Extreme dangerous multidimensional situation (you're going to want to read this all, trust me, patience, there is also a second part as a continuation)

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Part two:

So where were we? Oh yea, the Imp, as I gave him the excess energy, I lowered in spiritual strength, but rebalanced myself enough to gain a good connection to Source, after that event (i also did it cause I didnt want the spirit harassing me.) one day passes, and the next night, just as I am about to sleep…the Imp leaves, and a Dark demon with a mantel manifests infront of me with a deal, I could feel the energy of my chakras being pulled back not forward, I knew EXACTLY what he wanted, I told him no a couple times, but he wouldn’t leave, so all night prayer war ensued…

I go about my life the next day, bought some extra magickal weapons after what happenedand go about my day, the second night, just as I am about to sleep, a spirit in the shape of a blonde with a pink skirt starts grinding on my penis…damn I had never felt anythig like it, it wasshocking but pleasurable to me, then I started feeling my energy being pulled downward and not wanting it to take it, resisted, she left but the sexual pleasurable energy was still there, I couldnt resist, I shut my prayer candle off and began masturbating, when I was finished, a surge of my energy got sucked away, my body of light got pulled through the sigil in a hell dimension.

What came next were six months of battling demons back and forth, every time I masturbated and still do, some of my personal energy gets sucked by the entity(ies) me and her were linked through a chord through my root chakra.

Now I am here, broken, tired, suicidal, with my energy channels extremely damaged, worried for my multidimensional life, I cant even sleep without getting wierd dreams, I thought about contacting Lilith, SUCCUPEDIA you have any advice for me?


try to do many and many cleansing baths and banishing rituals everyday stay deditacated in that process and try to resist the traps.

within 30 days according to kurtis josepth your energitic field will completly change,and pray and call the archangels,archangel michael for protection and raphael for healing.

call azazel and abaddon and belial to destroy them.

aslo leviathan according to vk jehannum helps a lot here.

this ritual will ensure that belial comes,as belial not an impostor

aslo this may help

this incantacion
enforces will,with right intentions can call a spirit of your choosing as authentic not impostor,heres a example

Itz Ra’cha belial,come,belial scorpion god
come,king of sabatths
belial,bel’yol come
let no impostor come
to your calling”

or as a prelimaty

no impostors or malovent energy and spirit can pass through this place and ritual
only those who have my permision as a living god can pass

these incantacions have been given to me by a spirit of belial ala’tal’zol

look down and find the incantacion to kill the parasites and protect yourself.

and reclaim your energy and place so you can do what ever you want more easly.


I might try some of these maybe , thanks. Although I have to say invoking Belial wouldnt make much sense to me, idk if he will help, devils have never helped me…


You have to evoke the real belial, to confirm that he is indeed the real ask him to say his own name show you it’s own sigil and such

If it’s the real you must open your self up and trust him, because he will save you like he saved me and protected me.


I understand, thank you for the help, I will see… :slight_smile:


It sounds like you have done much research to start rituals but have not practiced enough of what you know and researched the outcome of how the demonic will communicate and or accede or not accede to your ritual requests.

It is obvious you began many rituals for sexual gratification which entials that the deitys will respond with physical signs and visions, the cold wind blowing against you is a response from the deity, classic sign of Asmodeus.

These aren’t nightmares or attacks but demonic communication. Lucid dreaming or visions are a way of communicating telepathically to the individual, being sent by a deity in response to your ritual requests and giving you answers. You can’t control something that is sent to you by another mind or energy force from beyond the veil.


but he deosnt look to actually speak with demons but with impish parasites as he had really bad expiriences


Are you sure that is the case? Ive never worked with demons, it wasnt something that ever called me, my workings were purely on Self Realization, and my connection to Source never brought me to these beings, but others, the Devas, although, depending on how you look at it, they could be the same. if I had to put a spiritual reason behind these happenings, I would say it was God putting me to the test as well as God letting me experience my darker side, but in Multichaos, one must be careful not to get eaten, its every man for himself…


Exactly, I didnt even want in my life in the first place, but maybe my response below could be a reason the Subconscious essence (if it was even that) led me to face them, it was sort of a way to face my own darkness or embrace it fully, it was Gods way of letting me know,

“you kept wondering if you ever had any real say in this, if you ever truly were acting of your own free will or because I gave you no other choice, well, now you have a choice, Light, or Darkness.”

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at the same time, I believe, it was also a test of my faith…


I’m just wondering why you made a second thread instead of posting the continuation in the same thread.


cause it was getting long and I thought the characters were limited, plus it makes for good storytelling abilities…lol

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Yes!! These aren’t fairies or devas. Demons feed off negative energy. There are risks even if you walk a balanced path.

Don’t be so attuned to the current that you forget to listen to your own rhythms. There are beings that ARE hunger, that want to feed. The concept embodied insomuch as I can understand it with many it seems the same motivations and even mannerisms as us. Which should be no surprise, we can impact their reality albeit in significantly altered proportions and interactions and of course vice versa.

I will be the last to decry turning to the occult for every modicum of help needed and every angle to be worked but there is something to be said of the man who does not seek to lift his burden but to shoulder it. You have lattitude but do not seek escape from the outcome of what you seek which may have many unpleasant surprises.

What your saying rings true. I began in the same way decades ago when I had bizarre occult experiencees when I was 17. I read a book for self-motivation which had empowering phrases and claimed that fairies lived throughout our environment and help create events. I recited several of the phrases from the book adding my own goal’s of better grades and education and omg!! I started waking up st 3:21 am for no reason. On the 3rd night i woke up at 3:21 am with a huge white flash of light going off in my head. I heard a deep voice in my mind say hello.

I later learned this was no less a response from Baal aka Lord Lucifer, i didn’t ptactice witchcraft or socerery, i performed no rituals, yet the veil was pierced by a strong demonic force who heard my motivational chant and was feeding off the negative energy of my unhappy teen years.


When I said Devas, as in capital D, I meant the Indo Aryan Vedic Demigods, Shiva, Ganesha, Kali and so on…plus other Higher Beings such as Archangels, Jesus and so on and so forth


As I stated your problems have nothing to do with Devas, as in capital D, but with your rituals with the demonic and socery not the archangels.

There is a fierce battle for energy and survival where you are manipulated and exploited especially if you turn to something you don’t understand.

This all started when: "My friend goes behind my back and starts looking at dark grimoires, orders the grimorium verum, then after a couple days starts telling me he is having problems, so we meet up, I try to help without gettin too involved.

A spirit snuck up on me, followed me back to my house, and began harassing me, it was the imp on the cover, I didnt know…"

It is obvious to me that you might be the one who has studied the Goetia and grimoires not a friend. Just visiting a friend who has some occult books would not bring this on or would an imp follow you home for just talking about the occult.

Whatever your previous rituals i would definately not continue with them nor would i seek solace from a succubus whatever your disabilities as the deitys that you were dealing with have sent warnings.


You seem to be arriving at conclusion about me without even knowing me or my path, I thought Occultists were better at passing judgement that easily, I have never touched a grimoire in my life, never felt the need to, as I have already stated, but believe what you will. I dont know why it happened, the only thing i can think of, is that having been attacked for years by various demons and black magickians and cults of all levels in the astral, it made me realize I had a target on my back by many beings, and when my friend went looking for the first dark magick he could find, gave them a back door into my life, after all, you probably already heard about amateurs going into real dark magick for fun and unknowignly calling something forth. The other theory of mine I have already posted on here, where i explained that these Satanic challenges were sent to me directly by God as a test and or an exploration as a way for me to truly explore my free will. Again, think what you will, I have no reason to lie, and I am telling you, I never touched a Grimoire in my life.