Fast result King Beleth

So guys I’m kinda shocked right now cause I’m a beginner and this is my first “success” I gotta say.
I invoked King Beleth this afternoon, using the sigil and the enn. I didn’t feel him per say but I’m using E.A Koetting’s method when working with sigils and when I started to see the sigils moving and changing colors somehow, I knew the spirit was there and I could talk.

I asked King Beleth to get my ex girlfriend to contact me, just a simple text like “hey, how are you” within 48 hours and I just got the exact text. And let me tell you, my ex is really stubborn and not the type to initiate contact at all, even for something as small.

I did some other spells in the last couple of weeks so maybe it was group work somehow but I feel like I owe King Beleth for this one

Thank you King Beleth :sunglasses:
Gotta keep learning and working the magick, step by step to achieve greater results


Thats really nice to hear

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I never liked the idea of using magic for making someone love me etc.:-1:


Wow that is soo amazing!! I just listened to King Beleth’s enn on youtube yesterday and wanted my bf to come to me. He did come n was good to me but wasn’t very passionate or initates sex by himself. Today evening we had a little fight. So I dont know whats wrong… I asked King Beleth to make him passionate, honest, loyal, attracted and show his unconditional love towards me… I love him a lott… I just wish watever misunderstanding is between us shud get sorted or whoever is trying to create problems should go away… Hope it happens soon!
Pls share more of your experiences… :blush:


Well we were in a relationship at some point so I’m not creating love out of nowhere :rofl:

But I get what you’re saying, to each their own I guess :slightly_smiling_face:


He did come though ! that’s great
Maybe there’s thing currently standing in the way preventing him from showing these things to you but keep going :wink:

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While your opinion is valuable, this is a working thread, so it is not very useful here.

Other than that, I am sure that the OP did not mention anywhere she used magick or spirit to “create” love in someone.

Congrats on your success with King Beleth!


Congrats for your success. Keep on working.

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All you used was the enn and sigil? No offerings or anything like that ? Just wondering and congrats!

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Yeah just the sigil and the enn ! My offering was public praise and til now I continue to listen to the enn on a daily basis, hoping to continue the work with King Beleth :grin:

Can you send me some link to the E.A method? You make me interested in contact Beleth haha

Sure ! This is on the website, here’s the link



Did you wear a silver ring in your finger or hold a wand? Or just gazing the sigil. I want to try this tonight. Sorry I didn’t see u said just the sigil n the enn. Anything else ?

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No I didn’t wear anything, sat confortably and I listen to the enn first. Then I started repeating it while gazing at the sigil til it started changing colors somehow and flashing :slight_smile:

Can I pm you ?

of course :slight_smile:

How do people just see the sigil move.

I pmed you btw

I made this sigil that can reinforce your seduction. It’s charged with King Beleth’s power. Check it out here.

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