The Venomous Breath - My journey with Lucifer-Amaymon

The Vemonous Breath - My journey with Lucifer-Amaymon

i felt like i needed to make this for while so let it be
today i did the pylons of the sacred flame of belial ritual and belial told me to call amaymon i gazed at the sigil of the hidden god and chanted “Ves’ja kalleh amaymon” i must say that i did not fully pass through belial becuase theres a conciousness that i must gain and amaymon will help me he first told something like “Takkalos,you are not the spark of the divine,takkalos realise that the divine is your spark” something like that i realised to be a god of darkness you must be it,control it and claim it,you must go beyond darkness itself this the conciousness that is quite a challenge for me.

the date that me and the pathworking will end (the end of the ninety days) will be at 15 june.

i had worked with amaymon before he was very kind and friendly in me once i called him up for a ritual of alchemy he told me to go for a walk and i will be back as a “changed man” and i did.

amaymon showed me his hidden empire and kingdom,amaymon,amon is the king of gods in his kingdom he rules over hidden gods and known gods i am thinking to write a book about it as i do the same with king paimon,in fact from the day he showed me these (back to january-fabruary) i thought that i must write a book about that,if i need to go through his kingdom i will do.

as for the pact or agreement in 15 june i will choose or be guiden torwards in what i will do the pact most of them were on a paper but in my pact with belial i had put it on stone.

Amaymon’s personality is very different than belial and his teachings as well,in my lessons with belial lessons were of that uniqueness,enpowering yourself beyond reason,like being powerful for no reason,you are unbound by anything you become him the immortal resistor the meaningless the worthless with these realisations i was unbound the seed of darkness grew and matured within me ,it is like understanding your indivituality and godhood the inner divinity in a next level.i have not expectacions what amaymon will teach me as they teach what is neccesary in those who need it.

ves’ja kalleh amaymon

Infernal might,Xag/takkalos.


For those who are interested with my work and gnosis with belial read here:

i had done lots of works with belial i became him and he became me we have no difference
i must admit in the start he fucked me with my weakest points of love and loneliness but i go through them i simply dont care,not pretending that i dont nor do it by any of ego defence but truly not these are things that bind me if something is meant for me it shall.
i learned with him true power is beyond power itself.


Inspiring once again.

So you have completed this now?

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Looking forward to read All about it :sun_with_face:

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i mean july sorry.


Such a tease LOL

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The Call of the serpentine king

this ritual was given into me in light form to call his serpentine aspect and energy,the word emenate pure serpentine power to call him and his essence within you and around you.

“Rey’ja ramanah ess’valissa amaymon
ranssska’ttaaah yettin o’o’ran amaymon lara’tasa
mahjion dos’das rankta bal’ball rank’tah bay’bah
ohe’nemoth darknta vissio der’valis
Amaymon.serpent king rise from the pit
tenssah yekton dervio malakisss
amaymon core of the black sun rise
amaymon hidden god come
ves’ja kalleh amaymon”

as i wrote the above that was in my mind in the form of packed knowladge sended by amaymon in light code,these words came into my mind.

message in the mind

“theres a conciousnes that must be acessed in order to rise through all the gates including belial’s,access it through the mind of darkness,through the heart of the furnace of hell penatrating the core,theres a conciousness that must be accessed,the black snake of the abyss and the pit names have been given as nothing can describe him to see him to communicate with him and us access the conciousness of darkness through darkness,no mind can understand the mind eyes that of darkness,connect in thy breath in the third hour of darkness (night) vibrate the words of the serpent king that is mine which is Sah,breath the vemon of the pit and become the sepent of the abyss”


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Amaymon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


he is amazing demon very very different than belial,i am looking to strengh my connection with him,but my most effective method is when i discovered it with belial it i something that i call

Dual possesion

i first breath in a rythmic manner
i connect with the essence of that spirit i state that i want to reversed possess it and possess me too i breath its essence in me and feel the spirit breath my essence into him
i meditate on this powerful connection untill you become one for takkalos is amaymon and amaymon is takkalos,no difference at all.

and thats prettly much it,when i will expirement something that can be more powerful than the original i will change it.


Trance work

myself,i dont do so much trance i mostly go into the alpha brainwave state or mindfulness for magick,but looks like amaymon is messaging my mind to master it i feel a techique is inside me which is the below.

focus on your mind into the inner you
dont think what you are doing just do it
do a rythmic breathing into that
go through the lostness of illusional control
transforming into true control which is chaos
continue the rythmic breathing
feel disconnected from the world,the vision the hearing
then bring your attention and conciousness back on you in the trance state
now be in trance for a moment before doing the works that you need to do.


The Serpents call - Night One

amaymon is calling me he is shifting me
i called belial by his song and he said “I am here i am here i am here,always within you,you been with me always takkalos”
belial with a grin on his face of darkness says that i must work with him for some days to change my conciounsess at three am i gotten in a room of darkness meditate and called belial he told me in order to through him i must become his gate an aspect of his i opened the gate within and chanted “Itz ra cha belial”
i called amaymon

when he came an presence came into darkness
saying that him and i are the most powerful,for we are one
i connected with the conciousness that i need to,the takkalos onei became more him but on a concious level is diffrent i changed Amaymon told me “you stil are,your viewpoint changed” something like that
then i said the chant of takkalos
azak ill zer’rer yaoos ir takkalos anasta over and over feeling myself expanding i breathed the black sun in me,then i felt that i was somewhere esle inside the black sun ,i asked why i am here he said “you swallowed me,and i swallowed you back” our connection was grown,i had some power and connection insecurities i said that and he said “You are strong you are the strongest,i am the strongest we are the strongest,be concious of it”

another thing that happened with belial is that he told me that i must have my empire which is this world so let it be he told me “When a king passess through another’s king’s terretory they are matually respected.”


Important to remember is what the venomous breath is and how it’s connected to the serpents sight. Once this is understood and the three tunnels of the eyes and throat are unified.

The black sun within, can emanate the essence of the dark void. As breathing the venomous breath is a mantra which emanates the breath from the dark core. Converging and merging through the tunnels outward through the vibrating of the mantra.

Also understanding the subtle mechanisms of the black sun within, understanding the deeper gnosis of what this all means and what it actually does us too important.


thank you for informing me ! i aslo forgot to say that when i was breathing it i fallen deeper into the meditation i see the dragons eye right before me and i breathed it,then i was inside the black sun,i forgot to say that detail.

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The Serpents breath - Night Two

after my work with belial at 2:30 am when the working was finished i needed thirty minutes of rest,i am back at the witching hour,the hour of spirits,three am.
i close all lights and breath the breath of sah
Did like @C.Kendall advised.

i breath the breath of vemon,amaymon is here in darkness watching and i am aware of it
i breath with the black core within me,the seed of darkness us pulsing in my root chakra my ajna pulses too,i feel the connection of the tunnels and chakras with each breath i understand more,but its not the end theres much to understand and i take my time.

i unbecomed my indenty and go through a black void,the seed of darkness opens more within me amaymon says “Time,time is over,undergo with darkness and rise deep within”

i remain completly silent for a moment then put my hands in a prayer mudra and chant “Ves’ja kalleh amaymon”

amaymon says “I have lots of things to teach you,stay patient.”

i chant the god of darkness within me his name takkalos,takkalos

i see very physical like blue orb in front of me for a second

i chant takkalos takkalos again

he says “Takkalos,takkalos (something i dont remember it clearly) i will awaken him”

i breath the breath of sah and i feel my heart chakra awakening it i must open my eyes wide

i must go through a spiritual destruction i cast my self into the lake of fire and allow it to burn me i go through it i feel being lost and destroyed but i rised as new amaymon tells me something about it,i feel its over for now but i really want more,i must wait for tommorow untill then i will enjoy good my time and life.


So this can / should be used as a preliminary invocation before every Gatekeeper?

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i dont think so.

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Than how is it to be used in relation to the Gates?

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i believe once the meditation is mastered a perment change within your conciosusness is happening,making the mind stronger and deeper ,but i could be wrong though.


Seems unlikely, you are the author after all :wink: