Is selling your soul to lucifer the same as selling it to satan?

I am thinking about making a blood pact with lucifer. However it begs the question. is lucifer satan?. I really doubt it but wanted to get an idea about what the community thinks Thank you

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You don’t have to Sell your soul!

To your question, better to have someone else answer that.


In my experience, no.

Satan is a force that challenges us by manifesting as all opposites and the grey-scale between.

Lucifer is the fallen angel/demon/spirit (depending on how you see him) of wisdom, knowledge and pathways.


What I was told by them was that they are indeed the same, but different. Aspects of the same entity. I used to think they were different. But Lucifer showed me how he can be both. Lucifer has many faces and many names. And you do not have to “sell your soul” to work with them.


I agree to a point. You don’t need to sell your soul. For one thing it goes against what they are trying to accomplish. Depending on the person, it can be for a few weeks or a life time. Like for myself it’s definitely a life time.

FYI, this thread is really old and we’ve had many other discussion about it on here for those interested.