A message from both lucifer, satan and the 6 about their identities and origins

So yesterday January 20th ,both Satan,Heralah and Lucifer visited me in my dreams but I got more than I called them for .Accompanying them was Orobas and Clauneck. After meditating on their individual and repeatedly chanting their enn’s I fell asleep .
Both came as angelic Lucifer with wings and Satan with no wings .I was taken to eastern part of hell and demon named Agares welcomed the two great ones but didn’t welcome me .We sat upon a pile of what looked like ashes and I was shown the the towers and their gatekeepers .After much I asked why they share a common sigil and why neither claim to be superior to the other .
(A weird moment of silence ensued and when I looked at my side only one person was sitted and heralah was no more ,body looked black .Satan and Lucifer had merged one spoke as one ,I was scared but an arm with a rough texture touched and calmed me .Besides clauneck and orobas ,paimon ,Leviathan and belial joined but stood in silence ).(The pitch black man said that as he answered neither I nor the 5 other demon present should look at his face but rather listen ,all the other 5 stood and faced the opposite and so I did to).
The black man said that he was once an angel and mighty and adored but a rebellion ensued in the old world . They lost the fight and were exiled to the universe .But he quipped and said that they only lost the fight but not the war . He further stated that as his power was corrupted and thus in the old world he separated into two ,hence Satan and Lucifer and could no longer merge .But as time went by the God who exiled them never counted on the fact they could join and form an alliance to reclaim their old Kingdom which was taken .(As he said this all the 5 showed faces of revenge ).
He stated that the infernal empire is one and has one mission to crush and destroy the God who took their home and the time is near and that the war is coming soon( Soon after Vepar joined and he showed me images of angels laying dead and a city in flames ,the city I don’t know of it yet ). 6 demons I don’t know of yet joined ,who had their faces covered with a cloack came and sat beside the black man ,this showed their seniority since the others were standing .
To all the infernal followers ,a message of comfort that we don’t fight one another but rather our fight to reclaim our place as the only greats is coming soon and this fight won’t be lost .
(Soon both Lucifer ,Heralah and Satan appeared again and sat in the middle of the 6 demons ).
This made me understand heralah’s role ,she is the unifier of the opposites and she was the one who merged both Satan and Lucifer to form the black man .
All the demons raised their fists and shouted Hail to the coming war and victory .
Hail to their return back home .
At that point a huge army of djinns and demons shouted hail to the six .
666 is not just a mark but a symbol for the six demons .
In a former lifetime I was present in the the first declaration of the alliance and the second was this one .
No matter whom you serve or work with ,the infernal empire is one and unity .
All never forget this experience as till now am still too tired and fatigued from it .
This is the day when for the first time I had seen almost all of the infernal empire was present in one place and vowing to enforce a common belief in something .
Baphomet ,Satanachia ,Elgor ,are also attributes of both Satan and Lucifer whom as an energy exist as demons.
I woke up with Paimon in my room sitted and as I groaned from the pains of this experience he said "Take heart as the way is still long and the path will be tough " then he left .
I have today gained an understanding upon meditation about demons ,evocations ,invocations ,magic and power of the infernal empire .
Remember the infernal has for centuries grown in power .
This is the message .
(I have denoted only what I saw and heard ,i left out my opinions but as I recall more ll probably write about it ).
My question to you fellow magicians ,does anyone know the identity of the 6 demons ? ,I asked but was told that is for another time .


I don’t know the 6 demons you’re talking about since I’m no expert in this (at least not in this lifetime), but that was really impressive. I’m looking forward for the upcoming war so we can finish the enemies of humanity and their allies. Demons and other beings are our allies in this.


Fantastic. I knew that Satan/Lucifer are separate halves of the same entity, but it’s great to get conformation from someone else. ‘The battle is an old one’ and they are so fucking right about what’s coming. The battle wherein I will die that a God will be born!


P.s. My last words will be the mighty call, ‘Get Fucked!’


My guess is probably Samael is one but am not sure


Who is their enemy which God is it


I can’t be sure as I put out we were all commanded to listen only as they spoke .Am not quite sure whom they talked about but some Christians would say YHWH ,Muslims would say Allah etc ,but say 3-4 days from now after I recover ll probably perform a ritual to one of them asking who it is .


Good question I wondered to. Because you see Angels and Daemons working together in our practice @KingVelizar


Sorry guys about the writing errors and all the blah blah blah grammatical errors I’ve made ,am still too tired .I tried writing when the moments are still fresh in my mind but my eyes are so drowsy. Hope the message came through .


The enemy isn’t just a god. (Besides, angels and demons will help us in this fight). Humans along with demons, angels, other beings of the universe as well as other spirits (shadow people if they agree etc.) will help us fight the enemy of Earth, who are already on Earth. You can call them martians or reptilians (Thoth describes them as reptilians, but there may be martians too who came here after they destroyed their planet with wars, they may even be reptilian’s allies who knows).

Know you may ask, “Okay dude and why Earth is so important the a universe war may start about it? Is it about its energy? Well, there may be other planets with similar energy in the vast universe”. And that is true, the energy is surely is one reason but it’s not the number 1 reason.
Earth was created by many as the garden of knowledge and power. Everyone from the universe would store all the knowledge they knew here on Earth, energies from different places as well as power. It would be a place that you could find knowledge and power from any place of the universe. And it worked. So, it’s only natural that reptilians or any other enemy would want it. They would find power and knowledge beyond any imagination. Of course, it doesn’t work as easily as that and that’s why they failed to find most of things Earth has to offer. I believe that humans got assigned as guardians of Earth, the planet was ours but we would share it with everyone.

Then people who wanted the power came, fought wars, took the planet and we kinda failed as guardians because greed, fear etc came to our minds. We opened the gates to them thinking that it would bring more power and knowledge to us.

Is that story true? I believe so, but you can never be too sure. There are a lot of theories and that just make sense to me why every spirit or being in the universe cares about this planet so much.

Our allies want for everything to become balanced again and to be able to share knowledge and love. When this will happened everyone will ascend in an utopia (you can make your utopia however you wish). That’s ideal. Our allies have already ascended and want us to do so as well so that the universe may be at balance and at peace once again. The enemies of humanity are from lower dimensions or are less powerful. They managed to use the power of their hatred to find power, but that is still less powerful than our true powers.


Haha sorry for the long post, I just thought I would try to explain about the upcoming war.
Of course, this is just my view and the truth may be completely different or what I said may be half of the truth or even 3/4 of the truth.


But I love how the infernal empire has taken its time in building their response .They now control the chakras ,elements e.t.c and with time a more definitive revenge will be victorious


Thanks for the long post ;-). Nice to hear your view about this!


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Just before I came onto BALG once more, I had done a ritual for myself to center myself on my destiny. I knew that I was going to create a brilliant, white star of knowledge and power.

It would contain eternal wisdom, and it would be the greatest work of knowledge ever known to man. It wouldn’t be a simple repository, but it would be an occult technology of such power, able to unfold and impart actualized, self-articulating forms of pure wisdom and intellect.

The vision I had was so beautiful, and I knew that I wanted to pour all the secrets of the universe in that star. It would be the greatest work of philosophy of all time, and it would be the culmination of all that has ever come and will come. It will be simple yet complex, multi-faceted yet laid bare. It will be all of these things, yet none of these things, yet utterly complete and intricate and real. Real, like a machine with all of its cogs and bolts is real.

Right after I did that ritual, I saw this thread first thing as I came onto BALG. Writing this post, I felt like I needed to push my desire out onto written form and place this here for the gods to see, for it is obvious that the gods have called me here, to push past the embarrassment and fear of writing something so alien and so fantastical that all could scoff at the notion of the undertaking.

“How can I write what I’m writing?” turns into pure peace, and I know my desire has been fulfilled.


And this is only the beginning. All human beings are great. They were created in such way that could surpass every obstacle and reach more power than anyone else. The halls of Amenti is the first step and there the creation of our desires.


Just ground yourself and centre your gnosis around that particular path you’re searching for .
Be patient as this is how my own journey began in magick .I wanted magic but I couldn’t grasp its meaning or source (till now I don’t ) but through doing it am slowly finding my way to full or partial understanding.


Youre right .The earth is a treasure trove of power .Just take a case to witches ,most I’ve seen do most of their working through earth grounded energy workings and the shit they pull off is tremendously great and insane.


If you need to understand how magic works you need to understand how energy works. A powerful ritual that may take a day to complete may be completed with a simple “Yeah, whatever, ritual activate or something” phrase by a true energy master.


Awesome Chat here guys cant wait to hear who the enemy is I dont believe it’s yhwh its probably something else but cant be sure the reptilian thing is something now but still any sorcerer please ask them my comunication abbilities are stil not that much developed


This is one of the most interesting things I’ve read in my whole lifetime. What would my life had been like without this forum?:heart_eyes: