Are lucifer and satan the same being?

Noob question, I know. When I was meditating on lucifer’s enn yesterday. I had a strong urge to chant Satan’s enn I resisted because I didn’t want to interrupt my meditation. But then I had this vivid pop into my mind. It was a naked male covered in golden light fused with the archetypal image of the devil. It feels as if he wants me to honor both the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ aspects. I know that Satan is thought to be the ‘fallen’ version of Lucifer. But I’m unsure if I should treat them as the same being


Actually Lucifer is a part of Satan. Demons (especially demon kings) are just a part of the wider meaning of Satan. I’m not sure if what I say is correct because I can’t express it very well, but that’s the idea.


Lucifer is a being that like many other entities holds the title of Satan. Whether or not there is a “one true Satan” I have no idea.


In my experience many beings hold the title of Satan but there is also a demon that is called Satan or Shaitan, whom I would say is related to Lucifer. The Satan that you work with on the Qlipphoth is a destroying god who opposes all of creation, acting as an adversary in the ultimate sense. I kind of go back and forth and both Satan and Lucifer have been really dodgy about it.


well I would say no because if you look at their sigil they are completely different. also people who call out the two say that they look and feel completely different.


I asked once and it only confused me more so I think it’s left best to be “idk”


This may provide some insight. The topic resurfaces pretty often.


It’s a subjective topic, the answer depends on who you ask. Mine: No, they’re not.


Nope, just my opinion though. Some people say Satan is the dark side of Lucifer but I can attest that he has his own and it’s lethal.


How C.Kendall described it is the way I agree with the most. In this thread.


Satan and Lucifer are two different beings. Satan is not just a title.
Don’t get confused by people saying it’s “subjective”, because there is an answer to the question you’re looking for, and in the way you want. Just understand that the questions themselves can change, and “subjective” refers mainly to the fact that the way you understand the question can radically change.


Based on my workings - Lucifer is not the fallen angel said to be Satan but, is technically a Satan because he was/is considered an advisory. I have knowledge that his father Shakar was/is an angelic being however that’s neither here nor there. I guess to answer the question fully - it would be dependent on contex.



Modern demonolatry sees Satan as Ain Soph or what existed (nothing) prior to the emanations that sparked the Tree of Life. Satan is viewed as God, all of which manifested from Him.

Kabbalah aside, Satan is as God and is the Father. As such, you can’t really have a relationship with him. So yeah Lucifer is of Satan, as are all demons, and even beings like us.

I think that’s how demonolators see Satan. Check out S. Connolly’s work for more info.


Even though it’s been quite a while, I’d like thank everyone who responded to this thread. After going through most of the information provided, I have come to the conclusion that it’s probably wise to treat them as completely different beings. To be honest, I’m still confused on the subject. But it is perhaps not worth dwelling on at this point.

Thank you.


Can I recommend you check out the serpents key on YouTube and look for a video on working with the infernal majesty raven A black goes into detail and from Ive come to understand is Lucifer is the lighter aspect of Satan while Satan is the darker aspect of Lucifer :blush: they are one but with different personalities it’s like some one with split personality disorder but without all the craziness check the video out she will explain far better then me :blush:


From my research and study I do not believe so. I have always felt an Affinity for Lucifer but never for Satan. Also Satan was a demonization of Enki basically a slanderous fictional persona used to attack Enki according to the Ancient Sumerian Tablets. Enki was the Adversary (one of the Meanings of Satan) of Enlil his Brother. Study about the Anunnaki and Sumerian Tablets.

I don’t feel the darkness or imagery matches with Enki, Lucifer, or Even Shiva (as he is the Destroyer of Evil according to many and and worshiped as a benevolent being all over India.)

But who really knows… there are so many opinions and if you believe in Parallel Realities… every version exists which is why many people have so many views and personal experiences.

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Satan is an aspect not a being satan is in my opion an adjective a verb or consider a power. The Great God Lucifer enlightened me: I asked what he would rather be called and he told me Satan is not a name but is in alignment with a description such as temptation. He granted me understanding throught the bible when "Jesus " said he was hungry and Satan came upon him and told him to eat. Lucifer never came to him instead it was temptation. So in summary no Lucifer is Lucifer and he likes to be called Lucifer the light bearer. “GOD” tried to shame Lucifer by saying he was temptation to all the angles in heaven by saying he was Satan.