Sigil of Lust

Greetings all,

I have created a sigil that can inflame a target with raw sexual passion and lust for the operator. It can make a target lust for you or someone else, depending on your motive. This sigil is based on the energy of King Beleth which was used to charge it. The instructions for use is the same as with using any sigil. Your intent is most important. You can place a photograph next to or over the sigil of the target. If you are trying to hook 2 people up, place one photograph on the left and the other on the right. Imagine the energy binding them together as it flows through the sigil.
Remember it’s already charged and ready to use. Give it a try if you need and do let me know of your results.



Have you used this yet? :slight_smile: Most of us will have more interest if you could enlighten us to what you have experienced when employing this, and how effective it was for you. :grinning: Was it channeled directly from Beleth, or his energy channeled into it, or inspired by him, or simply made with your intent to have his energy charge it?

It is a beautiful sigil, but it would do us all well, to remember that without much knowledge of where something came from, and the experience the op and others have had with this, that we have no real idea what it is and whether or not it is safe to use, and with which practices it jives well with, as well as what the results of using it might lead to, we are only aware at this point of the Op’s stated intent with it. :slight_smile:


Ok. I’ll give it a try and update. Do I have to print it or I can draw the sigil?

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Is it okay if the photo is on a mobile phone , placed next to the sigil , or should it be a photograph on paper?


For all seals it’s best if you have it on paper. That way you can add ritual items to it. Also, it’s more powerful if you have it on paper, especially if you draw it yourself.


Quickly used it on myself for myself. Raw animal passion. Heavy breathing. I touch the skin on my neck and it’s smooth. Like freakishly smooth.

It works.


Yeah I know , I would keep the sigil on paper , I meant the picture of the person , is it okay if that is on the phone , or should that be on paper as well?

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A dumb question guys sorry do i draw the sigil and out the picture near it thats all😅

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Yeah if you draw it over on paper it just makes the connection stronger than say vs watching it on your phone or pc…

Not saying it won’t work either way… By drawing it you just make a more personal connection.

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Saying what what?


What do you mean?? Saying what what???

Use the sigil and open it after drawing it…

If you don’t know how to, there’s literally thousands of threads on the search function

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I would love to use this.
I will keep this in my archives.
Thank you.

Hi love the idea
But I have a question
As I understand EVERYTHING has a Freq & energy about it and all of this adds to a total that you are using and working with yes?

Now I have noticed that you have used four colours, three in ink and one for the background, do they or the energy they add to the sigil have any affect on it’s out come at all?



Please I enjoy all going on, please if I draw it how do I opened it, I have heard, please teach me how to open the Sigil

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I know it may seem redundant to say this, but please use the forum’s search function. There are countless posts about opening sigils, how to do it, why it’s done, etc. Here’s a post:


Thank you very much,I will practice it, if I may asked, do I need to alter any word while looking it after the flashing.

Does it work if the Photo is on my cellphone?

The instructions for use should be your own. Be creative in how you think this should be used. However incase you still have doubts here are some steps you can follow:

(1) Print out the sigil and trace it over with a pen or pencil, you can even use your finger. Alternatively you can use it as is on the screen of your device.

(2) Gaze at it and feel a connection to the sigil.

(3) This sigil is already charged, but you can give it a boost of your personal energy to strengthen your bond to it. Simply imagine your energy flowing from your chakras through your hands to the sigil. If you have an initiation from Beleth (as I do), you can channel this energy and allow it to saturate the sigil.

(4) Now focus on what you desire, see it happening. Feel the emotions what you would feel as though it already happened.

(3) Close off and burn the sigil or you can save it to use it for another day.

(4) Go eat something and forget about what you just did.

This is just one of an infinite number of ways you can use this. You can use the sigil on your phone/computer/tablet etc. You’re much more powerful than you think and can manipulate this sigil in any manner you want.

Of course I this must come with a warning. This sigil only provides the energy required for the manifestation to occur. Some people may feel drawn to you but may not act on it. You may still need to make the first move and spend enough time with them for them to become comfortable to act on the urges they feel. It’s not simply to wait for them to come to you. I hope this gives some additional guidance on how it works. When you think you got no result because the person is unresponsive, its not that the magick didn’t work, its more like you have to do the rest.

~ SD


On another note, I’m currently working on tweaking this sigil for more potency. It will take me some time to complete. Based on the responses I’ve gotten on BLAG and other platforms. I’m thinking about making a few more of these for slightly different purposes. eg. one to make your partner horny when he/she thinks/sees you having sex with another and of course the most requested, a 3-some sigil.

~ SD


Can the sigil be drawn with a black marker?