way of success stories.

From what i gather, this ritual is a variation of the Necronomicon where JS evokes the spirit and your higher self. That seems like it can work - calling in a person’s higher self is powerful for reprogramming minds at a subconscious level.

I wrote a version of the Necronomicon ritual straight out of the book. You can find it here. If you haven’t bought the Astarte Sex Slave Ritual (or can’t afford it), the Necronomicon ritual is there for you to do yourself.


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Have faith and if need be evoke the spirit he used and ask it whats going on.

I don’t know about J.S. Garrett’s other spells, but his love spell definitely does NOT work. Maybe he should rebrand it as the “Drive Someone Away Spell” since that seems to be the common outcome.

Maybe I should give up on love and concentrate on wealth, Any wealth spells out there that work?

The massive amount of energy generated from a blood sacrifice to Astarte should at the very least tip the scales massively in your favour. He did the rite of deification for me twice and the second time was even more powerful. So I believe him
But even after a blood sacrifice, being attached and doubting the magick is never good


Ive seen his spell work. Its just as much youre belief as anything else with magic and spells

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Maybe it has worked, but I have seen no testimonies on this forum.


Maybe the effects are more noticeable if instead of another doing this spell. It is performed by the one that needs this love spell to work?


Maybe i think that depends, people have said it works tho so you never know. This working also depends on youre belief as much as JS belief. Burn q red candlenon the jar to reinforce it and see if that helps, he did mention having to forget about it for it to manifest.

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Since this spell does not work, is there an actual love spell out there that does? I’m talking about a proven spell.


Nope. All of them have a possibility to work or not work.

sv6. There is a huge difference between this and the rite of deification. In this, he is trying to influence the world and other people.

In rite of deification, he is only influencing you and higher self. The only blockage to rite of deification is you.

Still the the knowledge he has shared with the world proves that he’s very much the real deal and has a powerful contact with Astarte and the spirits he works with. I’ve had very good experiences from what I’ve learned from him in consultations, reading his work and watching his videos. I have no doubt he does this ritual properly


For example At 30 minutes into this video he demonstrates a way to work with Astarte and Shemyaza’s sigils - YouTube. I highly recommend experimenting with these sigils


Any results?