Sigil to power up all energy bodies

So as the title suggests, here is a sigil to power up all your energy bodies simultaneously. This has been charged with the first 8 Angels of Omnipotence. These are:

Ebuhuel for health and growth in nature.
Atuesuel for peace and calm.
Labusi for wealth, prosperity, and abundance.
Bualu for willpower and pushing your will onto the world.
Tulatu for love and matters of the heart.
Tabatlu for joy and beauty.
Ublisi for sight beyond sight.
Elubatel for wisdom.

I’ll add the 9th Angel (Uiazel) in due time.
As per the instructions, you can check them out here. Do give me feedback if you use it. And as always with anything you find on the internet, exercise caution and use at your own risk.



what does this mean? energy bodies?

Does it mean that when you open this sigil you will get all of this?

Might be dumb questions lol But I’m new to most things besides spells and evocations


These are your energy bodies

No. Those are just the specialities for each Angel. They however can do almost anything outside of their areas of expertise. What they will do is work together to charge up all these bodies simultaneously.

Not at all :slight_smile:


ohh okay so what happens when you charge these energy bodies?

@Shadowdoctor BRO!! firstly love the new sigil , 2ndly , i’m working on some new music right now with some spirits and I think this sigil would be GREAT to add to my workings within music and getting the energy out in a more clear way . If that makes sense ? So i’ll be working with the sigil in this way and will give updates , 2ndly I see this sigil is VERY much about energy workings within the body and reaching the far more harder layers to open up . I’d love if you could talk some more about what YOU think this sigil can do and how others can use it . I know the applications are as clear as day, but it’s always fun to hear what someone thinks one can do with a sigil like this . Much love and thank you for providing this . Your workings are most appreciated by me

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Also this shit is legendary, and just simply I mean the color, the design , the energy.
Very rare.


This is gorgeous, I can tell you were highly inspired! Will be utilizing and get back to you​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Would it be correct to do this if I walk the LHP and I do ritual work, almost impossible with the unknown entity that is in me. I was wondering if angels and demons can work together and if it will affect me.

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Love the design of sigil. But have two questions:

  1. Where did you find the corresponding spheres of influence of these angels?
  2. What do you think about an idea to make a talisman from this sigil to wear it?

On first look up i have slight up and down stretching feeling.

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what should i do after it turned into light