Luciferian Agenda?

So many multiple stories in reguards to what’s actually going on.

Some state that Lucifer’s prime goal is to have all of us connect to technology and become trashuman. And build a elite of warriors to destroy the aliens out in the Orion belt.

Another is that Lucifer came to free our mind and he’s been fighting for humanity this whole time. While our opposer Yaweh hates humanity.

Then you get Lucifer being absoulty a lunatic who is the God of the Bible and he hates us due to us being the sons of the creator. (This one I don’t believe due to the people also said he forbid astral travel, when for Pete’s sake helps with that)

From my workings I’ve been doing he has only shown divine love and truly taken away my anxiety over a situation in helping me let the energy grow without my worries about it (just calling his name pulls me back into zen about any issues.)

I’m still growing and appreciate what this King does for me. But, I’d like to know your thoughts and a way to help the matter.


The way I see Lucifer is that, he is one to want to truly help humans who seek out the truth and want to seek ascension. All of the high status demons were fighting against egregores/false gods (tyrants) many years ago just because humans were so cruel and harsh to demons and damned them for so long even until now. Lucifer doesn’t want worshipers or people to idolize him. He wants humans to gain much knowledge about truth as a whole, which is why he’s so welcoming to help others regarding these topics


Truly I have been chasing after the truth for years. And even almost was gonna become a catholic priest yet the truth kept bringing me to where I am now. And Lucifer has helped ease my anxiety over a situation of mine and helps me push even more at obtainment of them.

All and all I agree with you!


I am glad you were helped with your anxiety because of Lucifer :sunflower: I hope you will soon find many answers to questions you have


Thank you! Being a conspirator and truth seeker I believe Lord Lucifer will keep guiding me to the truth! Have you worked with him?

Blessings to you and thanks for your response!


I have not but I have read a lot about him and I know someone who has talked to him a lot as well, so I was able to put together what his personality and mindset is like which is helpful :leaves: I plan to contact him soon though, I just first need to think of something I’d like to ask about or ask for help with
You’re welcome ~~


That’s awesome! Having that deep emmersion beforehand is so helpful. I’d say if you are trying to “clean your closets” and truly build a greater foundation or habits/ mindset he’s the best!

Good luck with your ascent and growing !


Thank you :sunflower::sunflower:


I’m glad that Lucifer was able to help you! He’s an amazing guide and he can actually help you achieve your goals!
Reaching out to him was a really wise act!

As for your original question, I believe that his agenda is a combination of all these things (except from the bible thing). Everything is somehow connected and I’m still trying to connect all the pieces of the pazzle myself…I guess he wants to help us and return us to where we were, by achieveng other smaller goals first (like awakening humanity).


I couldn’t comment on the “Luciferian” agenda as in the group who identifies as Luciferians.

As for Lucifer’s agenda: To have humans access the truth and take accountability for their lives and actions. Every bit of information from books to technology and anything between is available courtesy to the lovely one.

Lucifer is far older than the Bible- the fact that the Bible was created and passed down is proof of his very purpose. But as it is and always will be, humans have abused power in any sort of way. Knowledge truly is the strongest power and as far back as history dates, anyone with access to information was at an advantage and able to influence the masses.

This is evident in religion as well as the media and advertising. Times have changed and evolved, but in many ways man has not. We STILL look to be led and told what to do, how to act, what to buy, who to associate with, etc. it’s mind numbing.

Lucifer wants us to break free of that enslavement and many have it wrong- even some of his own followers. He is not about chaos or anarchy or driven by every impulsive idea we have. First, he commands us ( and this is still his only command I’ve come across yet) to know ourselves. This is a deep and painful process but necessary in order to take any other steps. Otherwise we’re the same only without rules. WE have the ability to know right and wrong and which routes to take and WE are responsible for it. Even those who aren’t enlightened are responsible for their own, since by giving away their power they have made their choice.

I think perhaps if the world truly awakens we can somehow manage to reach a new consciousness and possibly create a new world. That’s my own thought, not his.

He is also correcting the lies about himself and clearing his name. Not for him, he could care less. But for us.


You defiantly are one of the fourm memebers I love hearing from! Thank you.

Yes he defiantly has taken away a worry and given me confidence about all my dreams. Yes, a light was blasted in all aspects of my life and at first it was painful. But, now I’m on the right track building immeasurable momentum towards my goals. Even King Paimon I must thank as well. I had an idea, then he opened doors and enhanced it.

Gotta love those two :pray:

Hail King Paimon & Hail King Lucifer


I couldn’t agree more with you! I’ve been in search and on fire for truth since 2011 and it has only increased. Almost all aspects of my life are to find truth and expose it. And better myself and KNOW THY SELF.

Now connecting to Lucifer, it’s like I’ve fianlly been blessed with true power to pursuit my goals. With a being who wants the same.

Gotta love this path :love_you_gesture:


Thanks for your kind words!

Well, King Paimon and Lucifer are spirits that can really help you no matter what your goals are! Their work is really amazing and very effective!

I do wish you good luck with them!


I don’t know exactly what Lucifer’s relationship to Yahweh, or God, or any of that is, but I do know that he has shown me nothing but guidance and encouragement. As someone who was recently Christian, it’s been hard letting go of my beliefs of God, and of Lucifer as this supreme evil. The way I see it, Lucifer is gonna do Lucifer no matter what, and he’s gonna let us know what we can do to help him. Hail!


Same , I was a hardcore Catholic and almost become a priest. Then I became a truth seeker. You already know the rest of the story. Hahaha

Hail Lucifer !


An agenda made around a giant mistranslation between Latin and Hebrew then later in English with KJB.
Thank Jerome.

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At this point, to me, it doesn’t really matter what the Luciferian agenda is as this can get pretty political REALLY quick. All I’ll say is Lucifer doesn’t choose sides he is neutral like everything else, just because the cabal shoved art and everything related to him in your face doesn’t mean he agrees with what they do or cares. I really believe it is just a way of teasing all those out of “the know”. Transhumanism will be around 2050 if this timeline is correct. But I mean that also isn’t the worst thing. I used to think it’s all be bad but after reading @Lady_Eva works and having come to the understanding that your reality is a reflection of yourself I stopped worrying about it and focused on my ascent. There are still some conspiracies from them that I deem important to help the collective gain their own power back but I tell you there are definitely people just fine being spoon fed by the powerful.


Over all I believe that. Staying focused on my own ascent is all we need. Sometimes I get dreams saying don’t trust Lucifer, but I believe it’s due to my parents being Christian and praying to Jesus about me. Or it’s a test from Lucifer.

Reguardless I’ve had nothing but positivity from him


Well as humans we all have an end game hence we will interpret issues on that motive which we have .
Working with Lucifer ,i for sure know that he has an end game ,he has an agenda ,dont be cheated otherwise .
Lucifer has many masks ,saying youll understand him is impossible .
I have worked with several masks of his existence but i have never met his true mask .He has veils all over , he has his good sides and his negatives .Stop bieng naive in thinking he is just made of good traits .
Lucifer grants wealth ,power titles ,recognition etc but who is lucifer ,what is his true self , why is he so close yet distant ,a mistery ?
I love evoking beside oceans for conversations ,i always feel he is hiding his true intentions ,whether good or bad i doubt ll ever understand the mystery behind Lucifer .

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Care to explain what stopping you from becoming a Catholic priest?

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