Opinions: lucifer is/is not satan



I ask because I see a lot of debate about it. I see where some say he is the same as Satan others say he isn’t and some even say Satan is not a real entity but is:

1.) Just a concept created by Judeo-Christianity to be a general “Devil” image
2.) A different entity entirely who is indeed evil whereas Lucifer was a bit defiant but still basically an OK guy with no real ill-intentions towards humans.
3.) Not real at all.
4.) The exact same entity as Lucifer - just a different name.
5.) The same entity as Lucifer but Satan describes a different aspect of his personality. (I have seen Lucifage described the same way.).

Opinions? I am personally leaning towards Satan being a Judeo-Christian construct and not a real entity at all whereas Lucifer is real. Not sure yet. Just leaning that way. I have never attempted to evoke/invoke Satan. Honestly I am not that attracted to the idea of contact with the entity everyone seems to describe as Satan. Lucifer, on the other hand, fascinates me.


Dude, did you try using the search function before opening a thread? This has been asked and answered so many times. A simple search would have given you all the opinions you want:


You forgot 6) Satan is a title borne by many.
It’ll be in the links though ^


My personal opinion might not be popular, but I’ll drop it here either way… I believe “satan” same as “lucifer” is a title that many Entities carry. The ones we know as Satan and Lucifer (capitalized) come by many other names as well. I could be wrong of course, I haven’t worked much on that yet.


Have a lil’ recent UPG: Lucifer is the arising spark of individuated Self-aware consciousness that is within each person (worshipping it as separate in a manner that degrades or harms another luci-containing human being is, therefore, an abomination - that’s your Luciferian Agenda? taken care of) and satan is the force of chaos that arisies when individual break free of spiritual NPC-hood working as subjects of random chance, mage-up, and start operating as conscious co-creators of their own reality.

So, Man is the candle, Lucifer is the light once lit with magickal/spiritual furt, and Satan is the black heat that affects reality as a result of that flame.

Luciferian Agenda?

Lucifer becomes Satan when descends into earth and opens IT.
Is a jiggle of words really :slight_smile: to confuse the uninitiated.
Satan is the metaphor for Earth, Lucifer for Air.


There are many posts for that, please make sure you search in the forum before you post!


Do you manifest Lucifer and Satan as seperate distinct entities? Or do you manifest them as an aspect of the other? I do not believe there is a right or wrong answer.


Normally, as different spirits. But Satan does has things in commom with Lucifer.