My start with the first gatekeeper - Belial

so quite some time i had felt belial pulling me into this gatekeeper oparation,before 2 days i got a pen and 2 papers,on the first i drawed the goliath star immedaitly
i had felt darkness like no other,darkness abyssmal and dark,on the second paper i had drawed belial’s sigil and the worlds
“alash tad al’ash tal alashtu” i drawed a circle of blood outside of the place of that was belial’s sigil i had meditated and heard belial saying “atz imesh yetzada letrus a’a” i had repeated this words and felt very strange yet increasing belial’s pressence,he opened my heart,i had found that

one of the most amazing thing to do on your magick is to open your heart to your entities

me and belial have work to do,will share some stuff soon.


Waiting for more results. I’m a big Belial fan.


No title - part 1
day 2-17/4/2019

yesterday belial had forced me to push me into my fucking limits and go even beyond them,physically and mentally at the gym it was powerful when i pushed my self out of them i was powerful today i feel weak,restless and i dont know
i dont know
i dont know
i dont feel anything yet i know
i am restless
theres a contant building anxiety in my heart like a black hole
it gives more anxiety today i was crying from anxiety inside me of and nearly shed tears in school class,i was watching my nightmares before me,and started drawing broken hearts and broken relationships seeing the girl that i loved nonstop for 2 years that i had anxiety to talk with her,she is my dream she was the reason that i woke up and train to be my fucking best doing everything more and more for her to be good enough for her,yesterday that i felt power i said to myself to tommorow talk to her (today) which i didnt…and that makes me cry even now…tears shed when i type this,its my dream yet an nightmare, i saw images in my mind her with a other guy ot just feeling i will never able to do it…i said to myself for years to talk to her and i didnt…the anxiety hole is bigger it sucks my self flesh constant pain and numbness
i feel like nothing,dark maybe empty and pain or maybe i am.

i got home after school open the shower i cannot speak at all,my mind is flooded with nightmares and images
i spoke to belial but i dont remember what we exhactly talked but i remember something ( i will be sure to document what he said next time) about black alchemy that will happen soon.

its hard,how powerful i was yesterday but now?
i feel stuck in my mind and blank isnide it and blocked.its hard to even trust myself.

something is going to happen tonight.


i aslo feel like i had loosen all of my skills in everything like magick and art but today even i was shit and restless i had drawed really good effortlessly.


Ala’tal’zol - the guidor of power and familiar of belial

earlier today a spirit a familiar of belial came with the name of
whose is a spirit of power and the guidor of those who are powerful

“i am a diminesher of weakness i am the guidor of all that is strong,i am strong and powerful,see me as a muse of power” - ala’tal’zol

when he came though my 3 eye,my ajna chakra glowed with power and the room felt crystal solid from his presence

here some things that i channeled

Belial incantacion’s to summon his army (please for the sake be very respectful with them yet do not be a slave,have a balance between respect but aslo self)

alkash manzor er’royal namo duasag majisch schah

incantacion for power of all kinds (focus on the kind of power like magical or personal)

dee’sug giintal ha’ma ma’yo’ma dersex maxxx

incantacion for protection againsest all that binds you and targets you

lekra’x jeenas mah’jeenas entemonos lena mo

for killing parasites

enemo alatza’el mah’jeena erentinas mo


the first night of belial

as i walked to my bedroom i chanted
itz ra cha belial

he came but he was always here and within me
he told me to extiguish all light
my room was dark as i was meditating i saw creatures withi hidious creatures strange lights of blue cyan red and more shadows,armored knights and zombie like ambitatued humoids creatures strange sesntations have been on me
with fear there in the abyss
indeed all fears have been expressed
in my mind i saw horrific scenes of family members including me,seeing images with the things that i fear and feelings that i cannot describe belial rised as one shadow and said

“these are your nightmares the things that you fear and bind you…tommorow you will set free”

as i keep gazing into darkness i saw more figures he said my that my ajna is powerful and i dont know the potencial of mine,i got to say that i see spirits very very well i had felt an upgrade on it too i felt it shifting and getting a new shape


Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.
Can you express your faithful opinion about this situation below? For I see the wonderful connection he has with Belial and I would be grateful if he would express his faithful opinion.

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“free youself” belial told me today many times
i must undestand in order to rise in greatness i must free myself from all past and weakness today i will practice that,letting go of things that do not serve me

today in school belial came and kick the ass of my brain possessing me and whispering demonic tongues in possesion i had a huge headache but i resisted that

belial showed me a kingdom which he controls with the name of “manta’shall” its a kingdom of ascended masters and adepts at elemental magick


“your thoughts create your reality and who you “are”,free youself from them,be your own being”


Litany of the lawless,the litany of belial

i call now thou demonic king
the corrupted god,belial

itz ra’cha belial

demonic gatekeeper of outer darkness
arise to my calling

itz ra’cha belial

the lawless king,khnum,god and demon
the demon the infernal being
who appears as a shadow

itz ra’cha belial

come to my calling
come from the place of your dwelling
_com from the nightside and dayside _

itz ra’cha belial

come from your throne and crown of the infernal empire
from your seat at ghaghiel and from your abyss da’ath
king of might
king of night king of day,king of earth come

renus mantikal kaan’nta rentis itz ra cha belial

belial he who has armies and kingdoms
and many titles and names

Mortifer,bel’yol belhor,be’lyal,bee’lee’al
the wicked one,the scorpion god,the lawless,the worthless

itz ra’cha belial

belial come with greatness
_rise your demonic kingdom _
_rise with power and glory _

itz ra’cha belial

come belial come_


i offered 3 pancakes that i cooked to belial
as i was walking torwards the altar and presenting the stone of our pact
he said some stuff that i was insecure about

“are you the formed abyss?yes are you the demonic king and priest?yes,
you are many things”

at this point he opened my heart and i felt beautiful i saw how many things i am,yet the most importand is that i am nothing,yet everything like a formed abyss
he said

“you are so many things…yet your mind doesnt understand them…just be them”


theres something in my mind and heart i hear it always sounds like an incantacion…

amantish dolikoh trev’servalis janta karanta

“nothing at all,yet everything focus on your desire while chanting this and the universe shall be re formed”


Day 5 of the 9 damned

there is still pain and anxiety eating my metaphorical flesh
heartlesly burning it all bad memories are being released and my worse nightmare coming back in my mind

i really dont know where to start…i cant seem to let out my represssed emotions,my crush who means everything forr me ignores me which that makes my heart to drop into hell,but today i was looking at her and her friend P said something like “you have to always look at her” and i was fast running away my friend who stayed there heard her ffriend M saying “why you dont talk to him?” and A (my crush) said “i am no longer interested in him”… this dropped me down i didnt even enjoyed the 3 days in the camp it was a living hell to me i was full of questions
why when i cry no one cares and when somebody does everyone is with them,

and why everyone sees me with a bad eye

and why i am at earth if i will die anyways,

and why i am so different?

things like that i am not sure if i am even real anymore,i just stare into darkness and i feel hellfire into my heart seeing all past memories,like when i cried about her every summer night the moment at park in 27 aprill that it was gonna be the happiest moment in my life when i told her that i love her and i saw her smile this is my nightmare today and many more…i cant stop i tried with other girls talking thinking…but still nothing and i did these for weeks but all i felt was only lying to my heart and soul…

i feel lost.and like a shadow something less human


I can relate to you brother i always wake up with anxiety , i lukw to fet some pointwrs on working wirh belial i have altwr for him i havent done a evokation foe vwry long time its seems like i lost my touch my light ,can you give some advice on this brother pm me please hail belial


after a really big ritual with the whole infernal empire along with primal demons belial came he said

“now you shall witness our truth form
now you are a gatekeeper with us
now you are a king with
now you have our empire
alash tad alash talashtu”


aslo a serpent…a powerful devil came with the title “father of the abyss”
he coiled upon me,swawlled my chakras

all demons are me
and i am all devils
and i am them and they are me

i am the dragon and serpent

satan opened the seed of darkness

bael gave me majesty and a crown

beelzebub awakened legions from darkness to hear me and be mine

…and many things


YoMAN i want to help u wit issue…women Kinda are my THING. …U HAVE MSSG MY GMAIL. @
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( tablet still bent)


will do.


so i had a break from belial for some weeks like 1 or 2 i worked with the infernal dragon ak’anak and got through his challenges of his and belials’s after a month of challenges and meditation belial came .

The six nights,the six secrets of power

The night of the secrets of power, the first night.

As i was inform about that six Day even i could not wait for that, at night the the eleventh hour i unsealed the the infernal idol and unleashed Its power, i started chanting “Itz ra’cha belial” quickly he came this what he said :

“i shall give you great strength.”

“The secrets of darkness i shall say if you will”

I replied i will. He said

“Act with power and be powerful rise above insecurities.”

"The first secret to power Its will yet the realization that you are always powerful, you dissection yourselves from power you tend to overreact and punish yourself a powerful act is to stay wide and open to pain and use it as a fuel not a reason to be weak, be stable in your strength. "

For quite sometime i felt pulled torwards the demonic King and gatekeeper asmodeus, before some days i had called asmodeus by his enn i chanted “ayer avage aloren asmodeus aken "

Asmodeus came rather instantly rather than approaching i couldn remember our whole dialogue but he said that he would make me a King but i already am he said i must embrace it and act like it belial said.

"A demonic King you are

A one that acts like one? Not."

i acted like a slave instead of having power but i already have that power i must realise that. Which i work on it the more i assume that the more i become a lesson here is to fully believe in you but also act accordingly i been a slave to darkness events, feelings and even at my own mind , i stopped being a slave to everything, by the empowering realization that i am my own Master i gave up from the things that bound me

The second night of the secrets of power

I was in darkness in my bedroom and again started Chanting “itz ra’cha belial” his dark presence entered the dark room almost instantaneously as he was already into that darkness, belial rose in an endless darkness and spoke the dialogue above.

“The second secret is lawlessness. How you can be a god if you are bound to all things around you? To meaningless events and emotions of lust and illusions of weakness and powerlessness? Be the law in the universe yet be the lawless one, stop being a slave to illusions and Just be powerful, Just be, Just be, Just be…”

" Be powerful be lawless be the law and all shall bow to you. Act like a King"

Then i saw a warlord like King nine feet tall dressed in golden and gem robes he aslo Wore primitive clothes and he had big horns he given me a key and opened a huge door behind him.

“Now you May access the secrets of the universe”

Behind that door galaxies and stars were seen my body was fluid by pure energy and my mind was flown by immersed knowledge then ended up collapsing deep within my ajna chakra like informations and text written into a book, Only that knowladge was endless and fluid.

Night three.

In the third night belial seemed to rose from an endless darkness of the abyss, with a mighty voice he spoke :

“On this round of matter and substance learn to resist, know your power and use it as you will learn to control without the illusion of control learn to think without thoughts feel without feelings be the rebel be the force, you ask how to feel without feelings. Feel it. This the secret of the chakras think decide without thoughts feel without feelings be powerful no matter what, be the King of the King of the kings, unbound”

“Your illusions are meaningless yet they have the meaning to destroy yourself decide destroy or be destroy without sugar coating.”

“Azak ill’manlil yetman o’ran”

When i was chanted this incantation after belial i had felt the world of maya and the world in front me was stripped away by this incantation. Later he said :

“Now see that control is an illusion yet True control is riding upon storms and sees, be the wind that blows flames at a direction the more you discover the more you become.”

Then i was in the darkness of the abyss i was plunged by that darkness it was driving me into a negative state of mind probably by an overreaction but i had the senses that i must ride that river of darkness with my will into a place that i desire. Belial spoke :

“Absorb it Absorb it become it control it, with effortless effort”

“Yaxa delekal’ a mana ves’yettanla”

After saying that incantation again i had felt strange effects into the darkness around me, i asked him curiously and having a half of an idea and trying not to seem ungrateful

“It gives storms eyes, makes Light into fire and darkness into water, Focus deeply on the incantation and Simply know it all let go of your become all”

“True knowing is knowing nothing and knowing the shadows of dawn you are beyond i am beyond.”

After those final words belial got back into that darkness and started watching like a shadow i had the sense that was enough for tonight.

Fourth night

On that Day i had felt pulls into the 30th demon of the ars goetia, marquis forneus, or marquis and duke forneus in my experience, i opened the infernal idol before me has his sigil on my Phone as i couldnt do it on paper and started chanting forneus’s enn

“senan okat ena forneus ayer”

he came very quicky when he came his energy was Light yet dark it was a mixture of abyssal infernal, water and stellar energy i asked who he was he said in a loud and glorious voice

“It is I, the Marquis and duke forneus”

He had a few messages for me he said that i must control my ego and my original desires and will, which i fell of that but quicky re-focused at my goals.

Forneus lifted my vision into a vast galaxy up from the dark realms of the qlippothic universe in that stellar galaxy was full of stellar colours like bright blue, then forneus told that i have limitless power and potential and called me foolish for not using that which i agreed but i re-focoused on my desire to have limitless power and be a living god, forneus must sensed that he told me :

“You already are a demonic King and a god, you already have the power that you seek,…”

He told me something more that i dont quite remember yet but it was an advice by him

Later when i sealed the infernal idol before me but i forgot to tell him my later plans with belial i said

" after the evocation of belial tonight, would you like to do an empowering ritual together?"

He told me yes, but whats interesting is that i seen myself again flying into these vast stellar worlds in an opened arm crossed like pose with forneus and belial as they been showing me something i had sensed that i did the same thing with the qlippoth as now i write about that i see again these visions in my mind i see myself killed by infernal lake of fire in that abyss and starting my interdimensional and multidimensional rebirth i see myself with a Crown and a staff standing before the infernal and the whole existence and belial was said “scream your name”

Through out my works i had found that the infernal empire is way more than what it Seems the same thing goes with demons shax and forneus in books appeared as simple demonic marquis that teaches launguages but never thought that they Both are so amazing and full Wonders so do i, we are living gods Just like the wonderful and powerful gods that we summon and work with now i understand and get and idea what belial means by

“You cant understand until you pass through it”

Every time i express my own limitlessness the more powerful i become thats why your perception and belief bind you sometimes.

In order to become a god you must see yourself a god and actually use your own power see yourself important and good enough for these powers becuase you already have them, now i know that because i Simply do. No words can explain such power. You must go through them and be relentless and unshakeble in the physical world be power personified becuase you are be internal yet external no words can explain be Both of the duality yet the nothing behind that at the same nothing thats a big secret that i came to an understanding. In places of negativity and feelings of it learn to detach and refocus. And once you understand you power you gain it understand the limitless know the uknnown.

As for happened in that night i cannot explain i dropped my mind and ego and Just was powerful i stopped trying and Just did i Just was powerful, i belial lifted my visions into the infernal empire there i declared my name as a demon King all legions screamed my name later i was flying in the stellar out lands beyond the qlippoth by the term “beyond” i mean not more powerful then the qlippoth but more than up from the lands of darkness kind of thing.

I was a living devil and god i became a living god and devil i had got even beyond the source into the infernal empire i got into all realms but later i came back in the human body amaymon said after words

“A god is a perfected man, a man is a god in his ruins”

And i vibrated the words of the eternal.


It Seems like i must perfect my humanity.

Fifth night.

I had some Hard time channeling the messages of the belial they came disturted and i needed to erase the channeling as they did not felt like the old times it Seems that i needed to go beyond thoughts, i Simply focused in a consciousness beyond any thing that i can describe.

Then belial spoke from of the endless darkness surrounding me it was more clear this time he said.

" I shall reveal the eye of the demon King…

Structure an demonic eye made of gold and darkness assume that into the darkness pull the fires which ingite the abyss and the Black Light that enlights the qlipphas see the blazing Black flame in the core when you see it front of you in the astral and physical vision Focus on your demonic roots Chant “eyatadon emakla” brinnging that lake of fire up to the heart feel them ingite and root all at once than feel again your demonic eye vibrate the names of the nine kings “belial, baal, asmodeus, zagan balaam purson vine paimon Beleth”

And now feel the demon eye awakening vibrate ak’anak once then finish with meditating. "

Then from the vast of the endless darkness he seemed, belial seemed to travel across vast realities as he seemed to be thinking across the cosmos as his mind seemed go travel across all realities after some moments of belial’s silence which that felt like an eternity, the words that he spoke were :

“Authority is the 5 secret”

" How are you going to get power if no one hears you? How are you gonna be powerful if you dont see your self important enough? Just be detach and Just be, see yourself important enough to with Stand any thing to your way, now detach and be your greatest version which is no identiy at all but a current of power and intelligence. "

Sixth night

In the twelfth hour i came into my altar exhausted,i was physically,mentally, could not very well communicate or sense the energy around me.the new “light code” consciousness that is beyond thoughts,i called belial with his song and he came with these words,as he was speaking my physic exhaustion grew i entered a blank like state of mind.

“The Sixth secret is the power of indepence thats the true form of our and your miraculous strength, this power can Only be found within you but we are one you and we the gatekeepers, Only between you and us we are the sons of darkness hear our silent songs from the abyss i shall tell you

Trueness of your being Trueness of your form and the unform depend on you not others Only to realize how powerful you are, something that you dont want to accept you still want to punish yourself from things that you didnt do, punish does not work on these but works on the deserving something not of yours, control your power, mind and heart choose yourself. “

“Ma’yan olan doris on la

These words open up the power which you cannot sense the knowladge that you cannot know Chant this while staring in the pentagram of darkness, Only by the communication of the Light code can open up, amaymon shall teach you. “

Then i finished the communication with my exhaustacion chart into full,belial seems to pull into amaymon.


now after some days from this i decided to call belial again,he wants me to see his kingdoms and initate me there he told me to call ala’tal’zol for 3 days and learn what he wants to teach me.

belial told me that i am fool,i asked him why he told me beacuse i have so much potencial and i dont use it,which that was true,i will use my full power even at broken will.