Sigil of lust

Hi I want to try this sigil but am not experienced on it I searched how to open it but my english is not that good this is why I did not understood everything
Can you please explain me how to use it I have a picture of the girl in my phone and I will draw the sigil.
What to do next :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: please answer me

Good question. I have no idea how to use sigils. I have no desire to learn, because I attain what I want through my intentions/thoughts alone. Did you try to just use the power of your imagination/mind/soul?

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Yes but it seems not to work😅

You could’ve found this easily by using the search function but whatever, here you go:

Im thinking maybe it can work with this digital magnetron
Like put sigil in center and then 4 pics of you and 4 pics of her in side circles…