Goetia and spells for lust

Goetia & methods for lust, as well as lust spells you’ve personally had success with (no contact)?
I tried working with Sitri Sunday, and things did a 180 Monday, and then got 100% worse.
Should I try another Goetia? I feel personal experience is more valuable to shining a light on a path.


Do you want to affect someone you do not know or someone you have a history with -ex, etc. ? I am in a similar situation with a girl, I’ve been dating with and have had no contact with for months. I tried Astaroth and other demons from LHD, DOM Dantalion, Agares, also Orias. I have planned many more, including Corwin Hargrove one’s and Damon Brand’s Magickal seduction. You can try them. For now, I have no visible results, still, I am in no contact. Also, you can try the sigil of lust by Shadow doctor, which is in the forum. Good luck!

I know him. We have never dated. He has expressed intent to sleep with me via text, he just won’t act on it.

It’s in Amazon Kindle,a author who do goetia sex spells,I tink Arthur dawnfield,but if u in a hurry try Lucifer Faustus all kindle

Try this


There’s a good chance you’ll look back and be quite pleased that things went to shit with this person. I’ve done my share of lust spells, and they did all work with regards to causing increased sexual attraction to me, but with regards to the long-term stability of the relationship, heh, not so much.

It is what it is, and all these people would have constrained my ability to live the life that I have been designing for many years at this point. It can be frustrating, especially when other things have manifested so quickly and easily and really just very smoothly with the results coming into my life rather naturally and without effort, but it was good nonetheless.

Now that being said, it is sometimes the case that magick will make things worse so that you eventually get the results you requested. Magick isn’t assaulting you so much as speeding along the process that was already in motion while guiding you through it and cushioning the more potentially painful things that could happen. It is often better to bring the negative emotions up to the surface and deal with the ensuing conflict than to let them fester and grow and lead to much, much more toxic situations.

With that being said, at a certain point there’s nothing to do but let go and get on with your life. Sure, if you’re just trying to fuck, then whatever, but if you’re looking for a more emotionally intimate relationship, do you really want to have to constantly control them with demonic magick? I most definitely understand being attracted to that sort of energy, but if you really have to force it, is it really worth it, or are you just desperate?

Presumably, there’s at least somebody out there who would be worth it. Just don’t get too upset if it takes a bit to get dealt the hand you’re looking for.


I would say like evocation keys, both must we worked into a frenzy of some kind and have certain senses peaked, the smell of pheromones or sexual fluids for example, as if you walk into a skanky strip bar. The sight of things arousing, the sounds of moaning and labored breathing, etc.
Then a spell ringing in their ears.

I will try it and report back. Is there a time period?

I’m not interested in a relationship right now, so it would be just for sex. Would you be willing to share the lust spells that worked for you? That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

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Snap your fingers. It doesn’t matter. Use your favorite occult book. Use your least favorite occult book. You know what your intention is, so off you go.

I understand that not everyone likes to read, but there are so many practical magick books being published out there these days I could have a stack from my floor to my ceiling. You will have much better luck with those than what you get off some bozo on the internet.

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That’s exactly what I have been doing, looking at books and reading. Everything I’ve tried has been from books, yet they’ve all failed. At this point, I’m seeking things that have worked for others.


You will have your success, I am sure. Most of the people with “success stories”, especially beginners are for things like “influence myself” and other things that are very easily achievable without magick. Do not give up, and know you will manifest everything you want. I see you try to influence and manipulate people, which is a very hard task and I see many problems with it myself. Do not give up!

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I’ve been trying to influence people to follow through on promises or things they’ve said that they want, but I think that the damage that occurred after I asked may have closed the door on what I want. I’ve also gotten a definite no on another request. It’s such an odd coincidence to see situations get worse after petitioning, or getting a definite no, that it’s hard to look to a positive conclusion. I’m almost afraid to continue trying for fear that asking somehow made it worse.
There’s so much contrasting information out there, and much of it is opposite from the next.
Thank you very much for the positivity.


Which books and methods you use? I am in a similar situation, but I know that the key is in my hands and there is always something behind the curtains that we do not see, so do not think all you see and hear is real. Good luck!

Winterfield, mostly. Brand for spells. I’ve reached out to Lucifer with just sigil and enn.


Without knowing all the details of your situation, I can’t really claim to have a clue as to what is going on and why.

That being said, you may be falling into what sometimes happens when so many demons and powers are revealed to you. It feels like you have to force your will onto the situation and that if magick doesn’t immediately do exactly what you have in your mind then the method is what is at fault.

If there is no chance for you to get what you want out of someone, magick will often make that very clear to you. This is magick removing a dead-end.

Take a step back and let the situation breath a bit. Rarely are things truly “emergencies.” There are demons in Demons of Magick that have powers which can give you guidance and foresight with regards to your situation. I have found that it is often a good idea to seek wisdom and divinatory power. One of the great benefits of magick is being connected to minds that transcend material boundaries of space and time. Just because your puny mortal mind cannot comprehend how the spirits could give you exactly what you want doesn’t mean that they cannot already see how they could lay a path before you.

After seeking wisdom and divination, then I would evoke a demon that specializes in what you are generally seeking to manifest. If you want lust, there are demons of lust. There are demons for love, demons for building relationships, and demons for controlling minds. You will likely find that after receiving wisdom from the demons you are better able to communicate to the demons what it is you want them to do.

I think this is important to remember. The demons will do what you ask them to do if it is possible for them to accomplish. I suggest erring towards the side of opening your mind rather than closing it in disbelief, while remaining grounded in material things. The more room you give the demon to work with, the more creative and thorough it can be.


Mmm if I were you I’d be using the Petition method to connect with the spirit. I’d consider possibly king Asmoday, duke Zepar, Earl Furfur too.

One thing I like about how Earl Furfur seems to manifest is he makes things interactions between people lighthearted and fun and attraction is just normal from there.

Just my thoughts.


Sitri is one of the best for hot steamy sex but not stable mature relationships

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@Rav boy isn’t that the truth :laughing::laughing:

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I’ll try them. Which petition method? I tried Winterfield.

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